Improve the normalization working mechanism. Source continuously cultivates and selects outstanding young cadres

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General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that the cultivation and selection of outstanding young cadres related to the party’s fate, the fate of the country, the fate of the nation, and the well -being of the people are century -old plans. The National Organization Minister’s Meeting requested to improve the normalization working mechanism of outstanding young cadres and selection, and educate and guide young cadres to become loyal and reliable cadres of the party and the people. Shandong in -depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important exposition on the work of young cadres, conscientiously implement the spirit of the National Organization Minister’s Meeting, and take the training and selection of outstanding young cadres as a major and urgent strategic task. Further improve the normalized working mechanism of selection and management, and accelerate the formation of a good situation of outstanding young cadres standing out, healthy growth, and bravery.

Adhere to strategic thinking and improve the planning and implementation mechanism.

Cultivating and selection of young cadres is a systematic project and long -term project. It needs to focus on grasping and aggregation to form an institutional arrangement that is advanced and falling in the present. We will further play the role of planning and leading, focusing on the needs of business development in the next 5, 10 years, 15 years, or even more, and combine long -term consideration and recent arrangements. The annual equipment improvement plan, refine the timetable, roadmap, and task book, and organize the implementation in order in step.

Focusing on promoting the implementation of the "Outline of the Construction Planning of the National Party and Government Leadership Team in 2019-2023", conducting regular research and guidance and work seminars. This year, the implementation of 16 cities and provincial departments will be conducted. Planning implementation awareness and enhance planning execution.

Improve the structure of the common management, and insist on cultivating the selection and selection of outstanding young cadres as the "first leader" project, as the party committee (party group) secretary to arrest the party’s construction of professional reviews and inspections, and select special inspections of people. Grasp, effectively carry out the responsibility of the first responsible. All provincial, cities, and county -level organization departments have all established a coordinated promotion team with the leader of the Organization Minister, actively promoting the improvement of work mechanisms that are improved, left and right, closely coordinated, and jointly implemented. Measures, focus on solving problems such as "unwillingness to catch", "dare not catch", "not to catch".

Strengthen dynamic monitoring research and judgment, strengthen regular analysis of the structure, functions and operations of the leadership team, improve the "red, blue and green" dynamic early warning mechanism, "one team, one account", and propose to the party committee (party group) to adjust Suggestions. Develop and build the provincial cadre team building planning management information system, actively use information technology, and carry out real -time monitoring of the advancement and retreat of the leadership team, the demand for equipment and the reserve of young cadres.

Adhere to precise policies and improve the training mechanism. Timely discovery and follow -up training is the prerequisite and foundation for selecting cadres. We will highlight the usual and often, adhere to the "selection of seedlings" and "seedling seedlings", and cultivate and reserve a number of outstanding young cadres who can be used and can be used. Focus on discovering and identification in the first -level line, critical moment and major struggle test, in -depth new and old kinetic energy conversion, rural revitalization, implementation of the Yellow River national strategy, epidemic prevention and control, and social governance. The annual assessment, talk and talk, and other daily work, select young cadres who carry hard work, fight hard battles, and have potential development potential in various areas.

Organize a new round of special surveys of outstanding young cadres in the province, and timely incorporate "good seedlings" into the organizational vision. Pay attention to comprehensively strengthening ideological tempering, political experience, practical exercise, and professional training, in -depth implementation of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialist ideological education and training projects with Chinese characteristics, consolidate the results of party history learning and education, and guide young cadres to enhance political capabilities, enhance theoretical literacy, improve theoretical literacy, and improve theoretical literacy. Establish a lofty pursuit. Start the promotion plan of young cadres, from the province to send a number of outstanding young cadres to major strategies, key projects, and important work classes for exercise. Carry out special training such as "Juggling ‘Three Walking Ahead’ and Promoting High -quality Development" to help young cadres improve their professional ability and professionalism. Pay attention to the development needs of the development of the business and the development of cadre growth, and do a good job of progressive training of cadres, and plan young cadres on the grass -roots level, hard areas, and work hard. Focusing on the "first leader" team reserves, selected materials, early childbirth, and strengthening the reserves of the party and government chose and the construction of the cadre team. Focusing on the actual needs of the construction of socialist modernization in the new era, the recruitment efforts of civil servants in the field of urgent need of urgent need, improvement and improvement of targeted selection recruitment work, and providing source water for young cadres "storage pools". Persist in using it at the time, and improve the equipment use mechanism. Use is the best training. Combining the selection of young cadres with the construction of the leadership team and the daily adjustment of the cadres, combining pier seedlings, progressive experience and timely use, and strive to achieve the "double improvement" of quantity and quality. Continue to increase the selection, deepen the "789" project of outstanding young cadres, and accelerate the training selection of "75" back hall level, "80" back -level and "90" post -level cadres to further eliminate concepts such as seniority, balanced care, and blame for blame. For young cadres who have strong political, courageous responsibility, ability, and potential, especially outstanding young cadres with solid experience and outstanding achievements, they will promptly promote and use them in a timely manner.

Pay attention to the planning planning, not only analyzes the situation of leaders at all levels from the demand side, but also analyzes the situation of young cadres from the supply side. Based on this, it is better to choose and let go. Continue to implement the requirements of the equipment, improve the system of total selection and appointment of young cadres step by step, and ensure that young cadres in the daily adjustment of party committees (party groups) at all levels have always occupied a certain percentage of young cadres.

Strengthen the adjustment of the middle -level cadres of the provincial and municipal agencies, implement the pre -trial of the age structure, and do not pass the selection of young cadres in the lack of disadvantages of young cadres.

Continue to optimize the allocation of resource allocation, adhere to the "one game of chess" in the province, and make overall planning to increase the training and selection of young cadres in various fields such as institutions, institutions, universities, state -owned enterprises, scientific research institutes, etc. Essence

Implement the excellent resource planning plan of outstanding young cadres, and make more efforts to coordinate the allocation of cadre resources in various fields and levels, and continuously enhance the overall functions of various leadership teams. Persist in strict and true, and improve the management and supervision mechanism.

Good cadres were selected and controlled.

For young cadres, the more importantly, the more important the cultivation is to manage. The more the cultivation potential, the more stringent requirements to help them grow up healthy. Efforts will be made to strengthen daily strict management of upper and lower work, comprehensively use training, assessment, conversation, research and other methods, and timely understand the political ideas, mental state, psychological mentality, performing responsibilities, integrity and self -discipline of young cadres, etc., and master their characteristics. , Insufficient ability potential, shortcomings, and measures for improvement and improvement. Deepen the education of party spirit, party style, party discipline education, improve the system of talking about young cadres, explore and carry out social exchanges supervision, promote management, management work, management style, and discipline, and discover the problem of signs of sexual tendencies and bite their ears in time. "". Pushing for the up and down of Youjin, strengthen the follow -up evaluation, and take the young cadres who go to a certain leader’s position after the re -election, especially the actual performance and the appropriate situation of the post. Adjust in time.

Improve the adjustment mechanism of the outstanding young cadre information library, adhere to dynamic management, have advanced and out, and call out the dwarfed in time, add prominently supplement the performance in a timely manner, and maintain the "one pool of water" for outstanding young cadres.

In the incentive responsibility as the upper and lower efforts, insist on strictly managing the combination of love, restraining the incentives, and coordinating various policies such as positive incentives, fault tolerance and correction, and care for love. Give full play to the role of the "command stick", accurately examine the performance of young cadres, improve the chaining mechanism with education and training, evaluation of trees, management, supervision, and selection and use, which fully stimulates young cadres to fight for the dynamic vitality. (The author is the member of the Standing Committee of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee and the Minister of the Organization Department) (Editor: Peng Xiaoling, Wu Nan).