Anyway, I’ve given you people. What should I do with them? Is it your family’s business with our hospital?

She came to think about it and turned to the hospital.
But the mother and daughter seemed to know that she would do this. She bypassed her first and walked directly to the steps.
Although the head nurse’s mouth is tough, the mother and daughter can’t leave the patient at the door regardless of the old lady.
Is she thinking about whether to continue to stop people.
I saw the mother and daughter stop spontaneously when they saw Ouyang Xianqian.
At this time, it is best for Au Yeung Fei not to speak.
But in my heart, I was so angry that my plan was disrupted. She saw Ouyang Xianqian at this moment.
I can’t control my mouth at all.
Speak sarcastically
Isn’t the school adult planning to kill his mother’s enemy with his own hand?
isn’t that what you want?
After some racing and a cold look at the motherdaughter relationship, her mood has calmed down.
Even if that Zhang Shan is really no problem, Au Yeung Fei will definitely not be kind to him.
It’s a pity to disappoint you.
I think the old lady is better punished than death now.
Halflength, lying in bed, caring for her daughter and granddaughter, but not even caring about her life and death.
There is nothing better than this.
Calm down and come to school, my Lord
Think about it and really think that the old lady Ouyang is already very sad now.
Of course, this is not to say that she doesn’t want her mother to get justice.
Justice must be sought, but she will take serious legal channels.
Sota, etc
When the Li Xiaomei daughter wakes up.
Then find out from her who gave the medicine to the old woman Ouyang, and find enough evidence to prove that the old woman is guilty.
Although the old lady can’t call her to bear the corresponding legal responsibility at the moment.
桑拿会所But she still wants to do it.
In a terrible mood, Au Yeung Fei saw that Ouyang Qian was not as angry as she thought.
What’s wrong with it?
How much you love your mother? That’s all.
I wonder if Yayiquan knows that her own daughter knows that she was killed.
The person who killed her is still her own daughter, but you don’t help her revenge at all.
How sad it should be.
She wants to stimulate this woman to make her lose control of her emotions so that she can improvise and tell her to recite the murder case.
Make up for her and Zhao Ping’s aborted plan.
Yes, her plan with Zhao Ping has died.
Here’s their plan. Ouyang Xianqian hurried to the old woman’s ward after learning the truth. Then she will be very excited and ask the old woman in the ward.
If they want this exciting picture
Then after Ouyang Xian Qian left, she went into the ward and was strangled by the old lady.
If she gets away with it, that’s what Zhao Ping is going to do with the same ward.
Always note the photos of the old woman’s ward and prepare the same scene at the same time. I plan to splicing technology to make a picture of’ school adults’ covering the old woman’s mouth.
If things go according to their plan, Ouyang Xianqian’s murder charge will be a hundred arguments.
Which know MuZhenHai first call the hospital stopped completely, old woman all medicine old woman was kicked out of the ward for the first time, all their preparations were made in vain.
I hope the victory will turn out to be a white joy.
Where can Au Yeung Fei stop here?
Seeing the trolley not far from the steps, Au Yeung Fei had a new plan.
Section 359
He deliberately spoke to try to provoke Ouyang school.
It’s a pity that the school adults are not easily influenced.

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