At this time, her mouth seemed to be opened by something, and a warm lip clung to her lips. Gradually Meixi felt that she was not so dizzy, and her mind began to wake up. Slowly, she began to recall that she had just drowned. Did Xixi save her? It must have been that Xixi had just been close to Wei Xi and Gu Xiaomi. Now her lips are Xixi’s lips. If Meixi wanted to die even if she couldn’t save herself today, she would regret it.

"How’s it going?"
Meixi recognized this as Gu Xiaomi’s voice.
"It should be all right."
This sound is familiar, but Meixi just can’t remember who it is, but it must be this person who saved herself. Is it Xi? "Great, Brother Liu, you are really good."
"What is Liu Yiwen?" Meixi felt desperate, and just a little desire for survival disappeared when she heard Liu Yiwen’s name.
"That beautiful evening why don’t you wake up?" Gu Xiaomi squatted beside the beautiful evening and wiped the beautiful evening with a towel.
"Let her have a rest should be all right." Liu Yiwen took the bathrobe and covered Mei Xi.
"I sent her back to her room to rest." Liu Yiwen squatted and picked up Meixi.
"Let me help you." Wei Xi stretched out his hand to help Liu Yiwen hold Meixi.
"No, I can accompany Xiaomi. She may be scared, too." Liu Yiwen turned pale and looked at Xiaomi.
"Well, let’s go and see her later." Wei Xi said to Liu Yiwen with his arm around Gu Xiaomi’s shoulder.
夜网论坛Liu Yiwen nodded and left with Meixi.
The crowd gradually dispersed when Wei Haochen came running.
"Are you all right?" Wei Haochen asked anxiously.
"Why did you go?" Wei Xi asked with a frown.
"I went out," Wei Haochen replied covertly.
"I heard that someone was drowning, and I’m afraid you will come running quickly, not you." Wei Haochen dared not ask Wei Xi again and turned to Gu Xiaomi.
Gu Xiaomi shook his head and said, "It’s a beautiful evening."
Wei Haochen, "Sister Mei Xi", can’t believe the amount is too high.
Gu Xiaomi nodded his head.
"My god, how is she now?" Wei Haochen touched his forehead.
"It’s okay. The monitor just took her back to her room."
Liu Yiwen gently put Meixi on the bed and pulled it over to be covered by her, then sat on the bed and looked at her.
Meixi really wants to open her eyes, but she doesn’t want to see Liu Yiwen. She doesn’t want Liu Yiwen to see her mess and pretend to close her eyes.
"I know you’re awake." Liu Yiwen sounded a little low.
"Well, since you don’t want to wake yourself up, you can go on pretending to sleep."
"I know you can hear me. I want to say that you let me down." Liu Yiwen rubbed his nose and took a deep breath.
"What can you just save yourself and give up? Do you know how dangerous this is?" Liu Yiwen’s anger line is high.
"I’ve always been very strong, but I never thought you would do such a cowardly thing. Do you think you can get rid of it when you die? Do you think you can make Hee remember you forever when you die? You’re stupid. No one is worth your life for." Liu Yiwen tried to restrain his emotions and try to calm himself down.
A line of tears flowed down the corner of Meixi’s eye.
Liu Yiwen looked at it and held Meixi’s hand tightly.
"Fool, stop crying. Didn’t I tell you I would help you?"
Chapter 54 Get together
Meixi continued to wet the pillow with her eyes closed.
Liu Yiwen didn’t speak. She looked at the bed quietly. Meixi somehow suddenly felt very distressed.
There was a knock at the door.
Meixi turned around and quietly wiped the tears from her eyes. Liu Yiwen glanced at Meixi and then went to the door and opened it.
"Monitor Meixi ok" Gu Xiaomi looked at Liu Yiwen and asked in a hurry.
"Yes, Sister Meixi?" Wei Haochen craned his neck to look into the room.
Liu Yiwen blocked the door.
"She hasn’t woken up yet. Come and see her when she wakes up." Liu Yiwen gave Wei Xi a wink.
Wei Xi, holding Gu Xiaomi’s hand, leaned over and said to her, "He said it’s no use looking at Mei Xi if she didn’t wake up, and so many of us will affect her rest when Mei Xi wakes up. Let Liu Yiwen inform us that I’m sure I’ll accompany you to see Mei Xi for the first time."
Wei Xi gently caressed Xiaomi’s hair.
Gu Xiaomi suddenly lost his temper and was left by Wei Xi holding hands.
Wei Xi looked back and saw Wei Haochen shouting "Why are you still there?"
Wei Haochen muttered "This difference is too big" with a face of injustice. Although he was full of complaints, he still walked behind his ass.
Liu Yiwen watched them leave back gently the door.
Liu Yiwen returned to Meixi and said to her, "Don’t worry, they are gone."
Meixi breathed a sigh of relief, tightened her shoulders and relaxed her facial expression.
"Don’t think about anything. Sleep for a while. I’ll sit here with you." Liu Yiwen tucked the quilt for Meixi.
Meixi also felt tired at this time and decided not to think about anything and wanted to have a good sleep.
I don’t know how long it took Meixi to wake up. I haven’t slept so well for many years. I don’t know if it’s because someone is watching her and being taken care of by people. It feels so good. If this person is Wei Xi, everything will be perfect.
Meixi watched Liu Yiwen fall asleep in the bedside chair and thought to himself.
Meixi gently went to bed, put on slippers, crept out of the room and came to the living room to open the curtains a little, only to find that the sun was shining outside and the sun room lit up a lot at once.
"It seems that I didn’t sleep long, but it was really comfortable." Meixi had a big stretch and raised her hand and rubbed her stiff neck.
"How did you sleep?" Liu Yiwen sounded behind and scared Meixi.
Meixi patted her chest and turned her head a little angry and said, "I slept well but I was almost scared to death by you."
"You are also harmful and timid guy. I’m afraid of you." Liu Yiwen was so angry at the thought of Meixi’s ignoring Zhixing.
"I don’t know what you said." Meixi turned around in anger and pulled the curtains open completely.

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