What surprised Mo Li was the arrangement of Lu Zhan.

When Lu Zhan told this hero, they had already understood Lu Zhan’s idea.
It is difficult for Gariod to get to the back of the opponent himself, but it is different with the help of a hammer stone.
Two small controls, the hammer, the stone, the hook and the E, should be able to temporarily control the other person so that Gariod can quickly throw out the lantern and fly to the front row by himself.
Ordinary lighting is to save people or pull the key, but pulling Gariod is equivalent to pulling a super group control
When taunting, no one in his circle can touch the people outside his circle, but every attack will increase Gariod’s big move damage and make the other side in a dilemma
In this respect, Gariod and Hammer Stone are a perfect match, which makes it impossible for a hero to complete!
If this routine is thought out after careful consideration, people don’t think so.
However, Lu Zhan just saw the South Korean team Sanfatan today, and it took only ten minutes to design such an array aimed at the other team. It is really amazing for Lu Zhan.
The design of the array is that he plays three exercises after eating through the opponent’s array. More control but less hard control is conducive to the release of Gariod’s big move. At the same time, Gariod’s determination of the opponent’s ap output will also make the Korean team desperate
With the blind monk and the hammer stone, it can be said that if two people can pull or hook people, then the Korean team will not play.
But these alone are not enough. You need to choose a hero with strong control ability, while ad needs to choose a hero with stronger self-protection ability, because once you start fighting, everyone will rush forward to protect you and yourself.
Before the land exhibition arrangement was finished, he arranged such details for the burning night.
Of course, there is no doubt about this burning night. ad is to ensure its own output.
"Well, it’s almost time for us to study the specific implementation of the South Korean team, but we have to ensure that they will regret it as soon as he arrives! "Lu Zhan’s categorical words made the people inside feel a kind of excitement.
It was their morale that got a boost.
After the ghost was so humbled and lost to South Korea, the players of the Star Team all questioned themselves. They didn’t know if one of them would lose like this.
They all know that the ghost is working hard, so it is visible that the team has lost, so they Ne.
This doubt has vanished at the moment, and they have regained their confidence because of the arrangement of Lu Zhan once.
Chapter 767 See instead.
"Then if South Korea repeatedly fatan, will we take this array out directly?" Xiao Shengqiang asked
"It depends. I hope I won’t take this array out in the first game, but leave it to the more key game!" Lu Zhan said
Just because everyone nods to the array doesn’t mean it can be used. This is a conservative move. What is obviously better for the match point?
Compared with the pessimistic state after seeing the ghost game before, the players now have a lot of confidence. Before, everyone thought about whether they would lose, but when Lu Zhan said a set of plans, everyone considered whether they could win.
Unconsciously, Lu Zhan has established a core position like his RG in this team, not the core of tactics and command, but also the spiritual leader.
"Let’s hurry and practice cooperation!"
Lu Zhan invited everyone to sit down and feel whether to practice cooperation or customize brain-beating, but Lu Zhan made great efforts to explain some tactical details.
It is no longer necessary to do more exercises, but they can still cooperate with this set of tactics as well as possible when they pass this point
They practiced watching Priestess of Death leaning against the door, and many thoughts rose in his heart.
Since he joined the Dragon Dance Team as an analyst, he and Lu Zhan have had many contests at different levels, from the earliest press conference but fighting in the game to the same team now.
But he failed in several meetings.
He and Lu Zhan have no deep hatred, but because of the dragon dance investor, their team and RG are very nervous, and they become in hot water.
But even if it’s not good, he has to admire Lu Zhan
He didn’t have this star race before, but he really saw the ability of Lu Zhan’s position.
Lu Zhan’s own game level is very strong, and his hand speed reaction is enough to rank among the first-class singles in the world;
Lu Zhan has a mind to play games, which can not only make independent arry points but also contribute to the team;
Lu Zhan’s hero pool is deeply appalling, but popular heroes can hang everything and unpopular heroes can create miracles;
Lu Zhan’s on-site command is excellent …
These things were gradually discovered by Priestess of Death, but when I saw Lu Zhan designing this array quickly today, Priestess of Death was completely angry.
Give him half an hour to analyze, and he may be able to come up with such an array, but on the one hand, when he needs more, on the other hand, he dare not bring it.
Analysts don’t just want to make sure that the players are familiar with whatever tactics you ask them to use. From this point of view, Priestess of Death dare not let the players train for ten minutes.
In such a short time, the analyst can’t explain all the ideas to the players, and it is not necessarily possible to fully understand this tactic.
However, Lu Zhan is different. He will have many different heroes who can change the array independently, and he is also a field conductor. He is most suitable for connecting his own arrays in series.
So that people with players and analysts can do it.
Most of the world competitions are in the competition system, unlike lpl, when there is enough competition every week, an opponent can be prepared. When the analyst simply analyzes the tactics, he will analyze it more, and when the training of the players is needed, he will definitely not be able to cope with the changes on the spot.
Moreover, due to the League of Legends game mode, analysts can’t keep making on-the-spot arrangements like football and basketball coaches, and of course, adjust their pre-game tactics in a timely manner. These problems are the persistent problems that plague analysts in major leagues.
Analysts are rarely called coaches, and it is precisely because they can play a game that coaches can play a complete role.
spa会所However, Lu Zhan is different. He is separated from the players and analysts, and he combines the two by his own mind. And he has excellent adaptability to the game, so he can play the game and think about skills and tactics at the same time.
With him, no matter what the other side does, he can deal with it at the first time

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