Raise my hand and gently hug him at this moment. Even if he used to be really young, she wouldn’t understand anything. She suddenly understood that he understood Jin Xuexi. Xuexi is that you arranged it for him?

Jiang Junyue shook his head. I didn’t, but I told him that if he can’t return to a normal life and get married, then don’t come to see me. Later, I heard that he had Jinxue around him. I was happy, but I didn’t think he was interested in Jinxue or a play.
Poor Xue Xi. She seems to really love him.
What about you? Xiao is finally put everything out Jiang Junyue relieved and gently took her little face and looked at her with a pair of black eyes.
Lan Jingyi slowly approached his face and let his face zoom in inch by inch. Only when the soft lips covered his lips did she gently say I love you.
Respond that she is a man’s instant kiss, hoping to offset an uneasiness in my heart.
If Ji Weiyan doesn’t deal with it for a day, that is, a bomb in front of him may detonate at any time, and he may be blown to pieces at any time.
He whispered to her every time,’ I love you too, baby’
Lan Jingyi was so intoxicated that she forgot to have this man tell her about the past, which made her feel bad about his past.
For Yin Qing soft this moment she really relieved.
In fact, Yin Qingrou was also a poor woman in the past.
But when God makes people lose, they lose. Some things can’t be forced, or it’s her best destination if she marries a talent. It’s natural for Jiang Junyue to feel distressed that she married an old man, but it’s natural to show a true feeling.
After all, I once loved deeply, although I was young and frivolous, but my first love was the most beautiful, just like her separation from Jane.
For a long time, it was not until the oxygen was about to run out that Jiang Junyue slowly removed his thin lips and gently held her in his arms. He whispered in her ear, Will my wife not transfer to another hospital?
No, Lan Jingyi objected at once. I’m stingy. I just said half of your old lover’s new lover. Do you know the name of this hospital? Didn’t good the spirit looked at him, she just remembered that there is still a JiWei snow account didn’t settle with him.
Jiang Junyue turned his mind and smiled faintly. Is it surnamed Ji?
Husband, you really didn’t know it long ago? I didn’t expect him to be right as soon as he was right. Lan Jingyi refused to wave his back with his small fist. It looked heavy but it was very light.
Oh, I don’t know now, but since you say so, it’s really Ji. Why are you jealous? Long finger gently lifted her jaw, his handsome face Gherardini with a bit narrow.
You are jealous.
Then I don’t want to transfer, and you don’t agree?
Don’t agree with me, if you are transferred to another hospital, otherwise it will be difficult for you to wake up in a coma. Lan Jingyi said, and she took out the infusion list from her pocket and handed it to him. Do you think she doesn’t want you to wake up?
Jiang Junyue took it and swept it again. Suddenly he smiled. When he looked up at her, he smiled brightly, but with some mysterious meaning, he whispered, Wife, you should be happy to see this, okay?
Chapter 32 I’ll deal with …
What the hell does she know? She knows nothing.
What am I kidding? What do I know? Yi tooth stared at him as if he wished he had a hole in his body.
约茶Jiang Junyue smiled more and more brilliantly, as if he was listening to a joke in a small theater instead of a hospital. You are a stupid head. With her, he can relax a little, or he can temporarily let go of the big stones in his heart.
Well, I’m stupid. Then tell me what I want to be happy?
First, your man is missed, so it is said that his market is good. You married a good husband, which is your blessing. Second, there is a reason why she doesn’t want me to wake up, because when I wake up, she will drive her away. If she wants to stay with me, she naturally doesn’t want me to wake up.
Jiang Junyue’s flattering words are methodical, and then look at Lan Jingyi’s small mouth. Why don’t you believe it?
The megalomaniac pinched her arm through the clothes. It didn’t hurt, but with a little closeness, he let him reach out and put his arm around her. He couldn’t wait to rub her into his body, thinking that it would be nice for two people to grow old together like this.
Cough … Suddenly the door opened with a low cough, and Jiang Han bowed his head and went in there, neither retreating nor retreating.
Jiang Junyue was reluctant to let go of Lan Jingyi when he heard the sound. What’s up?
You see …
You don’t have to transfer.
Pour you … LanJingYi angry if it weren’t for Jiang Han wish to bite him.
Oh, it’s too much trouble to transfer. Jiang Junyue looked at Lan Jingyi and smiled more and more brightly. Don’t you think, wife?
She doesn’t think it’s not at all that she glared at him mercilessly. This man is sometimes too shorthanded. She is not worried about Ji Weixue tempting him now. She is worried that it is not a good thing for him to have too many sleeping pills in this hospital.
Then don’t you think it’s more convenient for us to go home? He smiled and continued to look at her from anger to stare. Wife, am I wrong?
Hey, you’re still sick.
Just go home and have an intravenous drip for a few days. What’s the big deal? Well, it’s decided that Jiang Han will go through the discharge formalities.
Section 23
So it was only a matter of seconds, and President Jiang Da decided everything and rejected Lan Jingyi’s decision that she could take him, but he decided that her heart was sweet.
It is better to go home and ask doctors and nurses to take care of him, which is much more convenient and comfortable than this hospital.
Ten minutes later, two people had already taken the bus. Jiang Han drove and never saw that annoying Ji Wei Xue Lan Jingyi’s mood changed from cloudy to sunny because of this sunny day.
Let’s go to Kannonji when you are ready. She is not a superstitious person, but recently Jiang Junyue has always had physical problems, although most of them are due to external reasons, but she is not at ease.
I don’t think this matter is urgent. There is one thing that is more urgent.

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