The supply of supply and stabilization of Catering Transportation helps Shencheng small and micro enterprises to overcome the time.

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Original title: Insurance supply, stabilizing the Bank of Food and Beverage and Dining and Transportation to help Shencheng small and micro enterprises have been overcome in March, the new crown virus raid Shencheng, and the epidemic prevention and control situation is complicated and severe.

During this period, Shanghai citizens also deepened the old words of "people with food". Shencheng needs to ensure a stable vegetable basket, and the citizens are looking forward to the victory to get off the museum together.

This is not only the concern of the people’s livelihood, but also the heart of the Bank of Communications as a state -owned bank. The Bank of Communications Shanghai Branch took multiple measures to ensure that Shencheng guarantees the funding needs of enterprises, helps the epidemic small and micro enterprises that have been greatly impacted by the epidemic, and contribute to the city’s homeland.

  Concentrate together to ensure that the citizens’ vegetable baskets are connected by citizens, the vegetable fields and supermarkets at the end of the streets and alleys; behind these vegetable fields and supermarkets, it is a huge food supply and marketing system. It is a company in this system. Stable supply of vegetables and fruits in the city. Shanghai Ruinko International Trade Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Ruiteng Food Distribution Co., Ltd. are two pivotal imported internal sales companies in Shanghai to supply raw materials such as beef, pork, chicken and other raw materials for major markets, wholesalers, restaurants, etc. After the epidemic, the Shanghai Zhangjiang Branch of the Bank of Communications will be rehearsed to provide corporate funds for the first time, overcome the various inconvenience caused by the epidemic, and quickly complete the corporate loan approval through video communication and online transmission. During the lending process, the sub -branch fully communicated with the real estate trading center and the municipal guarantee fund in advance, based on the principle of "full prediction, full communication, efficiency and safety", and did everything possible to reduce the frequency and duration of the customer’s outbound.

  Within a week, a total of 30 million yuan of anti -epidemic loan was issued to customers to effectively ensure the time and sufficient stocking of the enterprise in a timely and sufficient stocking to ensure the stability of Shanghai citizens’ vegetable baskets.

  Sending charcoal in the snow, helping the catering industry crossing Shanghai is a food capital.

Under the epidemic, Shencheng’s catering industry is undergoing severe tests. Some restaurants have suspended their operations. How to maintain normal operation turnover have made some small and micro enterprise owners unable to do it.

  Founded in 2008, "A long time ago" catering management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a professional -operated skewers. At present, nearly 40 stores have been opened in Shanghai, and the team is still growing. The raid of the epidemic in March led to temporary suspension of most stores. "In order to ensure the quality and taste of fresh lamb in the prairie, we are more cautious about takeaway." Xue Haili, the financial director of "long ago", introduced in the video meeting with the Bank of Communications.

As early as 2019, the Bank of China started cooperating with "a long time ago". Facing the difficulties brought by the epidemic, the Bank of Communications Shanghai Hongqiao Business District Sub -branch extended a helping hand and gave the corporate mobile fund credit support to ensure its normal operation. The "Yongfu" born in 2011 is an excellent representative of Shanghai Ningbo cuisine, and it is well known by the citizens of Shencheng for its high -quality dishes. "We will continue to open as much as possible during the epidemic. On the premise of meeting the epidemic prevention requirements, it will bring delicious enjoyment to customers," Xu Ling, general manager of Shanghai Yifu Catering Management Co., Ltd., said. Nevertheless, the area where many stores are located have been blocked, which has caused a lot of challenges to the company’s operation. After learning about the relevant situation, the Bank of China Changning Branch received contact with the enterprise for the first time, and a short -term mobile fund loan was given in a timely manner according to the needs of the enterprise, which effectively met the company’s daily operational needs during the epidemic.

  At present, the Shanghai Branch of the Bank of China will continue to explore new service models to provide better financial services to small and medium -sized enterprises in special periods, help the city’s overcome difficulties, and welcome Shanghai again. (Responsible editor: Li Dan, Cui Xinyao) Share let more people see it.