With the scenery along the way and the night, the city of SH is very beautiful, and there are some yearning for Lin Tiantian.

SH city can be said to be the national competition capital. People in this place are very enthusiastic about the competition, and the national LPL is also held here. There are many competition halls and there are often competitions in Internet cafes.
You often meet some professional players in SH city.
It is always a place that many people yearn for, where there is the highest level league and the biggest stage.
Do you think this is the LPL stage? Is it much more spectacular than watching it from the live broadcast? Huang Yingying smiled and asked Lin Tian.
约茶She took many photos and took almost every detail.
Lin Tian looked at it for a while and then nodded, That’s true. It looks and feels quite good. We will be there next spring.
Really? Huang Yingying asked.
Of course, our Z team can be promoted to LPL. How can it fall here? Lin day blinked.
Then Lin Tian saw another photo.
That face is a very handsome and handsome man, and some of them make Lin Tian blind.
It’s really handsome, slightly yellow, slightly long hair, whiter skin than a woman, tall but strong, straight, eyebrows, big eyes, high nose and ears, but it doesn’t look girly, but it gives people a feeling of being free and easy.
Seeing this man, Lin Tian thought of a word.
unconventional and unrestrained
And this person is a little similar to Meng Fan …
Of course, Meng Fan is definitely nothing like this person, mainly because their knifeshaped eyebrows are very similar.
What’s the matter with such eyebrows not growing on my face? Lin Tian sighed faintly.
Zhang in your face? Don’t you think your face looks bad with a knifeshaped eyebrow? Huang Yingying jiao laughs
Lin Tian nodded his head after hearing this. It really doesn’t match, but I still think it will look good if I have a pair of knifeshaped eyebrows.
You think too much Huang Yingying turned supercilious look.
Lin Tian saw a photo.
Lin Tian looked a little ugly when he saw this photo.
Lin God knows that the man I just saw is Han Qiu, but he didn’t show some bad feelings in front of Huang Yingying.
But when I saw this photo, Lin Tian showed an angry expression.
This is a photo of Han Qiu and Chen Ranxin. Han Qiu’s hand is so deathless that it is placed on Chen Ranxin’s shoulder.
This move seems that no ordinary friend may make such a move, but that person is Han Qiulin, and suddenly some can’t stand it.
Ah is this handsome? The somebody else but not forget for a moment to heart elder sister has been with Chen Ran heart set of nearly two people also go out to eat a meal Huang Yingying said.
Lin day suddenly breathing a lung are mad.
It’s not that Lin Tian is stingy. It’s not easy for anyone to see it.
Why are you so intimate? Lin day picked his eyebrows.
What’s the matter? Are you jealous of a playboy? Huang Yingying suddenly faint said 1 turned out to be a little sad.
After hearing this, Lin Tian did not lie, but said, A little.
I knew you were such a playboy. What evil did I do to like people like you? Although Huang Yingying looked at it very much, his heart would naturally be very uncomfortable
Lin day suddenly some shame at the same time in the heart also dark scold yourself scum.
This feeling seems to have thousands of lines connected together, which makes Lin Tian unable to sort it out.
Fortunately, Lin Tianke became a selfish person.
Come on, I’ll tell you that my heart sister and this man look pretty good, but actually I can see that these two people are actually a little weird. Chen Ran said lightly.
Weird? Lin Tian raised his eyebrows slightly.
Well, I just feel that my heart sister is very exclusive to this person, and this person seems to be very concerned about my heart sister, but I think they seem to have known each other before, and it always feels strange. You’d better ask your heart sister, Huang Yingying whispered.
Lin day nodded his head.
Finally, Huang Yingying put on makeup, light makeup and no heavy makeup, and looked at some pure Lin Tian for a stay.
Although the difference between before and after Huang Yingying’s makeup is not very big, the light makeup and the faint fragrance still make Lin Tian dazed and Zheng.
What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen it? Go! Huang Yingying some lightly chastising way
Lin day immediately nodded then go for a walk
The two men came out. Fat was outside the door. At this time, when Lin Tianhe and Huang Yingying came out, he teased Lin Tian, You are a tiger this time?
Tiger? What tiger?
Estrus lasts five or two times a week, and each time lasts less than a minute. Fat laughed.
Lin Tian almost hit him!
After a while, Chen Ranxin also came out to rest for an afternoon. Chen Ranxin’s mental state was not bad, and everyone gathered and set off at once.

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