Song Qingcheng’s box sat alone for a long time. She walked out of the villa and the sun was shining brightly.

It’s past one o’clock in the afternoon when I return to the city. The subway passed by the Imperial City Garden and Song Qingcheng didn’t arrive at Nanjin Road. She followed other passenger cars out of the subway and walked along the road. Section When she saw a white-collar worker coming out of the office […]

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Jinger’s family hates whether it is a small country or a big one! Xiren Nan said simply.

Although the Fourth Master is very kind to me, please forgive Jinger for not letting me avenge my father! Guo Jing said suddenly kneeling in front of Xiren Nan. Jing son … Xiren Nan could not bear to stretch out his hand to help Guo Jing get up. Seven Heroes, I have a great thing […]

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Just as Zhou Zhengqi was still meditating, the blonde had come to him.

You are so fast. Zhou Zhengqi had to boast about this blonde in front of him. Be talkative. The blonde punched at him, and Zhou Zhengqi dodged her fist with a sideways flash of load. Just as the blonde was about to punch the second punch, Zhou Zhengqi quickly grabbed her fist, but she felt […]

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"Cough cough cough"

"…" The old lady was ashamed and blushed for a long time, and she was speechless. After lunch, Han Shao must go back to Korea to hold a shareholders’ meeting. Because Yu Zhai has Gao Xiaoxiao’s room, she can rest here and just come back to pick her up and her son home after the […]

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What does boss SEO think? It’s just two people. If he doesn’t make moves, so many of us will pounce on ants and gnaw at elephants.

SEO boss thought is that we can speculate? The four colleges are not something we can offend, and there are also many dignitaries in the college. It is good to say that a group of us will fight two times in case the other party finds someone to retaliate against you. Who has the boss? […]

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Lin Xiaoqi was choked by their answer. "What if you haven’t skated? Why don’t we go somewhere else?"

"Don’t change, haven’t played, just learn." Lv Xining shook his head and opposed her proposal. A group of people finally came to the new world skating rink in a mighty way. Here, Lingxiquan looked down at his roller skates and glanced at them. Except for her, a row of skates swept past and pulled the […]

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At this time, her mouth seemed to be opened by something, and a warm lip clung to her lips. Gradually Meixi felt that she was not so dizzy, and her mind began to wake up. Slowly, she began to recall that she had just drowned. Did Xixi save her? It must have been that Xixi had just been close to Wei Xi and Gu Xiaomi. Now her lips are Xixi’s lips. If Meixi wanted to die even if she couldn’t save herself today, she would regret it.

"How’s it going?" Meixi recognized this as Gu Xiaomi’s voice. "It should be all right." This sound is familiar, but Meixi just can’t remember who it is, but it must be this person who saved herself. Is it Xi? "Great, Brother Liu, you are really good." "What is Liu Yiwen?" Meixi felt desperate, and just […]

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At about 10 o’clock, Lin Ya finished hanging the ward and the people were almost scattered.

After lying in bed for two hours, she really got up and opened the door and went out. Originally, I wanted to ask when I could leave the hospital. Who ever thought that a doctor met Xu Ran at the door of his office? Lin Ya hesitated and was about to catch up when she […]

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This speeds up a little fisherman who seems to know that he has given up chasing and turned back.

IMP was so happy that his mouse was damaged by a broken fisherman’s fire that he couldn’t kill him. He went to suck some blood and went back to the team battle. There was a harvester meeting then! However, his excitement didn’t last for a second. When he backed away desperately and the little fish […]

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