Our province issued a large enterprise "Tax Health Medical Examination Report"

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The picture shows the launch of the "Tax Health Medical Examination Report" in Shanxi Province.

Our reporter Liu Yefei (scan the QR code watching video) Our newspaper Taiyuan May 30 (Reporter Liu Yefei) On May 26, the State Administration of Taxation Shanxi Provincial Taxation Bureau The theme of the future, organized the release of the "Tax Health Medical Examination Report" in Shanxi Province. At the meeting, the Provincial Taxation Bureau issued the "Tax Health Health Examination Report" to 30 large enterprises including Shanxi Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd., which aims to "accurate pulse" for the healthy development of large enterprises and guide them to strengthen internal risk control. Service management modernization is iconic. Li Yuan, a member of the Party Committee of the Provincial Taxation Bureau and the general economist, participated in the event and spoke. During the 31st National Tax Propaganda Month Campaign, the "Tax Health Medical Examination Report" was released as the Shanxi Provincial Taxation Department to conscientiously implement the China Office and the State Council’s "Opinions on Further Deepening the Reform of Taxation and Management". The province’s all -round and high -quality development practical actions.

At present, there are more than 10,000 large enterprises in the province. The total economic assets have a large total economic assets, a wide coverage, a high concentration, and a high degree of contribution. Among them, there are 30 large enterprises among the service management of the State Administration of Taxation, and more than 700 large enterprises are in the service management category of the provincial and municipal tax bureaus.

Data from the first four months of this year show that large enterprises in the province account for 83%of the province’s total taxes. At the same time, the overall tax contribution of large enterprises in our province is among the top in various provinces in the country.

  Since last year, the Shanxi Provincial Taxation Department has conscientiously implemented the requirements of the tax reform requirements of the State Administration of Taxation, actively transformed the concept of law enforcement, vigorously improved the effectiveness of supervision, continued to optimize the business environment, thoroughly practiced the governance of taxes, and promoted the coordinated governance of tax enterprises. This customized and personalized "Tax Health Medical Examination Report" is an important achievement of tax collection and management reform. Wang Xubin, director of the Second Taxation Bureau of the Provincial Taxation Bureau, introduced that after nearly a year of data integration, indicator construction, template research and development, artificial verification, tax enterprise verification, etc., have basically been completed. The "Report" generally covers the two categories of tax basic management and tax loss risk management category and 8 small medical examination indicators, and the trinity tax supervision system. The purpose is to "accurate pulses" for the healthy development of large enterprises, guide large enterprises to strengthen internal risk management and control, and escort the stability of large enterprises in the province.

  The "Tax Health Examination Report" in Shanxi Province is a useful exploration of the construction of "smart tax". The biggest feature is the integration of core collection and management data, invoice data, account set data, report data, Internet data, etc. Through penetrating risk analysis indicators, the "one -click generation" of the "Physical Examination Report" is completed on the information system, realizing the intelligent analysis of taxpayers’ tax behavior, which is of iconic significance for promoting the modernization of large enterprise services management.

  The reporter learned that since 2008, my country has introduced international advanced tax management concepts, implemented personalized services and professional management of large enterprises, and gradually established a set of accurate, personalized, group -based, and informatized characteristics. Large enterprise tax service system.

In accordance with the requirements of deepening tax collection and management reform, the Shanxi Provincial Taxation Department, in accordance with the unified deployment of the State Administration of Taxation, vigorously builds "smart taxes", and fully build a service taxpayer payment person, with the electronic reform of invoices as the breakthrough, and the tax big data as the driver. Force, "smart tax" with high integration, high security performance, and high application efficiency.

  Li Yuan, a member of the Party Committee of the Provincial Taxation Bureau and the General Economist, said that the provincial tax department will join the "circle of friends" jointly built by tax companies by signing tax compliance agreement, conducting taxes and party building construction, and participating in taxation services. Tax enterprise co -construction, deepen the construction of tax companies, build a new system of sincere co -governance system for tax enterprises, sharing and win -win co -construction and win -win governance, and support large enterprises to become bigger and stronger with the strength of the biggest. The healthy and sustainable development of enterprises has made new and greater contributions to our province’s all -round promotion of high -quality development! During the event, experts from the Provincial Taxation Tax Rebate and Subtractive Troupe also preached to the participants to preach and analyze the national portfolio tax support policies, including the value -added tax retaining tax refund and research and development expenses plus deduction.

(Responsible editor: Candy, Ma Yunmei).