The experience of a junior high school student learning programming: realize the unrealized dream in life!

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"I can integrate some of the creative inspiration I thought into Paraka to realize some dreams that have not been realized in real life. Paraka is a wish bottle. These modeling may be my dream after another. In the future, they may It will be realized in my struggle! "This is the recent words of Paraka Technology to see a junior high school student in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province. The classmate also summarized his experience as "three gains", "two ideas" and "one action". In terms of harvest, the first point he enhanced the tacit understanding and friendship with the team with the team, and completed the work that made him proud.

The second point has been invited to visit the works of others and gets new inspirations to each other.

The third point is also the most important thing is to gain happiness and get pride in working with companions.

In terms of ideas, you can integrate some of the creative inspiration he thought into Paraka and build his dream villa. Secondly, strolling in Paraka is like roaming in the mysterious ocean, and constantly exploring innovation. It can also become a kind of casual and relaxing activity. Throw it out of the clouds. In terms of action, it is not possible to say that it is not done. To implement it, you will study programming knowledge carefully in the next days and strive to build his dream. In the process of walking Paraka, and dreams, to the future.

From such a student’s experience, everyone saw his happiness and gain of free exploration and learning, and felt the classmate’s love for Paracraft3D animation programming.

Every child can create everything imagined. Here, there is no restriction on imagination and creativity.

During the teenager, it is actually the age stage that I like to edit the story and like imagination. The programming class of animated game types is very suitable for children to play with them. Paracrapt masters various thinking methods and qualities through interest -driven way. And to give them the skills to create good works with animation programming. Paraka looks forward to breaking the complicated impression of learning programming. Through the 3D immersive learning experience, programming learning is more intuitive and interesting, and the process of learning programming and computer science in primary and secondary school students will become full of fun and easy to learn. Let students do things they like on this platform, and make the programming class education of primary and secondary schools a game -style learning platform that can attract students and entertains.