The seventh division and enterprise work of the Corps to help high -quality employment

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In recent years, the 7th Division of the Corps has strengthened the school -enterprise joint department of the Vocational and Technical School of the Corporation of the Corps, deepened school -enterprise cooperation, and provided graduates with more and better job opportunities to promote high -quality employment. At the Maintenance and Maintenance Center of the Vehicle Bank of Qiyanghe City, Liu Shimao, a graduate of the Vocational and Technical School of Qishiyanghe City, is maintaining a car. It is understood that it has been 4 years in cooperation with the school’s maintenance and maintenance center. Students who are mainly accepted by automobile maintenance, with an average of 5 students coming to internship each year.

The Vocational and Technical School of Qiyanghe City of Qiyang further expands the scope of school -enterprise cooperation, understands the needs of enterprises, actively expands channels, provides students with good employment opportunities, and builds a broad employment platform. After theoretical knowledge, you can get exercise in related counterpart positions, which effectively improves students’ practical ability; at the same time, thanks to the needs of people who need to be targeted and paid, so that students can get the necessary skills needed to go to work at school. It has achieved the goal of "graduation". The school and cooperative enterprises share high -quality manpower results. They can transport technical and technical talents for enterprises each year, which not only solves the difficulty of recruitment of enterprises, but also saves human resources costs for enterprises each year. Liu Dong, vice president of the Vocational and Technical School of Qiyanghe City, said: "There are 7 majors in the Seven Division Vocational Schools, and more than 130 counterpart professional talents can be delivered to more than 30 companies around the teachers every year.

In the next step, we plan to further deepen cooperation with chemical enterprises in the Economic Development Zone of the Normal University to provide high -quality skilled talents for the economic construction of the Seventh Division. "(Yang Yazhen Liu Tong) Source: Seven Division TV Station (Responsible Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting) Share let more people see it.