Month: September 2021

Make Zang smile。

“Humph……Grandpa, you tease me too!But this guy……Real ancient warrior?How i feel,He is better than you, grandpa?” Ling Rouran muttered。 “He is unusual……perhaps,Can help us make […]


Do you dare to see a doctor??

Zhou Ye looks at the bottle of the bottle of Xu Songren.,Tick,Sound。 In addition to the Essomerazole, just Chen Siyuan,Trade name,Besides,Proton pump inhibitor needle also […]


“In Chengnada Temple。”

Lin lifted the gold to the 乞丐,Jump to the table。 乞丐 rushed to persuade: “You can don’t have a sin.。” Lin Wan: “God of Wealth […]