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“Group is gone!Group is gone!!!”Although Xiao Zhao was accidentally shot and taken away by pineapple,But I still see it vaguely on the gray screen“Sand Guard”’S arm hit the pineapple’s body,So excitedly shouted。

“Oh my God,Actually killed the opponent……”Shunzi said with emotion。 “1change5!Great!”Cao Anna almost jumped up excitedly。 “Be careful!Anna!and also‘Sand Guard’!Everyone must be careful!”Guo Yinzhe reminded below。 […]



Song Jian and Tang Rui got off the bus,Rui Rui said to Tan Lin:“Old Tan,I don’t want too many people to participate in this action.。” […]


Make Zang smile。

“Humph……Grandpa, you tease me too!But this guy……Real ancient warrior?How i feel,He is better than you, grandpa?” Ling Rouran muttered。 “He is unusual……perhaps,Can help us make […]


“In Chengnada Temple。”

Lin lifted the gold to the 乞丐,Jump to the table。 乞丐 rushed to persuade: “You can don’t have a sin.。” Lin Wan: “God of Wealth […]