Yu Se’s body froze and looked down at the toe of her shoe. She and Ji Weiyan’s’ accident’ was really her sorry. Jane said that she had to bear everything.

Seeing that she is silent, Jane is not far away from her eyes. The children are playing a progame. Jane sighed in a low voice. Sure enough, the person who loves you first is a fool. Okay, I’ll go first. Be yourself.
Yu color consciousness reminisces about Jane’s parting words, and every word left to her is bitter. She is also a person of this age. After five years, no one knows more about Jane’s love for her than her, but her heart just can’t move to him.
That’s not a change of heart.
It turns out that loving someone is so hard to give up and so unforgettable.
It’s like Ji Weiyan ignored her, but she still loves him and can’t forget it.
Mommy and Daddy didn’t tell us when they came back. Fortunately, we set the alarm clock last night. At dawn, someone will get up and wait for Daddy in turn. Well, when I got up, I found Daddy waking up my brother and sister outside the window. Am I good?
Good Yu Se withdrew her mind and went to Jane Feifan’s side. Give me Xiaoyan or she will stun you.
Well, this ability Xiaoyan has come and gone to Mommy. Jane agreed deeply and gave Xiaoyan to Yu Se. She hugged Xiaoyue and Xiaomei one by one for a few days, but if you don’t see the child for a day, you will feel that he has grown up a lot. These three children are also sensible and clever.
Aunt Xue, a family of five who entered the villa, has long been tossed up by the children. Aunt Xue went to work on breakfast. The three children there have simply become one in the living room, rolling and making a scene. It was very lively.
But the metaphorical mood has always been low. Jane has already gone deep into her heart from those words. She is busy remembering that she thinks she is evil influence. Why do you think so much at this time? Wouldn’t it be better if everything went naturally?
But it happened that she just couldn’t let go of those words.
Wife’s water is boiling and I just want to draw a conclusion that I don’t know when I walked into the kitchen and gently took her into my arms. What are you thinking? Do you miss young master?
This person is best at sticking a golden metaphor on his face, smiling warmly, Get out of the way when the smelly water is boiling.
I’ll cook it for you, he said, but his figure remained motionless and he still clung to her.
Yu Seyong Watch out for children to see
What’s the matter? You’re my wife, he said, and breathed a sigh of relief in her ear. It’s not decent. In the past, he was a completely different person. In the past, she had an agreement with him, and he knew that she had something in her heart that Ji Weiyan never forced her to do.
But now he’s just a flower and a skin, and he doesn’t feel like him at all. Anyway, he just wants her to be close
Yu Se didn’t think it might be that his heart has changed in the past few days. Well, my horse will have breakfast when it is cooked.
桑拿论坛Well, I pulled a long ending, which was so simple that I didn’t give up the metaphor and then turned around and went out slowly. As soon as he left, Aunt Xue came in. Madam, I’ll cook dumplings. Xiaoyan is clamoring for you.
Oh, well, Xiaomei can’t eat a few. She’s about to change her teeth. Cook less.
Yu Se wiped her hands and went out. Aunt Xue picked up the glutinous rice balls while cooking them and sent a short message quickly. Mr. Jane is back and Mrs. Jane is all right.
I haven’t heard from Ji Weiyan for several days. She is a little strange. She thinks that Ji Weiyan asked her about Jane’s extraordinary things before, so she sent this short message to Ji Weiyan. She took the most money to help others eliminate disasters, but Ji Zhe once supported her. Without Ji Zhe, her illness will not be good now, and she would like to Ji Zhe before Yu Se’s happiness.
In the past, Ji Zhe wanted her to combine metaphor and simplicity to make their husband and wife harmonious and happy, which she liked and was more willing to do.
But recently, Mr. Ji didn’t ask himself at all, which made her feel strange.
When Ji Weiyan was sitting quietly on a bench in the bedroom in a morning gown with three children happy, but the short message kept flashing in his mind and then flashed in his hand. After receiving the short message, he carefully checked his short message record. This person had communicated several times and looked at those short messages as if they were all metaphorical.
He just wondered why she suddenly felt bored like that before.
This short message is like someone calling him and telling him that his metaphor story must be not simple, and it must not be what Ruan Feifei said.
But tonight, after the last performance of the circus, he will leave with Ruan Feifei, and maybe he will never have sex again.
Looking back on the recent scenes, I always feel as if something is wrong, but he can’t figure out what is wrong
A Zhe, try cooking breakfast. You like roast ham. Ruan Feifei pushed through the door while she was in trance. This habit of not even knocking at the door made him frown involuntarily. Remember to knock at the door next time.
A Zhe ….. Ruan Feifei wronged water. There was a mist in her eyes. How could he be so mean to her now that he loves her?
Let it go, I’m not hungry. Ji Weiyan pointed to Ruan Feifei and she got up before dawn and he carefully prepared breakfast.
But A Zhe is cold and not delicious, so how much do you eat now? Ruan Feifei is even more wronged. She loves to eat her for all these things, but after careful investigation, she made sure that she cooked better than before. Even if the technique is superb, it is not as delicious as she went to the food store to learn skills herself. Even the chef said that she would learn half of his essence to ensure that she could tie a man’s heart.
But he’s not even moving nowthen even if it’s delicious, it’s gone.
He simply didn’t give her a chance.
So she didn’t work in vain. It’s not easy to give up a woman. It’s not so easy to give up a woman.
A Zhe, just have a bite, okay? Ruan Feifei JiaoChen pushed Ji Weiyan’s shoulder, but she didn’t push him. It’s just like sitting at random, just like anchoring the needle. You can’t shake him with your strength, but she just likes this Ji Weiyan.

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