Nanchang West Lake District is a horse pile street: Carry out the "Gan talent to return to the nest" cloud signing activity

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  Recently, the West Lake District Department of Maqi Street held the "Hundred School Recruitment" activities in the spring of 2022 and the "Gan talent to return to the nest" talent workstation cloud signing event. Relevant persons in charge of the West Lake District Party Committee and Chongqing Normal University, Chongqing Foreign Language Institute, Chongqing Vocational College, Chongqing Second Normal College, Yangtze Normal University and other college teachers and student representatives signed " Gan Cai returns to the nest "talent workstation cooperation plan, and hires Jiangxi students from Chongqing Normal University as an attractive ambassador to build a service platform to promote the return of Gan students to return to their hometowns to start a business. The promotional videos of the West Lake District were broadcast at the event, focusing on the development of the district and 10 policies of Nanchang talents.

In addition, Nanchang City attracted 100,000 college students and skill talents in Nanchang in 2022 to start a “100 school recruitment” in Chongqing universities in Chongqing University. This event organized 84 well -known enterprises including Cao Coral Pharmaceutical, China Resources Wanjia, Bank of Beijing Nanchang Branch, and Huanghuanghuang Group to participate in the recruitment, providing 3,249 positions suitable for fresh graduates, and pushed them to students accurately. To attract more outstanding college students and skills talents to start a business and employment, to ensure continuous improvement of students from outside provinces, staying, and signing rates. It is understood that in order to cooperate with the work "Nanchang City attracted 100,000 college students and skills talents to start a business and employment", it was a suitable position for college graduates and skilled talents in the district. The company provides 653 positions, including 603 college students and 50 skill talents. All job needs have been uploaded to Nanchang Talent Recruitment Network. In addition, the street also organized a special job fair for graduates, inviting two companies to participate in the seminar of district college graduates, and invited 5 companies to participate in the symposium of street college graduates.

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