Your wife is strong. Liu Yu was too tired to speak clearly.

You’re really good at kung fu. It’s been a long time since anyone insisted on it for that long. Nie Yan admired Lu Yu’s kung fu very much.
I can’t believe that you can’t help it at this level. Liu Yu was afraid that Nie Yan would suddenly come and catch him and turned and ran away.
Nie Yan turned to follow Zhou Zhengqi, but Zhou Zhengqi had already gone away.
I can’t find it. I hope you don’t have anything.
Liu Yu panted heavily as he ran to the side of Chen flurry.
Lord, do you have anything? Chen flurry quickly asked.
I’m very tired. Just after that, Lu Yu fainted.
Lord Chen flurry is very anxious. The strength of this Nie Yan is beyond his expectation.
It is said that Nie Yan is anxiously looking for Zhou Zhengqi, but he has not been seen for a long time. He can’t find Zhou Zhengqi’s situation. Nie Yan began to call Zhou Zhengqi.
Hello mom, what can I do for you? Zhou Zhengqi asked impatiently.
Are you hungry? Mom made you some beef that you like best, Nie Yan said.
I’m not hungry. I’ve already had dinner. Zhou Zhengqi refused her.
桑拿论坛Then you have to tell me where you have been, and don’t worry me, Nie Yan asked.
I can’t talk nonsense about this, and I’m in some danger here. I’m afraid I can’t protect you. Then Zhou Zhengqi hung up.
Nie Yan is not clear about the question Who will he organize undercover?
It seems that I can go to the police station to find out. Nie Yan made such a decision
When he first arrived at the police station, Nie Yan noticed a luxury car, which was Yang Wenfeng. It seems that he came to talk to Zhou Zhengqi when he was free, but Zhou Zhengqi was not at the police station.
Who will visit the police station at this late hour? Nie Yan was puzzled but sneaked into the police station.
Why hasn’t your police station come to a conclusion about my father’s case? Yang Wenfeng asked.
Mr. Yang, you don’t have to rush to handle the case. There must be a process, right? It’s not what you say. See Yang Wenfeng unhappy. Luo Yun quickly defended.
Can’t you all rely on some music to keep me waiting for such a long time? Yang Wenfeng was furious. You know, he was polite when he came to the police station a few times ago, but this time he may have met too many bad things.
Can Nie Yan find what Zhou Zhengqi wants to know?
If you listen to the decomposition.
Chapter 15 Tracking
What about your captain Zhou Zhengqi? It’s easy to find him at ordinary times. Why can’t you find him today? Yang Wenfeng asked.
He came back from a business trip for a while, even if you are anxious to see him now, I can’t help it. Facing Yang Wenfeng’s question, Luo Yunneng replied, Why don’t you call the police to find him late and he can’t be on duty every night?
I called him several times just now, but he didn’t answer you. What should I do? Yang Wenfeng shouted at him.
Just then Yang Wenfeng’s cell phone rang and it was Zhou Zhengqi who was talking.
Hello, officer Zhou! Yang Wenfeng said politely.
I’m really sorry that I can’t go back to the police station for a few days on business, which has caused you some inconvenience, Zhou Zhengqi said.
Don’t worry, I hope you can pay more attention to your father. After all, your police station has no results after such a long time, Yang Wenfeng urged.
Don’t worry, I’m just going out this time to investigate your father’s affairs. I think there will be progress soon. Zhou Zhengqi deliberately confused him
Thank you. I almost misunderstood Officer Luo just now. After hearing this sentence, Yang Wenfeng was relieved. Can you tell me the specific location now? I should be able to help you.
It’s not good for you to participate in this operation, which is carried out in secret by the bureau, Zhou Zhengqi advised.
What on earth is Zhou Zhengqi doing to track down his apprentice? Nie Yan made a guess according to what he just said. This matter must be discussed with Li Xiabing. Although she is not an agent, Yang Xing is still inseparable from her death. If the police don’t know Yang Xing’s crime, Li Xiabing will become a veritable murderer and there will be a lot of trouble in the hands of the police.
Thought of these NieYan began to lian Li Xiabing.
Hello, I’m Nie Yan.
Teacher, you don’t want to give it to me, do you? I won’t do anything now, said Li Xiabing.

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