What a big joke

Wen Ya smiled and was about to take this opportunity to leave here to see Mrs. Zhao. She gave her husband a hard push to hold Wen Ya’s arm. "Who allowed you to be sycophantic?"
Wen Ya doesn’t want to take part in other people’s family affairs. No matter how these things are calculated, they have nothing to say with themselves. It’s hard for an upright official to break the housework. Isn’t it more troublesome for Wen Ya to be misunderstood and women to get involved?
Section 51
Is now blocked by Mrs. Zhao … Wen Ya was a little flustered but still smiled. "I think you must be …"
Another slap in the face hit Wen Ya in the face. She was really stupid this time.
Mrs. Zhao looks cruel. "Even if he is unfaithful, you are not a good thing. I can see it from your unmarried pregnancy! You are shameless to seduce my husband and now you want to walk away and see how you can seduce others if I don’t scratch your face! "
When Mrs. Zhao said this, she really bared her teeth and came to Wen Ya
How can these people be so unreasonable? Wen Ya’s anger and panic are intertwined, but she can’t take advantage of it and can dodge as much as possible
Mrs. Zhao saw her silly wait for a while in-situ husband become angry from embarrassment scold a way "still leng wear stem what? Catch this woman quickly! I’m going to scratch her face. I’m going to strip her! I want all the women in your company to see clearly what it is to seduce you. "
This woman is crazy! Wen Ya was in a hurry to dodge, but Mrs. Zhao was fatter than her, blocking the door. Wenya certainly couldn’t go out, but if she started … Wen Ya felt that she must not be an opponent in front of her.
Seeing that her husband is still staring at Mrs. Zhao’s scolding is getting worse. "Do you really love this shameless fox! If you don’t catch him, I’ll tell my dad to kick you out! "
My dad is not our dad.
桑拿会所Manager Zhao heard that he was shaking like a lightning strike. As soon as he rushed forward, he would grab Wen Ya’s arms.
It’s manager Zhao’s cowardice. Now he’s scared out of his mind by his wife. It’s a little trance. He always accidentally touches Wen Ya’s cheek or the back of his hand
Wen Ya feel sick Mrs Zhao performance more excited "good you shameless fox all this time also seduce my husband? See if I don’t kill you! "
Really want to add to the crime!
Wen Ya knew in her heart that her eyes would not be so simple when she saw this chaotic scene. When Mrs. Zhao’s mood was shorter than excitement, she would naturally not let Wen Ya go
Wen Ya took a deep breath and felt a ceramic decorative horse on Manager Zhao’s desk in the process of retreating. Ma Wen Ya Dun immediately grabbed the horse’s leg and smashed it toward the table.
The broken sound of porcelain is very harsh. Mrs. Zhao froze in place, and Manager Zhao was afraid to shrink her neck.
Wen Ya held the fragment of the horse’s leg and gave Mrs. Zhao a look of desperation. "I explained that if you don’t believe it, it’s no big deal. Everyone will die together anyway. I’m naturally inferior to Mrs. Zhao. I’m content to have you with me!"
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one This is not a time to have dinner with you.
In this situation, Wen Yagen can’t reason with the people in front of her, but it’s a larger foe. She doesn’t believe that this lady Zhao dares to really put together with her.
She is afraid of death. It is a threat to these people to say these words, but Wen Ya believes that Mrs. Zhao should be more afraid of death than herself.
Sure enough, Mrs. Zhao suddenly changed her face and her voice trembled. "What do you mean?"
Wen Ya smiled gently, and her hands managed not to tremble. How could she not be afraid? Wen Ya looked at Mrs. Zhao with a smile. "I didn’t seduce your husband. You really misunderstood just now, but I don’t want us to get to this point. Anyway, now my name is ruined. If you don’t let me leave, I will break up with you."
I don’t know when there have been many spectators outside. Wen Ya felt a little embarrassed at the beginning, and now her heart has long been used to others treating her like she doesn’t mind at all … It doesn’t matter what she thinks.
Besides, Mrs. Zhao just said that she is a spy in the company, and it is not really clear with a pair of eyes that people are warm and cold.
Manager Zhao is even more exaggerated. Seeing Wen Ya holding up the broken bottle, he directly winced and hid behind his wife. Wen Ya looked at Mrs. Zhao with a smile. "Your husband is really sweet."
Mrs. Zhao listened to Wen Ya’s sarcastic tone and frowned and looked behind him. At this moment, Mrs. Zhao turned pale with anger and directly grabbed her husband’s ear. Her face looked a bit angry. "What do you mean, you are a king egg?"
Manager Zhao glanced at the onlookers outside in a somewhat involuntary manner and immediately blinked at his wife, suggesting that "there are so many people watching me outside my wife …"
"What’s your face!" Mrs. Zhao became angry from embarrassment and pulled up more and more. "What did you say to me before? You must be the first to protect me when you are in danger, but look at what you just did. Are you protecting me? "
Looking at the quarrel between two people, Wen Ya breathed a sigh of relief and was about to leave Manager Zhao to divert his wife’s attention. He immediately pointed to Wen Ya and scolded, "Who allowed you to go? You destroy my feelings with my wife … "
Wen Ya smell speech in the mind a little agitated but a brainwave, pointing to a female secret outside said "wait a minute! Are you the man who had dinner with Manager Zhao alone yesterday? By the way, you seem to have received a bunch of roses. "
Of course, it’s not what happened yesterday, but it’s not what Wen Ya casually made up. This woman just looked at Mrs. Zhao with a guilty look in her eyes, but she was a little more proud. Wen Ya is not a fool. Why do you want to think about it immediately?
It’s not wrong to say so now.
The secret story said that his face was transient than pale. "Wrong!" She couldn’t say the rest of her words because Mrs. Zhao had grabbed her husband’s ear and face and looked angry and came to this secret. She was very tough and slapped the secret face when she was involved in her husband’s actions. "How dare you seduce my husband!"
The crowd was in a state of chaos. Wen Ya rubbed his face and had some pain. His cheek turned and quietly walked out of the office.
She doesn’t want any bonus. When Ann is more important than anything else.
How could Wen Ya have thought that such a thing would happen when she resigned from the company? But one thing is certain: Manager Zhao probably knew his wife would come a long time ago, and he kept dragging Wen Ya to prevent Wen Ya from leaving, which is probably the reason.
This man is so guilty, he must have a … lover outside on weekdays, right?
But Wen Ya didn’t have the luxury to think about so many things. She walked out of the company building and made up her mind to draw a line with the company. Passers-by looked at Wen Ya with something of consternation in her eyes. Wen Ya paused for a few seconds to remember that she must be more embarrassed now than that Mrs. Zhao didn’t give Wen Ya a face and slapped her hair directly toward Wen Ya …
She must be ashamed now.
What happened recently really caught Wen Ya off guard. She took a deep breath and lowered her head to take a taxi and wanted to go home, but she took out her mobile phone and called Yuan first.
Wen Ya can’t go home at this time. Her cheeks are so swollen. What if Ozawa sees her?
Fortunately, Yuan was on vacation today, and Wen Ya came to play with herself and immediately reported the address. Her voice was pleasant.
But when Luca brasi saw Wen Ya instantaneous but nervous, she took Wen Ya’s hand and worried, "What’s the matter with you? Xiaoya … What happened to your face? "
Wen Ya saw Luca brasi instantaneous just feel like I saw my loved ones, but I have been tense with emotions. This instantaneous fall made her feel exhausted by Luca brasi’s shoulder. "Luca brasi can let me go in first? I am so tired now. "
Luca brasi heard that some ignorant nodded "good …" She held Wen Ya and went in to let Wen Ya sit on the sofa. Luca brasi immediately poured Wen Ya a glass of water.
Luca brasi’s face was full of worries, but Wen Ya didn’t speak. Luca brasi was also very sweet and never asked.
Wen Ya looked at Luca brasi and carefully sat beside him. He took a sip of water. His heart was full of warmth. "There is nothing really." She pointed to her cheek and showed Luca brasi "that is, being beaten."
Say so lightly … Luca brasi can’t help but keep a straight face "Xiaoya, why are you always so unpreparedness … now someone hurts you! You tell me who it is, and I won’t call it Yuan if I don’t want this person to pay the price today! " Luca brasi speaks with a fork in the waist and looks like she wants to roll her sleeves to beat talents.

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