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“Thirty six parties!”

“380,000!” This treasure is still very popular,Finally, it was bought by a cultivator shrouded in a gray mist。 The second magic weapon,Yuan Palace Hall,Similar to […]


Dozens of Yuan Ying。

Compared with the powerful of Yuan Yingfeng,Still a slightly better。 The annual momentum is watched to the female fairy。 The female fairy laughed.。 But this […]


“Group is gone!Group is gone!!!”Although Xiao Zhao was accidentally shot and taken away by pineapple,But I still see it vaguely on the gray screen“Sand Guard”’S arm hit the pineapple’s body,So excitedly shouted。

“Oh my God,Actually killed the opponent……”Shunzi said with emotion。 “1change5!Great!”Cao Anna almost jumped up excitedly。 “Be careful!Anna!and also‘Sand Guard’!Everyone must be careful!”Guo Yinzhe reminded below。 […]