Guangxi Rongxian: Eat "travel rice" at home

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Dadu Village 4-star farmhouse.

How to consolidate the poverty poverty alleviation in advance of the electric renovation village on July 23, July 23 Rongxian pays more attention to "teaching people to fish".

"After the farmhouse started, there will be more people to travel, eat, and accommodation, I can have a fixed work at the door, and have more than 2,000 yuan in stable revenue for a month.

"Benefits in the village to vigorously develop the tourism industry, and the poor of Songshan Town, Rongxian Town, Liu Jie, Liu Jinkui, has achieved nearly employment, and poverty in advance.

Rongxian Dashui Village is the "13th Five-Year Plan" poor village, is an exemplary point combined with the development of Rongxian Ecological Construction and Tourism. Good ecological resource endowment is the advantage of the local area, relying on the beautiful landscape scenery, the county documentary Radio and Television and Tourism Bureau as the village precision to help the back shield unit, actively guide the "travel + forestry" "tourism + agriculture" industry integration development, build farmhouse, etc. Rural casual tour boutique lines, promote ecological tourism to accelerate development, driving poor households near the scenic spot to get rich.

"We insist on protective development, which protect the ecological environment, and benefit the people." Zhuxian Wen China Radio and Television and Tourism Bureau, the first secretary of the Tourism Village, said.

In order to increase the precision of ecotourism, Rongxian relying on the high-quality tourism resources of Songshan Town, fully integrates the promotion of county characteristic tourism development reward policies, tourism infrastructure construction funds, and public cultural service system funds, providing more than 500,000 Yuan supported the implementation of the specialty ecotourism development and improved public service infrastructure construction, driving 49 households to poverty poverty, while also developing an eco-tourism sub-industrial increasing industry. "I got out of the poor in 2016, the soil chicken, honey is not worried, these years have been more guaranteed …" The big water village in Songshan Town, Huixian, was pleased.

In addition to employment, poor and sideline production and sales of chickens, ducks, fish, etc. in villages have also been widened. A part of the farmhouse sold, the tourists bought a part, and the part of the help of the joints, and the e-commerce platform is part of the e-commerce platform. In recent years, Rongxian rely on the advantages of Guangxi special tourist counties, to create a national tourist demonstration area for the start of the country, through the development of public welfare tourism planning for poor village, develop the scale of rural tourism industry, hold a series of tourist festival activities, and improve the tourism poverty alleviation Street construction, etc., continue to extend the industrial integration development chain, all 10 tourism poverty alleviation in the county have achieved ahead of poverty poverty in advance. Since 2016, the county has driven 11558 people through the tourism industry, accounting for 22% of the county’s gap. "Travel + Poverty Alleviation" double-win. (Li Zhongli, Zhu Xiaoling) (Editor: Zhu Xiaoling, Zhou Yule).