Indonesian search and rescue personnel rescued 14 ferries overwhelming accidents

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  Xinhua News Agency, Jakarta, May 29th. Indonesia search and rescue personnel said on the 29th that search and rescue personnel rescued 14 people who fell into the water in the seas of the sea near the South Suslawesi province that day.

11 people are still missing. A ferry with 42 people was overturned on the 26th from the capital of the capital of Nanda Lawi West to Poncarine and the Islands County. All the staff on board fell into the water.

As of the 28th, the past ships successfully rescued 17 people and the remaining 25 disappeared. In an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters on the 29th, officials in the South Su Lawei Province Search and Rescue Bureau said that on the day of the South Suslawesi Search and Rescue Bureau, more than 100 search and rescue personnel such as the Indonesian Navy and the local police, as well as a helicopter and more Ship ships started rescue.

The rescuer has been sent to the nearby port for observation and treatment. The official also said that the joint rescue team will expand the scope of search and rescue on the 30th, hoping to discover more water drop -offs, and the entire search and rescue operation will last for 7 days. Officials from the Southern Sulawesi Provincial Search and Rescue Bureau previously stated that the preliminary investigation showed that the cause of the accident may be that the weather in the incident was severe and the ferry fuel consumption was exhausted.

  Indonesia is an archipelago country, and ships are important means of transportation for people to travel. Due to the lack of safety norms, the ship was overwhelmed by the sinking accident.

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