Heilongjiang Province is held in Harbin, the Junongjiang Province.

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It is understood that this year is the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Sino-Russian Good Neighborly Friendly Cooperation Treaty, and is also the Chinese and Russian science and technology cooperation in China and Russia.

In such a special time node, this promotion will be held to strengthen the cooperation between China and Russia, especially further deepening the cooperation between Heilongjiang Province, is of great significance and role. Heilongjiang and the Russian Far East area, the cooperation is well found, wide range of fields, more fruitful, last year, Heilongjiang Province has a total of billion yuan for Russia’s import and export, accounting for 13% of the total import and export, accounting for 13% of the country’s import and export of Russia.

Up to now, Heilongjiang Province reached more than 400 in Russian investment filing companies, with a filing investment of 7 billion US dollars, and 200 million US dollars in Russia.

The meeting further clearly, in the context of the comprehensive strategic partnership partnership partnership in the Sino-Russian era, Heilongjiang Province has carried out more cooperation in Russia to Cherish the friendly cooperative environment in China and Russia, to consolidate the strengthening of Heilongjiang Province’s good cooperation in Russia, to fully inspire Heilongjiang Province Key direction of Russia cooperation potential. At the same time, we must find a combination of Russian Far East and Heilongjiang Provincial Strategic Planning. To open a cross-border industry chain. To achieve the specialization of Russian service, in order to achieve China and Russia’s 2024 trade volume reached 200 billion US dollars to make Longjiang contribution.