Taiwan’s "Fast Sieve Real -name System" on the first day of "May Day" was diagnosed or over 30,000 after a single day or more than 30,000

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  China Taiwan Network April 29th According to Taiwan’s "Lianhe Daily" report, the new crown epidemic on the island of Taiwan was extended. Taiwan began to implement the real -name system of home fast screen reagents yesterday.The outlook of the system was chaotic, and the pharmacist complained that "the road is on the road without trying the system first", and the public thinks it is difficult to buy.

  Zhuang Renxiang, a spokesman for the Popular Epidemium Command Center in Taiwan, said that each pharmacy is distributed with 78 people per day, and more than 410,000 people are sold in Taiwan every day.After the screen, the second wave of selling time is planned.It is reported that the new crown local case in Taiwan exceeded 10,000 cases yesterday to 1,1353 cases.According to the model of the Epidemium Monitoring Center in the Taiwan Popular Epidemic Command Center, after the May 1st Labor Day vacation, it may be 37852 on May 5th.(Juanzi, Taiwan) [Editor in charge: Guo Bijuan].