Throw away the towel in your hand and buckle your shirt.

Through her neck hand careless tone is very shameless, "husband and wife interest is normal"
What? Lin Ya completely froze!
Stupidly, the man dragged her out by the wrist.
Lin Ya remembered that it was too late to struggle.
Liuyan looked awkward and walked out. When they looked back, they inadvertently caught a glimpse of Lin Ya’s neck.
So it was only a short second, and I was hit by their sharp-eyed boss!
The man’s sharp eyes glanced at his eyes and he was unhappy.
Liuyan embarrassed touch neck Lenovo this two people linger in the room for half a day to come out …
I vaguely feel that I seem to have broken my boss’s good deeds again, and my dream of raising my salary this month is completely shattered!
Lin Ya was dragged by him with one hand and his neck with the other, and he followed the pace of men awkwardly.
It attracted a lot of eyebrows everywhere.
A few minutes away, Linya felt as if a century was long.
Lin Ya said after the car, "I won’t go to the company today."
Muchuan so don’t understand a slant head way "what? Reason "
Not just a few hickeys to ask for leave? Men are not.
The woman couldn’t help staring at him. "Can I ask for personal leave?"
His neck has been turned into this virtue. How dare he ask!
Lin Ya really wants to crush him like this!
"Well," the man answered and then said, "deduct wages."
You!’ Lin Ya gas knot!
After all the way to Taohuajian.
After listening carefully in the car yard, Lin Ya opened the door and slammed the door.
Okay, at this time, the old man and the old lady are not even asleep. Allen is still asleep, and there is no one else in the living room except cleaning the aunt.
Lin Ya quickly ran into the building and went into the health room, holding the foundation and flapping at the deep and shallow marks in the mirror.
It’s almost time to pack. She put it in her bedroom and her cell phone rang.
Lin Ya packed her things and turned out.
As soon as the words are connected, Xu Ran comes in a relaxed and cheerful tone. "Is it convenient for you to come out and meet?"
Lin Ya asked "where" while turning over the clothes in the cupboard.
Later, Xu Ran reported the name of a cafe.
Lin Ya hung up and picked out a long skirt from the cupboard. After changing it, she went to the health department to have a look.
Although she wore powder, it can be seen that she decided to let her long hair hang freely after the traces were carefully darkened.
I packed up and went to my destination.
Xu Ran is still earlier than her to see her in and waved to her.
Lin Ya smiled and approached her.
After sitting, I didn’t need to talk in a hurry. I just handed over some photos.
Lin Ya took a look and recognized that the people in the picture were Tang Ying and Ah Kai! Be intimate!
"Where did you get it?"
Xu Ran smiled and said, "I let people follow her and found that she was carrying Li Jinghai to raise Han."
Lin Ya took a sip of coffee and calmly replied.
Her calm attitude is somewhat unexpected to Xu Ran.
"Ah, it took me a lot of effort to get the news. I shared it with you first. Is that your reaction? !”
Lin Ya sighed and let go of her cup and said, "I knew it."
约茶"What?" Xu Ran couldn’t help exclaiming and then angrily said, "Then why didn’t you tell me earlier!"
Lin Ya twisted her eyebrows and said to her, "Stay out of Xu Ran Tang Ying’s business. I’ll help you if you want to do it."
It suddenly occurred to her that she saw the man talking to her at Haan Lee’s birthday party. "Who was that man Xu Ran that day?"
Even though she has never been in direct contact, a back is enough for her to judge that the man is not a simple character. She is afraid that Xu Ran will be blinded by hatred and should not provoke others.
Xu Ran was silent for a while and then smiled wryly, "A person I can’t afford to provoke but I can’t afford to hide!"
Lin Ya frowned and said nothing.
The people around her are so complicated that she doesn’t know what to say.
A long time Xu Ran relieved, "You don’t worry about me, I can handle it myself." She added, "By the way, I heard that you went to Muchuan Company, you and him …"
Lin Ya stirred her coffee hand and slipped her finger with a spoon.
Look up at her and say, "I married him."
The last three words surprised Xu Ran corners of the mouth gave a smoke "you are too not enough meaning when? !”
"I went to Allen a few days before I came back from country Y."
She made it clear in a few short sentences that the reasons for the military certificate were clear.
Xu Ran smiled happily. "I think you and Muchuan are really destined. You didn’t marry him three years ago, but you married him three years later! You said that if you had known this ending, you would have run away from marriage! "
Lin Ya shook his head with a faint expression. "I didn’t leave three years ago because I ran away from my marriage."
Everyone thinks that she left home three years ago to avoid Muchuan, but what’s the truth? At that time, she was confused by Zhang Meili’s mother and daughter in order to find out the truth about her mother’s death!
"So you really like Muchuan? !” Xu Ran surprised tone asked
Lin Ya’s forehead "You think too much"

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