Good at looking at the problem strategically, thinking about problems

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Good at strategically, think about problems ■ Fan Weiwei ● The more the mission tasks are arduous and the risk test is outstanding.Grasping the overall situation and the long -term strategy of long -term forward -looking long -term is the fundamental issue of a political party and a country.

Strategic judgment is accurate, strategically planned scientific, and strategically won the initiative, the cause of the party and the people is very promising.

President Xi profoundly pointed out: "We are a big party, leading a big country, carrying out a great cause, we must be good at carrying out strategic thinking, and good at looking at problems and thinking about problems." This important instructions have deeply explained The necessity, importance, and practical significance of improving strategic thinking ability requires party members and cadres, especially leading cadres to actively strengthen the actual skills of problems and think about problems, and strive to insight in the complex situation, start the Innovation Bureau in the Development Bureau in the Development Bureau Essence

Good at looking at the problem and thinking about problems is our party’s request for party members and cadres, especially leading cadres. As early as during the War of Resistance Against Japan, Comrade Mao Zedong emphasized "to improve strategic air" when teaching anti -university members, and proposed that "only people who understand the overall situation can reasonably and properly resettle small things. The picture also has great development. " Comrade Deng Xiaoping has warned the leading cadres: "Considering any issues, you must focus on the long -term and focus on the overall situation." Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, in the face of profound and complex changes in the domestic and international environment, President Xi made it clear that "the whole party must improve strategic thinking to improve strategic thinking Ability, continuously enhance the principles, systemic, foresight, and creativity of work. Facts have fully proved that the more the mission tasks are arduous and the risk test is outstanding. Essence

It is necessary to strengthen strategic thinking, in -depth planning of overall, long -term, and fundamental issues, and truly look forward to looking forward, advance thinking, and advance.

"Those who do not conspire for all generations are not enough.

Those who do not seek the overall situation are not enough.

"Strategy is judgment and decision -making from the global, long -term, and general trend. It is the meaning of watching the general situation, conspiring the overall situation, and grasping the general events.

Many work phenomena and practical issues, if you look at it only, one place, and one thing, you may feel difficult. Once you jump out for a while, you can see the overall situation in the long run, and the situation will be very different. The atmosphere and mind of the small world.

For party members and cadres, especially leading cadres, the strategic perspective of problems and thinking about problems should always grasp the main contradictions and contradictions of things. Scientific understanding phenomena and essence, special and universal, local and overall, current and current, and current and current, and currently In the long -term internal relationship, the unity of two points and key theories can be achieved.

Specifically, in actual work, good at combining specific problems with deep -seated contradictions, not headache and foot pain; good at focusing on local interests to grasp Trees, do not see forests; be good at the need to link with long -term planning, and cannot be quick -profit and speculation; be good at combining the domestic situation with the international environment, and cannot be listened and ignorant.

Only by conspiracy can only be planned, and far -sightedness can grasp the future. At present, the world’s unreparable changes in the world’s centuries have been profoundly unprecedented. The heavy and stable tasks of reform and development, the challenges of the risk of contradictions, and the test of governing the country are unprecedented. We must take the initiative in fierce competition and actual struggle. Do not open strategic thinking. As the main force of the development of the cause of the party and the country, party members, cadres, especially leading cadres, have to be "two overall situations" and "people of the country". In the following, conspiracy and the future are connected to think, and the implementation of the work, integrate the work of the department and the field into the center of the center, integrate into the overall development of the party and the country’s cause, and resolutely prevent and overcome the limitation of sitting in the world and the one -leaf barriers. To understand the problem, the problem is high, but also look far away. The resolution of contradictions is big and small, but also starts to promote the construction of a domain to win glory and add color to the global.

From a strategic point of view, the ability to think about problems is not inherent, but by mastering scientific methods, it has gradually formed after long -term concentration of study, practice, and sublimation.

Party members and cadres, especially leading cadres, should be based on their own posts, adhere to the problem -oriented, target -oriented, and effect -oriented, and take the initiative to compact the foundation in theoretical learning. Analyze and solve the problem of problems, and use a wide field of vision and long -term eyes to grasp a series of major issues facing future development. Vision; take the initiative to strengthen in practice exploration, often go deep into reality, deepen the grassroots, go deep into the masses, and carry out practical exploration and investigation and research in multi -level, multi -directional, and multi -channel. Practice the true meaning, master the laws of construction, and strive to strengthen the ability of the overall situation and grasp the situation of the situation; take the initiative to subliminate in the summary experience, take the party’s historical experience as the correct judgment of the situation, scientifically foresee the future, and grasp the historical initiative. , Research and analysis, inquiry laws, and continuously enhanced to win the initiative, win advantage, and win the future, courage, and ability. From a strategic point of view, thinking about problems, we cannot stay at the level of ideological and understanding. It must be implemented at the level of work practice, which is reflected in the new and new meal of struggle.

Party members and cadres, especially leading cadres, should strengthen their forward -looking thinking, overall planning, strategic layout, and overall advancement of work regardless of their job levels and responsible areas. We must also consider the recent, mid -term and long -term goals, keep an eye on the key difficulties in the implementation process. , Grasp the work that should be grasped, promote development with greater spirit, wider vision, higher standards, and turn the established goals into a beautiful reality.

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