Luxi Town, Wuning County: Stimulate the new vitality of the countryside with the party building

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  In order to create a "home" for left -behind children, Luxi Town, Wuxi County, Wuxi County invested more than 3.4 million yuan. A 1,500 square meters of children’s service center was built near the school. Specialized teachers take care of the children’s life for free, mobilize party members’ volunteers "one -on -one" pairing counseling, and conduct learning guidance and ideological guidance for children.

17 left -behind children have been helped. This is one of the important measures for the town’s "three modernizations" construction of grass -roots party building.

  The town focuses on the goal of "making hardware hard and strong", fully integrates position resources, and reasonably deploys various functional service rooms to create a convenience service center.

At the same time, highlighting "party building+elderly care services", high standards build a family -supported home and a happy cafeteria.

In addition, give full play to the leading role of party building, tap various resources, and effectively play the role of party members in contradiction resolution, investment promotion, charity assistance, etc., to do practical things for the masses, solve the demands of the masses, and activate the "one pond spring water" in rural revitalization. (Yu Huilin) ??(Responsible editor: Mao Siyuan, Rona) Share let more people see it.