Abundant precipitation makes Dalian key reservoir to achieve full storage capacity

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Original title: Abundant precipitation allows Dalian Key Reservoir to achieve full storage capacity on October 26, the reporter learned from Dalian, although the extreme weather in Dalian is frequent this year, it also brings abundant and precipitation. Even in the next two years, there is also a serious drought in the next two years. Assure. According to reports, as of September 30, the average precipitation of Dalian has reached 700 mm, which is more common than the same period of the year. Dalian area has entered the main flood period this year, which is 10 days to 20 days from previous years. There is a total rainfall process in the flood season 23, the locality is obvious, and more than 90% of the rainfall process is accompanied by strong convection weather.

  In the flood season, Dalian City has a city, and the majority of military and civilians are fighting, united and rescue disasters, no casualties in disasters, and the direct economic losses have a least 5 years.

The 194 large-scale high-tech reservoir is safe, and the total water storage capacity is from 100 million cubic meters; two large reservoirs in the main city of Dalian and Changxing Island Economic Zone – Bilhang River Reservoir and the amount of water storage in the Yinar River Reservoir It is 100 million cubic meters and hundreds of cubic meters. The water level is up to normal water storage water level, which really realizes "full storage capacity", which has the most water storage in 10 years. Although the current water storage situation is better, Dalian Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters said that Dalian is a water-deficient city, will optimize the dispatching Bilhang River Reservoir, Yinar River Reservoir and Dazhang Reservoir The scientific configuration of water sources inside and outside the domain, guarantee the demand for water production in the city.

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