The 2022 season of the Chinese Super League Hebei Two teams strive to start a good start

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  The 2022 season of the Chinese Super League started on June 3rd that the two teams in Hebei strived to start on June 3 on June 3, and the 2022 Chinese Super League will begin. After being adjusted and preparing for the war, the two Hebei Super League teams -Cangzhou Lion and Hebei team will strive to get a good start in the first stage of the new season. On May 30, Cangzhou Lion first trained after arriving at the Meizhou Division in the Hengtian Football Town. This season, Cangzhou male lions have left Foreign Aid Oscar and Su Zu to introduce new foreign aid Serbian players Mikhailovich, while introducing domestic players Jiang Zhe, Yang Xiaotian, Cao Haiqing, Wang Chengcha, Anwai, and He You will be Heyou. The clan and Zhang Yue selected to the first team.

Regarding the new lineup, the head coach Sabric expressed satisfaction: "So far, the preparations and performances of the players are very good." The Chinese Super League will be held in 4 stages in the new season, with a total of 34 rounds and 306 games. The final ranking is determined by the total points of 34 rounds.

Among them, Meizhou, Haikou, and Dalian are in the first stage. Teams in the same area as Cangzhou also include Meizhou Hakka, Beijing Guoan, Shenzhen Team, Tianjin Jinmen Tiger, and Chengdu Rongcheng.

On June 5th, Cangzhou male lion will play against Beijing Guoan in the first battle, and will subsequently match the first half of the first half of the first stage of the first stage of Meizhou Hakka, Chengdu Rongcheng, Shenzhen Team, Tianjin Jinmen Tiger; Completely consistent.

  "We have a lot of things to be improved, but first of all, we must be ready to start." Sabric said that the new season of the Chinese Super League is different from last season.

"Maybe the team will be more difficult this year than last year. The teams that have been rushed this year are very strong, and many teams have introduced very good players. We will prepare and play this year’s game. "On the evening of May 29, the Hebei team took the high -speed rail to Dalian from Langfang. The journey of the new season officially kicked off.

  Compared with last season, the Hebei team selected 14 young players including Yang Chenyu, Bi Haoyang, Sun Hongwei, Li Peinan, Xie Jie from the echelon. One of the youngest teams of the Super League players.

  In the first stage, the opponents of the Hebei team in the same area were Wuhan Three Town, Wuhan Yangtze River, Shanghai Shanggang, Shanghai Shenhua and Guangzhou Team. If the Hebei team wanted to achieve good results in the first stage, the earlier, the more active points were achieved. In the first game, they would face the three towns of Wuhan. Wuhan Three Town and above the season of the Chinese League championship has been promoted to the Super League. From the former Super League of the Chinese Super League, the Guangzhou Team introduced a number of strong aid, and also has 5 top -level configurations of foreign aid. In order to prepare for the new season, the team has been trained many times in Haikou and other places in the past few months, and its strength cannot be underestimated. Those who are brave on the narrow road win.

For the young Hebei team, in addition to adapting to the rhythm of the Chinese Super League as soon as possible, the self -confidence of players dare to fight is equally important.

At that time, what kind of performance of the Hebei team will wait and see.

(Reporter Wang Weihong Chen Hua).