Charity in the UK to reach a 7 -game winning streak of the Chinese wheelchair curling team to advance to the top 4 in advance

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  In the 8th inning, Chen Jianxin was successfully hit. After the British team was thrown into the 11th pot, the Chinese curling team was defeated by the Chinese curling team 6: 3 in his own hands. Win 7 victories in 9 group stage). Because today is the last day of the Winter Paralympic Olympic Curling Group stage, the teams involving ranking and promotion are particularly cautious, and the Chinese team also faces a lot of pressure: Although the Chinese team won 6 consecutive victories (total scores 8 group stages in the total score (total score of 8 groups, 6 wins and 2 losses), but this morning with the British team’s group stage is still critical -if you can defeat the British team, you will lock the top 4 in advance. In the afternoon and evening games, the British and Chinese teams, then the Latvia team can squeeze the Chinese team to advance with the victory relationship. At present, the Chinese wheelchair curling team will play in the semi -finals tomorrow afternoon, but the opponents and tracks need to be determined after the end of the group stage tonight.

(China Youth Daily China Youth.com reporter Guo Jian Visual China Conferry) Editor: Haiwen.