Another year of spring grass green, the 15th Cold Food Qingming Cultural Festival opened in Jiexie

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The Cold Food Festival is designed to commemorate the Jin Guoxian Jie Zi during the Spring and Autumn Period. Time is 105 after the summer solstice, that is, the first one or two days of Qingming.

During the Spring and Autumn Period, the son of Jin Guo had exiled in the country for 19 years in exile to avoid the disaster. The Jiezi pushed him always followed the left and right, never left, and even "cut the stock".

After returning to China, he was in the middle of the ears and became a generation of famous monarchs "Jin Wengong". However, Jiezi could not push the fame and fortune, and returned to Yinmian Mountain with his mother. Jin Wengong ordered him to set fire to the mountains. Jin Wengong thought of the loyalty of the loyal ministers, ordered the cold food on the day when Jiezi pushed the difficulties. In April 2008, the "Our Festival · Traditional Chinese Festival Forum and Jiexie Mian Mountain’s first China Qingming (Cold Food) Culture Festival was successfully held. The Chinese Folk Artists Association awarded the" Hometown of Cold Food Qingming Culture "to Jiexiu.

On the same day, at the Scenic Plaza of Mianshan Scenic Area and Dragon Temple, Shuitaogou, Yunfeng Temple, Dalu Palace and other scenic spots. Various activities that given the connotation in the new era have added more people’s participation.

The theme of the event of this cultural festival is "chasing the fragrance of the cold food and clearing the source", and will also carry out the event of "remembering the revolutionary martyrs, promoting the patriotic spirit" event, "green, volunteer tree planting" activities, "low -carbon environmental protection" activities in Jiexiu City , Civilization Stepping on the Green "activities, cold food Qingming folk culture exhibition activities, online" cloud sacrifice "activities," recite Chinese classics, inherit the red spirit "activity," build a beautiful home, voluntary service first "new era civilization practice activities, theme essay activities activities , Yingchun Fitness Fun Sports Activities and other series of activities, further cultivate and practice the core values ??of socialism, and enhance the emotions of the masses of the masses of love and patriotism and socialism. (Hao Yanfei) (Responsible editor: Zhao Fang, Zhang Lintong) Share more people see recommended reading.