Hebei Siki: Shengqiang Fumei Circular Country Dream

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Since the beginning of this year, on the basis of winning the poverty strikes in Hebei Province, Hebei Province has adhered to the new development concept as the main line, biting the overall goal of agricultural, farmers, rural beauty, and implementing the rural resolution strategy. Promoting a new situation in agricultural rural work.

Planning and leading, constructing a new pattern of "three rural" development, based on the preparation of rural revitalization plan, adhere to the planning and leading, pay close attention to the implementation, and systematically reshaping "three rural" development. Build "2 + 5" modern agriculture system.

"2", that is, in Dongda Provincial Agricultural Science and Technology Park, Maifeng Provincial Modern Agricultural Boutique is platform, promoting scientific and technological research, transformation, cold chain warehousing, production processing, logistics and transportation and other functions, policies, land, Financial, service, innovation, infrastructure and other elements have focused on developing scale agriculture, science and technology agriculture, green agriculture, brand agriculture has created a good environment.

"5", that is, adhere to the lead, scientific support, business extension, green circulation, standardized "big agriculture" and refined "small agriculture" coordination, the main group of large and medium-sized agricultural market development, build a total investment of 22.5 billion yuan Meat chicken, Tongli Trine Medicine, Kanghong Cattle, New Hope and Ningbo Tianbang Live Pig, Green Kang Featured Fruit and Vegetable Five Modern Agricultural Industry Chain.

After all operations are completed, the annual tax can be achieved.

Optimize the adjustment of rural form layout.

Adhere to planting villages, gathering people, coordinate central communities, beautiful rural areas, scientific plan agglomeration, suburban integration, special protection, relocation withdrawal, four types of villages, to promote rural areas with industrial guidance and "hollow village" Morphological layout optimization adjustments to create rural upgrades. The historical opportunity of the construction of Xiong’an New District, adhere to the industrial park, central community, ecological scenic spot "three districts of the same construction", the depth of the production city, and cooperate with Xiongan New Area, Xiongan – Hi City Industrial Ecology City .

At present, five villages such as Huangzhuang and Cao Sasuk Camp are moving into the resident, achieving economic development, improvement of people’s livelihood, increasing and rich, and has enriched multiple benefits.

At the same time, according to the high value of high, the ecological advantages, the industry is complete, the farmers are rich, the party building standards, the establishment of 17 provincial-level beautiful villages, 44 provincial-level beautiful and livable sample villages, promote the comprehensive function of rural functions promote. Promote the order of urban and rural population.

Focus on the core of "people", smooth peasants into the city channel, innovate people to dream, promote urban and rural population in order two-way flow, and speed up dynamic balance. On the one hand, I have effectively solved the problem of the identity conversion of the city farmers. There are only the door of public services such as employment, education, pension, medical care, and stay in the homestead, the contracting place, etc. ", the road", keeping history and patience. Complete a smooth transition. On the other hand, the problem of solving "who will grow", establish an agricultural talent library, and vigorously cultivate new professional farmers.

All county agricultural science and technology personnel, new agricultural market subject, agricultural social service backbone, etc. Innovation driver, stimulate new energy of production factors to adhere to the key elements of resources, assets, funds as revitalizing rural areas, and promoting the elements of the elements of innovation. During the potential of land resources.

According to the "enterprise leader, the farmers have a group, the credit, the insurance risk, the party committee government is the" party "party committee + leading enterprises + farmers + village collective economic organization + financial insurance" "five Integrate "Production and Management Mode, integrate with resources such as cultivated land, village collective construction], and become a large-scale business, promote resource-changing assets, asset funds, capital funds, farmers share shareholders, and guide farmers to become industries. Chain, capital chain, supply chain, value chain participants and beneficiaries, let the people ‘s pockets, the waist rod of the village collective.

The pattern is changed from the world, and the Village of Xi Cao, Zhengkou Town is only used for one year. The annual income of the village has increased from less than 30,000 yuan to 350,000 yuan, and the household has increasing more than 10,000 yuan.

Tray rural collective assets.

Deepen the reform of rural property rights system to create a provincial rural collective property system reform pilot county as a carrier, completed the production of 538 villages in the county, and realize the "primary and clear account", from the past "One pot porridge" becomes the current "one account", the total assets increased by 16%, and the annual asset gain has increased by more than 6 million yuan.

Improve asset bag, legal operation, earning distribution, supervision and management, annual investigation, etc., explore resource development, property rental type, rural tourism, agricultural production, etc. Yuan quickly increased to more than 50,000 yuan. Deepen the Rural Financial Reform.

Focusing on "money", continuously deepening rural financial reforms, constructing financial priority protection, financial focus tilt, and social active participation in rural resulted multi-diverse investment pattern. Since this year, the introduction of the market entities have investing billions of money, integrating the national policy funds of 500 million yuan, and arrange the budget financial resources billion yuan, strive for government bond fund billion, and credit finance billion yuan, effectively solve the "three rural" development funds.

With the birthplace of Xingnong, explore the development of new paths in the Xincheng County to firmly take a second-year-old and three-year-old, and strive to make agriculture into the pillar industry in Fuyin County. Adjust the agricultural structure. Adhere to the quality of the quality, build a brand, with the quality of brand, focus on the implementation of high standard farmland construction, special spectrometry, and management subjects to improve the three major projects.

40,000 mu of high-standard farmland in the county, the development of "golden 金 + fruit trees" comprehensive breeding, Chinese herbal medicine, miscellaneous mean, etc. 1577 professional cooperatives, built a well-known brand such as "The Fang Fang" "Ganzhu" "Ganszhu" "Ganzhu", the annual sales of brand agricultural products reached 2 billion yuan.

Promote the mutual promotion.

Vigorously develop the agricultural product processing industry, promote agricultural products from selling "original" to sell "finished products", driving the value chain of the industrial chain extension.

Investing 6 billion yuan in the Ling TCM industry, investment of 2 billion yuan in Zhengda food processing plant, investing 1 billion yuan in the Green Agricultural Products Trading Center, investing 3 billion yuan in the Cangbole Agricultural Products Processing Industry Park, investing 400 million The batch of agricultural industrialization projects such as Jianjiao meat duck is completed. From January to September, the total agricultural output value of the county reached 3.6 billion yuan, and the agricultural industrialization rate jumped to 71%. Deepen farm integration.

Make full use of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, 75 kilometers in the domain, is included in the core area of ??the national dragon culture zone construction, and the advantages of Hebei Province landscape clusters, with the construction of the Siya Canal Wenbao Industrial Zone, the system layout is created. Non-Zhixi Village, Green Kang Germany Farm, Zhengda Crocodile Experience Hall, Chrysanthemum Expo Garden, Wanhuhai and other agricultural tourism projects.

Through the implementation of rural tourist rear preparation boxes, developing leisure agriculture, sightseeing agriculture, research agriculture, experience agriculture, etc., driving more than 2,000 people, pulling more than 300 million yuan. Wu Shuomao Village, Human Town was rated as a national tourism key village.

The party construction is the key, enhance the organization revitalization of the new movable soi-city and counties to grasp the key to the party’s construction, and promote the revitalization of the country. Building a strong grassroots tissue.

Constructing the "1 + 4" grassroots organizational system of the Village Party Branch as the core, village committee, village supervision, comprehensive service station, and village collective economic organizations, and consolidate the organization foundation of rural residence. Adhere to the "Given the Village Collective Legal Structure, Give Cooperative Party Construction Nuclear", Village Collective Economic Organization, Cooperative Party Construction and Non-Professional Organizations to Help the Poverty Poverty.

Establishing "three training" mechanisms, bringing party members into a rich energy, putting rich can raising into party members, putting party members to get rich, can raise the party organization leader, through the village "two committees", develop entrepreneur village officials 244, get rich 414 village officials formed a good situation of "branch entities, party members with industry, and people with people". Established the Party Group of Resident Task Force, the management of the party branch of the village, promoting the truly integration of the village cadres and rural cadres, and condensed strong synergy. Do the foundation work.

Innovative rural small micro power list system, divide the people’s constant doing things into 3 categories of 59, according to law, facilitate the principle of the masses, clarify the name of the village-level power, defined, and the power operation risk points, plotted Flow chart, manufactured to WeChat QR code, the masses "mobile phone sweep, process all know", the quality of service is significantly improved.

Innovative Party, Village, Finance, Service "Four Duty" open mechanism, implement content, procedures, time, form, supervision "five norms", standard, style, content "three unity", organizational, mass "double supervision", realize Full satisfaction with the results. Improve basic capabilities.

Put the rural resolution as the main position of cultivating cadres, strengthen multi-post exercise, grassroots pier masquerade, heavy work, need steps experience, urgent task test, a group of excellent grassroots cadres stand out. Regularly hold the country’s revitalization competition, township, departments, villages, village teams, the same platform "performance", the judges, the results of the competition, and create a strong atmosphere, which is comparable to the superiority. (Author: Hebei Province’s "Hebei Province" (Editor: Li Zhe, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.