Han Xiaoying has come or not, and is about to be pierced by a spear. A snow-white figure suddenly passed over her head and a sword with green light stabbed the Persian "right horse"!

The blade is thin and green!
According to the rule of "Bing" going straight and eating obliquely, the source glass has just moved from the fourth column of the Song camp to the fifth column, which is just next to Han Xiaoying. This square saw that Han Xiaoying was about to die, and the "Chastelain’s" rule jumped up, which made the method of rescuing Zhao from the state of Wei suddenly attack the Persian "right horse"!
The Persian "right horse" was calm, quickly took the spear back and swept it out. Before the thin green sword stabbed it, the spear had swept to the waist of the source glass!
Source coloured glaze is also variants, quickly flip the wrist to turn the sword to the tip of the spear, a little body from flying back and landing beside Han Xiaoying!
Persian "right horse" sneered and did not continue to attack, grabbed the reins and said, "You broke the rules!"
Yuan Liuli knows that she is indefensible and does not defend herself. In the Persian "soldier", Bahar shouted, "Do you Song people like to behave!"
"I’m sorry I’m a Fuso man …" The source coloured glaze threw a word and turned and headed for the OTC.
"Miss Han, we did foul, so please quit the court!" Huang Yaoshi, behind the Song camp, said
Han Xiaoying heart some unwilling but also know that they must be ordered from Huang Yaoshi to leave the chess battlefield with the source coloured glaze.
"You’ve already made one foul, and there’s one left!" Khalifa luna sound came from behind the teaching camp.
"phase three left oblique into three!" Huang Yaoshi immediately began to call way
The Persian "Right Horse" knew that he was in the "Right Phase" of the Song Dynasty at the moment, and immediately looked up to the left, but strangely, he didn’t see a figure! to be continued
Chapter 45 "phase" kills "phase"
In the initial battle of "Killing Chess Array", the Persian "Right Horse" successively encountered four "soldiers" battles in the Song Dynasty. The final result was that Cheng Yaojia and Mu Nianci were seriously injured, and Han Xiaoying and Yuan Liuli were sent off the field because they were forced to violate the rules. These four "soldiers" were eaten by the "horses".
Although Song has already eaten each other’s two "soldiers" and one "phase", one "soldier" is left with the last two Huang Yaoshi of Lan Yuzhu and Yang Kang, so he began to move the main force in the back row!
"phase three left oblique into three!" Persian "Right Horse" heard Huang Yaoshi’s words but didn’t see the enemy approaching!
The Persian "right horse" was surprised that his horse gave a plaintive cry, but his leg was pulled by something and suddenly fell to the ground and overturned his master from his horse!
"This enemy will be invisible!" The Persian "right horse" immediately understood this truth, and immediately a carp jumped up from the ground, and the pike in his hand quickly waved to protect his body!
However, the Persian "right horse" suddenly stretched out in the soil like rotten wood and his arm suddenly grabbed his left ankle!
Persian "right horse" root couldn’t find the enemy, but immediately thrust his spear into the soil!
With a low whine, the arm let go of the Persian "right horse" and the ankle retracted into the soil!
However, a ferocious vampire suddenly emerged from the Persian "right horse" and opened his mouth to bite his neck!
The head of the Persian "right horse" leans sideways, but the vampire has stretched out his arms horizontally and put them on his shoulders on both sides!
The Persian "right horse" immediately felt a chill, and his body was paralyzed. His hands were completely out of control and his spear fell to the ground!
A European with a thin face and sharp nails suddenly appeared in front of the Persian "right horse" and said coldly, "Do you want to quit the race or do you want to die?"
This man is Sabatino, Archbishop of Cancer in the Holy See! Sabatino is the most evil of the twelve archbishops, but after being purified by Camelot’s holy light, he also decided to abandon evil and follow the new Pope Caelestinus Iv to join the European anti-Mongolian alliance. This time, he learned from Ling Feiyang’s letter that there was a lack of a magician Sabatino in the Song Dynasty, so he volunteered to break the array and take the position of "left phase" in the Song Dynasty.
The game of "Chastelain Zi" originated in ancient India. Because ancient Indian soldiers were good at riding elephants, there were two chess pieces called "elephants" in the game of "Chastelain Zi", but when they arrived in West Asia and Europe, they changed the word "elephant" to "phase" to mean "priest".
The two positions of "Killing Chess Array" are most suitable for magicians to take charge of. Khalifa Luna has specially trained two magic disciples, namely "left position" and "right position", but even the Persian "left position and right position" did not expect that Ling Feiyang went to Europe a year ago to meet twelve archbishops in red of the Holy Roman Empire, so two magicians were set up in the two positions of "position"!
In the face of Sabatino’s dark magic, the Persian "Right Horse" was brave and good at fighting, but it was defeated after adapting to the law for a moment!
喝茶约茶"Don’t kill me, I quit the game!" Persian "right horse" certainly doesn’t want to die.
Sabatino took back the vampire Persian "right horse" and walked out of the chess game with the lame horse.
Khalifa Luna’s face is still unchanged. He said a word in Persian, Persian "left phase" suddenly stepped out, moved forward sideways for two squares, occupied the original position of a "soldier" and then stopped.
Sabatino leans into a square to the right and then releases a vampire to pounce on the Persian "soldier" in this square. The Persian "soldier" is so timid that he gives up his resistance and turns away from his square.
Khalifa Luna shook his head slightly and then issued an order. The "left phase" that had just moved turned his body to the left and then stepped forward for two squares, just reaching the position of Sabatino!
In Chastelain’s chess, the chess "Xiang" will never appear in the same square, but for the enemy, there are also "Zuo Zuo" and "right and right" who can encounter each other. Khalifa Luna moved the "left phase" and entered the Persian "soldier" when Song Guofang’s "left phase" ate it.
Sabatino saw another magician coming to him and immediately made dark magic hide his body. Just now, dealing with Persian "right horse" Sabatino made "invisibility" take a surprise attack and put down the horse!
However, the Persian "left phase" still put the sea flute to his mouth and played music!
This kind of sonic work directly attacks people’s auditory organs without knowing the specific position of the enemy. Sabatino found that he couldn’t send his invisibility, and immediately cut his wrist with his tapering nails. As black blood flowed out, a vampire with a red robe and a huge body emerged from his body!
Summon the vampire king!
However, this vampire, this Gang Po, has changed dramatically!
The vampire king suddenly disintegrated, and Sabatino screamed, and a lot of blood flowed down the ear canal from two ear holes!
Just now, the Persian "right phase" was stunned by the second wave, and Sabatino, who contained smoke, had taken precautions, but he never expected that this Persian "left phase" was not a second wave but a super wave at the moment!
Secondary waves can hurt people because low-frequency waves will resonate with some human organs; Superwaves can hurt people by relying on powerful energy beams of high-frequency waves! Superwaves are more lethal than infrawaves, which is really a deadly weapon of Persian "left and right biphasic"!
Persian "Right Phase" thought that Lanyuzhu was a "soldier" at that time. It was unnecessary to expose this weapon prematurely, but it was countered by Lanyuzhu’s poisonous spider. Now, against the powerful Persian "Left Phase" in Sabatino, this weapon has finally been used!
This sonic attack pierced Sabatino’s tympanic membrane and immediately invaded the Sabatino life center of the brain-brain stem was destroyed by energy beam and brain death was inevitable!
"Lord, please accept me as a lonely soul and contribute to the Amen in front of your seat …" Sabatino crossed his right hand on his chest and slowly closed his eyes with a low prayer! to be continued
Chapter 459 Huang Yaoshi rashly.
The battle of "Killing Chess Array" entered the middle stage. The Persian "Right Horse" was defeated by the dark magic of Archbishop Sabatino of Cancer. However, the Persian "Left Phase" suddenly killed Sabatino with sonic work!
Song Guofang’s "right phase" Alexsandro Sabatti Nuo has always had a good friendship. At this moment, I saw Sabatino’s tragic death and grief disregard the rules of the game and a whirlwind rushed to the "left phase"!
However, Alexsandro’s wind magic hasn’t come yet, but it has invaded the brain and body and immediately fell down and died!
Camelot’s holy light purification can’t save their lives, but after all, it saves their souls. At this moment, they finally return to heaven with their souls repenting for their sins!
Single "phase" kills double "phase"!

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