This is also a kind of prenatal education. I think my daughter must be very resilient and definitely a woman! I look proud.

Are you a little stupid? Ping Li sneered and began to tease. People all hope that their daughter will meet the king after being a princess, and then they will live a happy life. How can they expect their daughter to become a woman like you? You are not afraid that you will not get […]

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Doing sealing right hand kept waving a sword at the fastest speed, and then Qin Yu’s sword collided a hundred times. The powerful force made him pale and his mouth was bloodshot.

Doing seal eyes shot a firm look clenched teeth right hand crazy resist Qin Yu this bullying blow of the earth. The silver light fades, the green light fades, and when an attack approaches the tail, a figure is shot backwards. Qin Yu sneer at a quiet stand and a half, looking at the flustered […]

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It is said that Shang Tang Lian, who owed usury, immediately got a clear look, and Fu Huamei was also very clear. She was not the same as Shang Tang Lian. Shang Tang Lian was clear because Shang Jiayuan said the answer was the same as Shang Tanglian’s guess, while Fu Huamei was clear. Sure enough, it was still the old saying that things were courted or stolen.

Fu Huamei doesn’t want to denigrate Shang Jiayuan and Zhang Yemei so much, but the couple are so wonderful that she can’t even denigrate them. Shang Tang Lotus naturally didn’t know what Fu Huamei was thinking. When the merchant Cen heard that he owed usury, he was stunned. He couldn’t help but think that his […]

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Muchuan opened the door and bent down to pass it to one hand.

The girl hesitated and sighed and slowly moved out with his hand. Muchuan put her on the sofa and went to find the medicine cabinet by herself. Her ankle was swollen badly, and she walked so far that her feet were swollen. Although he moved lightly, she still felt a terrible pain. The man rubbed […]

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Throw away the towel in your hand and buckle your shirt.

Through her neck hand careless tone is very shameless, "husband and wife interest is normal" What? Lin Ya completely froze! Stupidly, the man dragged her out by the wrist. Lin Ya remembered that it was too late to struggle. Liuyan looked awkward and walked out. When they looked back, they inadvertently caught a glimpse of […]

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"I’m afraid I’ll hurt you if I step back."

"Okay, you be careful." Qin Miao Miao hurriedly stepped back, but her eyes were full of excitement. Does this mean to fight? She only took two steps back and saw Lu Qing hit his facade with one punch and went to Oubei Yao to hide sideways in the past. Only when they met each other […]

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Wen Ya felt strange in his heart, but Wen Ya knew more clearly that she was not an opponent of Mo Sina.

When thinking like this, Mo Sina suddenly joked and said, "Can’t bet?" Tell the truth Wen Ya is really can’t bet but now … She doesn’t know how her heart has sprung up a don’t lose momentum. Wen Ya raised the bar and looked at the ink Sina "What’s the matter with this?" "Good" ink […]

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Li Zhenyu looked blankly at the empty corner, and everyone seemed to wander away.

"Hit him! Hey! " Tian Liang knows that this farce must be ended as soon as possible. Li Zhenyu is in danger of recurrence of old diseases. Xia Xue is in danger of threatened premature birth, and Wu Tianyou is the first figurine. However, it is absolutely not suitable to punish Wu Tianyou again. If […]

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A strange feeling welled up in my heart, unconsciously

Now, Emperor Yu is incarnate, and four waves of water appear in all directions. Those four water waves are also the symbol of the perfection of Emperor Shun Han Hai Boxing. However, it is not so easy to realize the essence of Emperor Shun’s Juexue. That’s … A strange feeling welled up in my heart, […]

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