Press conference in Shandong Province in the first quarter of 2022

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The railway is the backbone and main transportation methods of the integrated three -dimensional transportation system. This year, the province’s high -speed rail project investment plan is 49.6 billion yuan, of which Railway Investment Group is responsible for 35.2 billion yuan. Faced with the adverse effects of the epidemic, the Railway Investment Group adhered to precise policies, promoted resumption of labor in an orderly manner, and completed railway investment 100 million yuan in the first quarter, completing 24%of the annual plan, a year -on -year increase of 33%.

Huang Dong’s liaison line, Jixian, Weiyan, Lai Rong, etc. have invested 100 million yuan in high -speed rail projects under construction, and the progress of the project is basically consistent with the application plan. The planned male business, Beijing -Shanghai high -speed rail assistance channels, Tianjin to Weifang section, Jibin high -speed rail, etc., are being checked in the relevant procedures; 2 Beijing -Shanghai high -speed rail assistance channel Weifang to Suqian section, Qingdao to Beijing -Shanghai high -speed rail assistance channels The project is actively carried out related preliminary work.

According to the "Traffic and Long-term Development Plan for the Comprehensive Transportation Network of Shandong Province (2018-2035)", by 2035 network. As of the end of 2021, the province has built 8 high -speed rail projects including Jiaoji Ke, Beijing -Shanghai, Qingrong, Shiji Ke, Jiqing, Qinglian, Lunan, Weilai, including Jiqing, Lunan, Weilai, etc. The high -speed rail is dominated by our province, and all of which have been opened to traffic in advance, calling the Shandong high -speed rail construction brand with "good", "fast", "province", and "harmony". The province’s high -speed rail has a mileage of 2319 kilometers, ranking third in the country.

At present, the main task of railway construction in our province is still to strengthen interconnection and build a large channel along the Huangdahai as soon as possible. The first is to open the aorta of the high -speed rail channel. Accelerate the construction of high -speed rail projects in construction to ensure that the Huangdong liaison line will be completed and opened to traffic this year. Strive for projects such as Jibin, Xiong Business, Beijing -Shanghai High -speed Railway Auxiliary Channel and other projects as soon as possible, and make every effort to achieve "starting and opening every year."

It is planned to go to the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" at the end of the province’s high -speed railway mileage to exceed 4,400 kilometers to achieve the goal of the "Municipal Tolerance High Speed ??Rail".

The second is to optimize and improve the freight railway network.

In response to the problems existing in the province’s "four horizontal and four vertical" freight railway network interconnection, bottleneck section, port collection and transportation channels, etc., organize the research and research of the province’s freight railway network, plan to build Dongjiakou to Yishui, Heze to Heze to to Heze to to Xuzhou, Liaocheng to Tai’an, Tancheng to Juye and other railways, about 510 kilometers long, invested about 32 billion yuan. Actively dock with the National Railway Jinan Bureau and the Provincial Port Group, and study the key card point lines such as the Delong smoke, Wawri, and Dongjiakou Port. By the end of the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan", the "Four horizontal and Four verticals" freight railway network will be further improved, and the potential for railway transportation will be fully released, and the proportion of railway freight will gradually increase.

The third is to build a comprehensive transportation hub.

In accordance with the principles of the integration of one game of chess and four networks in the province, coordinate the relationship between the existing, under construction, and planning railways, strengthen the planning and construction of comprehensive hubs, and implement or reserve the hub’s trunk railway, intercity railway, and city (suburbs (suburbs (suburbs (suburbs (suburbs ) Railway, urban rail transit and other related railway and rail transit introductions projects to promote the regional transformation and public transport operation of key urban railways, and create a urban circle on the rail. At present, the planning of Jinan, Qingdao, and Linyi Railway Hub has been jointly approved by the road province. The railway market transformation and other projects have started work. The province’s 2022 work mobilization conference proposed that "innovation leads to the front and the agglomeration to achieve new breakthroughs", the Railway Investment Group will conscientiously implement the important exposition of General Secretary Jinping’s construction of the construction of a strong transportation country and seize the important "window period for accelerating the development of railways. ", Actively promote the exploration and innovation of railway construction, operations, financing and other models, go all out to accelerate the construction of high -speed rail projects, optimize and improve the efficiency of railway transportation, and make innovation a strong driving force for" walking ahead ". The high -speed rail dream is depicted on the land of Qilu, and contributes to the construction of the province’s comprehensive three -dimensional transportation network.