@All men! Be wary of male tumors in China’s fastest growth!

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Zhang Jian, chief physician of the first hospital of Peking University, a guest video interview. The right is Zhang Jian. Photo by Cao Miaoxin.

  These men should be particularly careful! The prostate is called the "life gland" of men. In recent years, prostate cancer has become the fastest -growing male malignant tumor in China, which seriously threatens Chinese men’s health.

  At present, the causes of prostate cancer are not clear, but from regional observations, the incidence of prostate is related to living habits. Zhang Jian introduced that prostate cancer has a high incidence in Europe and the United States. In Asian countries, the incidence of prostate cancer in Japan is not high. The lifestyle of high -fat diet may increase the incidence of prostate cancer. "For example, in our country’s coastal cities, prostate prostate The incidence of cancer is relatively high. On the one hand, this is related to the diet structure. On the other hand, people have a strong awareness of health and high medical examination. "" There are almost no symptoms in the early stage of prostate cancer, and the onset is very concealed.

"Zhang Jian said that the concealment of prostate cancer is particularly important to screen. If you want to grasp prostate cancer early in the early days, you can start with the characteristics of the crowd of prostate cancer. Zhang Jian said that age growth is an important risk factor for prostate cancer. At the same time, prostate cancer is also closely related to genetic factors. "If the parents are suffering from prostate cancer, generally speaking, the screening of prostate cancer should be screened regularly after the age of 45. It is particularly simple to check the PSA of a blood (prostate specialty antigen ) If there is no family history, PSA screening should be done regularly after the age of 50.

"Zhang Jian said that most patients with prostate cancer are over 50 years old." If prostate is found in the 20s, there are tumors in prostate, often not prostate cancer, but prostate sarcoma, which is very malignant, but it is very rare in clinical practice. "In addition, Zhang Jian also reminded that some symptoms related to prostate diseases, such as frequent urination, urgency, poor urination, etc. that are often used by middle -aged and elderly men, and cannot be simple with prostate tumors. . The medical examination found that the tumor marking was rising, so don’t be afraid! In recent years, many medical examination items have added tumor marking tests. Among them, male medical examinations often include prostate special antigens, that is, the screening of PSA. The report shows that the elevation of the PSA indicator means that the prostate cancer is suffered? "This tumor marker of prostate cancer is very sensitive. The normal value is below 4. If it exceeds 4, you need to further screen it. Prostate cancer? This answer is negative. "Zhang Jian said that the rise of PSA may also be prostatitis, and acute prostatically inflammation PSA will also rise. At this time, it can be identified by observing whether there are fever, poor urination, and whether there are urine retention.

  Experts say that if he is highly suspected of prostate cancer, it can be further judged by pelvic nuclear magnetic magnetic. If it is still difficult to diagnose, the final diagnosis can be performed through prostate puncture.

  "The prostate does not have pain nerves, and there will be no strong pain during the puncture. At present, there is no evidence that the puncture will cause the tumor to spread.

"Zhang Huan said.

  In addition, experts reminded that although the malignancy of urinary tumors is relatively low, and the death rate of prostate cancer has continued to decline in recent years, we still cannot take it lightly.

"By puncture tests, prostate cancer is found, and different treatment methods can be taken to allow each patient to receive individualized treatment in order to get the best treatment effect.

"Don’t take it lightly! This tumor can also be ordered to say that some people think that the death rate of prostate cancer does not need to be actively treated. It is believed that prostate cancer" will not cure people will not die. "In fact, prostate cancer also has certain deaths. For example, some patients have bone metastasis and lymph node metastasis, etc., to control the lesions of the whole body through comprehensive treatment such as tumor, drug treatment, radiation therapy, endocrine therapy, etc. The survival rate of three or five years is very low.

"Experts said that surgery is a gold standard for early prostate cancer. At the same time, there are other cure treatment, such as non -surgical methods such as radiotherapy to cure diseases." If prostate cancer is obtained, you must consult with prostate cancer. Doctors in urology actively conduct the choice of the next treatment plan. Urban doctors will individualized prostate cancer treatments on various treatment choices based on the cancer staging, age, and other health problems of each patient.

"In addition, the problem of urinary incontinence after surgery that many patients are worried about surgery, experts said that short -term urinary incontinence may occur within 3 to 6 months after surgery, but more than 95%or even more than 98%of patients may be in long -term patients. Can achieve a relatively satisfactory social urine (0 or 1 urine pad).

  "With the advancement of medical technology and the improvement of treatment methods, surgical methods are becoming more and more accurate, and the incidence of permanent urinary incontinence is very low, so you don’t need to talk about cancer color changes." (End).