Taiyuan Finance fully supports the strong start of the Taixin Integrated Economic Zone

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  (Reporter Ren Zhixia) On April 28, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Finance that Taiyuan Finance insisted on the construction of Taixin integration economic zone as a major political task and the number one project. By strengthening the overall planning of the funds at the same level, striving for higher -level funds and policies Support, support policy banks and financial institutions support, and attract social capital participation, etc., and provide funds and policy support for the land reserves, project construction and investment promotion of the Taiyuan District of Taiyuan Integrated Economic Zone.

As of now, 100 million yuan has been arranged to ensure the development of key areas of the Taixin Integrated Economic Zone. Strengthen the overall planning of funds and make every effort to ensure the construction of the project.

Focus on key areas and shortcomings such as the construction of infrastructure, modern industrial system construction, technological innovation, and development and utilization of cultural tourism resources around the economic zone, and increase special funds to raise and support for special funds.

This year, the budget arrangement of Taiyuan at this level of Taixin Integration Economic Zone project construction funds for construction funds of 10 billion yuan, of which: general public budget 2 billion yuan, government fund 1.5 billion yuan, newly added general bonds 2 billion yuan, new special bonds 45 45 new bonds 45 100 million yuan.

  Actively strive for provincial capital and financial support.

Strengthen policy research, and actively strive for provincial funding and policy support from the aspects of special funds distribution, bond fund allocation, PPP project financial support space support, and provincial coordinating income to stay in cities, and fully release policy dividends. Strive to expand financing channels and ensure the construction of Taixin integrated economic zone.

Actively docking policy banks such as the National Development Bank, relocating the firework area, the construction of infrastructure construction in the startup area, and the construction of the former site of the engineering team cannot use government special bond infrastructure construction projects. The financing model is solved.

At the same time, it will break the thinking of thinking and use the marketization concept to expand the source of funds. The Taiyuan Longcheng Development Investment Group is responsible for the establishment of Taixin Construction Investment Corporation to serve the investment and financing of the Taixin Integrated Economic Zone.

(Responsible editor: gentle, Ma Yunmei).