During the "May 1st" period, the temperature in Shandong rose in most areas.

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Original title: During the "May 1st" period, Shandong’s temperature rebounded in most areas with cloudy weather in the sun in the sun.

During the "May 30th" period (April 30th to May 4th), most of the provinces were mainly cloudy weather in the sun, and the temperature rose significantly. From the 3rd to the 4th, the wind and wind of the southern wind and the high -tech weather level of the forest must be strengthened. On April 30, the weather in the east of the northwest of Luban and the northern part of Lu was cloudy or rainy or cloudy, and the weather in other areas was cloudy. The Bohai and Bohai Strait South Winds in the South Wind of 5-6, the north of the Yellow Sea and the north wind of the Yellow Sea 5-6; From May 1st to 2nd, the weather in the province is cloudy.

Bo Hai Wind level 5-6, the north wind of the inland area turns to the south wind. From May 3rd to 4th, the weather in the province was sunny to Shaoyun.

The South Wind, the Bohai Sea, the Bohai Strait, the north of the Yellow Sea and the middle of the Yellow Sea have been enhanced to level 7, and the gusts are 8-9th level; levels 4-5 to level 4-6 are enhanced to level 5 to 6, and gusts are 7-8, and other inland areas. Level 3 to 4 is enhanced to level 4 to 5.

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