Beijing will improve the level of scientific education at the basic education stage to strengthen the construction of more than 200 demonstration schools

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People’s Daily Online, Beijing, March 17 (Dong Zhaorui) This morning, the press conference on the press conference of "Beijing National Science Quality Action Planning Outline (2021-2035)" (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing Science Quality Outline") was held.

At the meeting, Sima Hong, executive vice chairman of the Beijing Science and Technology Association, introduced that the "Beijing Science Quality Outline" proposed the implementation of the enhancement of the scientific quality of youth, stimulated the curiosity and imagination of young people, enhanced scientific interests, innovation awareness and innovation ability, and promoted the potential of scientists to have the potential of scientists. The individual development of the youth group. Sima Hong introduced that the "Beijing Science Quality Outline" focuses on practicing the core values ??of socialism, cultivating the spirit of scientific, scientists, and craftsmanship, cultivating scientific thinking and scientific thinking, and developing a scientific lifestyle of civilization, health, green, and environmental protection. Improve the skills of labor, production, innovation, and creation, enhance the ability of scientific analysis and judgment and solve practical problems, and implement five scientific quality improvements of youth, farmers, industrial workers, elderly people, leading cadres, and civil servants during the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" period. action.

The "Beijing Science Quality Outline" states that by 2025, Beijing citizens have a scientific quality ratio of about 28%.

By 2035, the proportion of Beijing citizens will have the same level of scientific quality.

Young people are the future of the motherland.

In terms of the improvement of the scientific quality of youth, the "Beijing Scientific Quality Outline" proposes to strengthen the publicity and education of the scientific spirit and the spirit of scientists. Implement the spirit of scientists entering the campus, academicians and experts into the campus, integrate the scientific spirit into classroom teaching and extracurricular practice activities, integrate scientific ideas and scientific methods into scientific education, inspire young people to establish a great ambition to participate in the construction of a strong country, cultivate students ‘patriotism, and to cultivate students’ patriotism. Social responsibility, innovation spirit, team spirit and practical ability.

Improve the level of scientific education at the stage of basic education. Promote inspiration, inquiry, and open teaching, protect students’ curiosity, stimulate curiosity and imagination, and help the implementation of the "double reduction" policy implementation.

Strengthen the construction of more than 200 Beijing primary and secondary school science and technology education demonstration schools.

Strengthen the construction of the informationization of campus science education, promote the deep integration of information technology and science education, organize activities such as high -quality scientific and technological experience, deep learning, scientific and technological innovation competitions, and implement scene -type, experiential, and immersive learning.

Guide young people to speak science, love science, science, science, and guide students with innovative potential to develop personalized development.

Increase the balanced layout of scientific education resources. Promote scientific education and popular science work during higher education.

Promote the construction of scientific basic courses, encourage scientists to participate in the writing of teaching materials, teaching aids and experimental courses, and strengthen the construction of online open courses for scientific quality.

Support college students to carry out innovative experiments, entrepreneurial training and entrepreneurial practice, and organize activities such as the "Challenge Cup" series of "Challenge Cup" competitions and the display promotion of scientific and technological innovation achievements in the capital.

Guide colleges and universities to carry out pilots of science science division systems, closely combine science popularization activities with student social practice and college students’ second class to support college students to participate in science popularization activities. Implement the talent cultivation plan for technological innovation. Establish a scientific and diverse discovery and cultivation mechanism, and explore the training model of scientific and technological innovation reserve talents from basic education to higher education. Strengthen the construction of the Jinpeng Science and Technology Troupe of Beijing Primary and Middle School Students, implement the "Soaring Plan", "Fresh Eagle Plan" and the early training plan for reserve talents of teenager technology, implement the Beijing university youth talents and "Swift Plan" The youth talent training base for the hospital has continued to improve the competitiveness of talent innovation reserve talents. Establish and improve the connection mechanism of scientific education resources in the school.

Implement the cooperation operations of the museum, and guide the primary and secondary schools to make full use of the science centers, juvenile palaces, science and technology museums, museums, science popularization bases and other places to carry out learning and practical activities. Carry out Beijing Student Science and Technology Festival and series of scientific and technological activities, science camps such as youth universities. Give full play to the advantages of high -end talents in the capital, and carry out top scientists and teenagers to pull hands and face -to -face activities.

Strengthen the guidance of family scientific education and improve the awareness and ability of parental education.

Strengthen the scientific enlightenment education of preschool children.

Promote schools, society and family collaboration. In addition, the scientific quality improvement project of teachers will be implemented. Incorporate the scientific spirit, scientific ideas, and scientific methods into the process of teacher training, and guide teachers to highly deepen the connotation of scientific education from scientific quality construction.

Strengthen new scientific and technological knowledge and skills training, and promote the improvement of scientific quality and scientific education capabilities. Increase the training of teachers such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and information technology, strengthen research on science education innovation, and innovate scientific teacher training models.

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