Kuchuan Autonomous County Education and Sports Bureau: Start the "Swimming Entry Class" project

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(Reporter Shiying) Recently, the Education and Sports Bureau of Kuchuan Autonomous County launched the "Swimming Entry Class" project to promote the integration of physical education and cultivate the comprehensive literacy of students."Swimming into the Class" in primary and secondary schools is an important project for the city’s teaching department to promote the integration of physical education in the environment of "double reduction" and "five education".An important measure of teaching.On the premise of ensuring the safety of students and effectively promoting the physical and mental health of students, the county’s "swimming class" was launched in the pilot school, the Fourth Primary School of Kuchuan Autonomous County.

In this semester, 592 students in the school will complete 10 teaching tasks. Each period of teaching 10 lessons, 90 minutes per class.

The county ’s Education and Sports Bureau will implement teaching planning and curriculum with third -party institutions, and gradually promote it in primary and secondary schools in the county.Source: (Responsible editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see recommended reading.