The suffering of the "Electricity Road" and the annual inspection of the sweet Tibetan Qinghai -Tibet Internet of Qinghai -Tibet

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The annual inspection staff of the Qinghai -Tibet Internet Engineering is underway.

 Photo by Yan Yuhan in May, Anto City, Tibet, Tibet, with an average altitude of more than 5,000 meters above sea level.

In order to ensure the operation and maintenance of the "Electric Power Road", the annual inspection staff of the Qinghai -Tibet Integrated Engineering Line adhere to the high altitude front line.

Recently, the reporter followed the power workers to witness the suffering and sweetness encountered in the inspection of the "Electricity Road".

  At the Tower of the Anshota Section of the Tibetan side of the Qinghai -Tibetan internet engineering project, the pagoda No. 1749 was at the high -altitude inspection of insulators, floor lines, drainage boards and bar sticks at a high altitude of more than 40 meters. At this time, a total of more than 60 State Grid Tibetan power transmission line maintenance staff traveled between high -altitude tower and silver lines, and carried out annual maintenance operations. The weather in the plateau is changing. After a while, the sky is dense in the sky, and the wind gradually becomes larger. The person in charge at the scene took out the wind test from time to time to measure the wind speed. It didn’t take long for the hail, and the wind speed reached level 5. Zuo Tianyong immediately shouted to the staff on the tower: "Immediately, the tower is near, and now it cannot meet the operating conditions. "Immediately, the staff went down the tower safely. The electricity inspection staff arranged a safety fence.

 Yan Yuhan’s "When doing high -altitude operations, the weather is‘ not cooperating ’, and we can only suspend the work immediately.

Today, Anto’s weather is not very good. We snowed last night. We arrived at the work site at 8 am. After taking safety measures, we kept waiting for the operating conditions in place, and did not start to work at noon. "Zuo Tianyong explained. Not long after, Wuyun dispersed, the sky was clear, and they immediately sorted out the tools and boarded the tower again. Starting from the tower No. 1749, we continued to drive to the tower of No. 1501 in the direction of Tanggula Mountain Exit. When the destination is about 10 kilometers, the road has changed from an asphalt road to a mud road. Subsequently, the wheels began to slip, and the vehicle was caught in the mud.

  "Here is the frozen earth construction tackling belt when the Qinghai -Tibet connected project was constructed. In this way, only when it was frozen in winter.

In spring and summer, it became a muddy land. "Dong Jianming, the person in charge of the annual inspection work site of No. 1501 Tower, introduced it while introducing. The staff prepared before boarding the tower.

 Li Donghuai took "the cars are commonplace." Dong Jianming and his colleagues were skilled in the soil, cart, and installation of traction ropes. After a while, the car was dragged out of the mud.

He said that in the 11 years of the operation and maintenance of the Qinghai -Tibetan networking project, power staff has long been accustomed to various difficulties along the way. Finally came to the target tower. Under the leadership of Dong Jianming, the staff at the scene quickly arranged safety measures and prepared. However, "Tiangong is not beautiful", everyone continued to rest in place to wait for homework. During the period, they encountered hail weather, and everyone had to get on the car to avoid it.

  Dong Jianming said with a smile that the launch of the transmission line maintenance operation on the plateau faced the sparse and boring environment of people. Everyone slowly learned to "find fun" over time.

The annual inspection staff of the Qinghai -Tibet Integrated Engineering Engineering operates in the mountains of Tanggula, which is more than 5,000 meters above sea level.

 Yan Yuhan is located in Qiangtang, a paradise for wild animals. In daily work, they often encounter local wild animals.

Discovering and shooting these wild animals is also the biggest fun on their line maintenance.

Dong Jianming took out his mobile phone and showed the Tibetan antelope he had taken.

  As the weather turned better, the staff of Dong Jianming’s command team began to board the tower to conduct high -altitude maintenance operations.

In the evening, the inspectors settled safely and packed the equipment to return to the station.

Tracking cars, getting out of trouble, waiting for the weather to improve, ascending the tower, walking between the electric tower in the mountains of Tanggula … This is the "ordinary day" of electric inspection workers on the plateau with an altitude of more than 5,000 meters. (Responsible editor: Chen Weiguo).