Wen Ya immediately blushed when he felt the heat. Two people had the child Ozawa, but there were not many times when two people really got in touch.

Ozawa is a blow, and the child in his belly is still a blow … Wen Ya can’t help but feel a little more angry when she thinks of these. Of course, she will feel embarrassed
Can be traced to whether to say ink Sina is a bit too strong?
Wen Ya thought of here and looked at the ink Sina eyes can’t help much a few minutes ambiguous general hint.
Ink Sina instantly got the message, but he looked a little annoyed. "Ozawa is the best gift from heaven. It is because Ozawa has been with you that we have a chance to be together again, but I still can’t help but feel … is it unfair to me? We finally meet again, but I have been patient. "
约茶Wen Ya couldn’t help but giggle when she heard complaints from the south mouth of MoSi. She lightly chastised a ink Sina forehead. "How dare you blame anyone?"
Ink Sina speechless raised Wen Ya hand kiss "we want two children just once, I must take protective measures, or think of I have to endure for a long time, I feel panic".
Wen Ya listen to ink SiNa face much a few minutes dizzy red, she glanced at the ink SiNa lightly chastising but this moment is much a few minutes in silence.
Ink Sina kiss to fall at the same time, Wen Ya worry pushed him away "Ozawa Ozawa is still at home".
Ink Sina transient in distress situation in front of Wen Ya ink Sina shrugged "look what I just said? Am I the last in your heart now? "
Wen Ya cay light hum a language with JiaoChen "are you jealousness and jealousy with Ozawa now? Including in front of my stomach, and we’re still jealous? Don’t you worry that children will be dissatisfied with you when they hear that they are born? "
Ink SiNa smell speech the rearrangement of made a serious Wen Ya unprepared from time to time before ink SiNa gently stroked Wen Ya abdomen and talk to their children "now you can occupy your mother can wait until you are born, you will be an adult, then you can want to give your mother to me, so we have a deal"
"How can you be so lazy!" Wen Ya couldn’t help laughing. "You didn’t speak after the child finished. You made a decision privately and didn’t know you were shy." Wen Ya pretended to shave.
Ink Sina quite calm "what to be ashamed of? Does my wife have to give it to them all the time? "
The body of the Chapter three hundred A debt of gratitude is hard to repay.
When Wen Ya and Mo Sina got home, Ozawa was very clever. He said that he had fried bacon rolls and had eaten Ozawa’s eyes with Sanzhi. Wen Ya and Mo Sina looked around and said that they had been to the second month of their wedding anniversary.
Wen Ya looked at Ozawa with a kind of shock for a moment. "How do you know?" How do we know they are going to celebrate the anniversary?
Ozawa’s eyes are blank. "Mom, is this hard to guess?" Is a word Wen Ya felt his IQ was insulted.
Wen Ya didn’t think before she married Mo Sina, but now she finds that Ozawa’s belly is more and more like Mo Sina.
Key Ozawa is still so young when he opens his mouth that Wen Ya can’t find the breakthrough point and there is no way to blame Ozawa.
After thinking for a moment with her mouth closed, she still couldn’t find a rebuttable reason. She smiled and said, "Ozawa is really smarter than his mother."
This is to find a step for yourself.
Mo Sina covered her mouth and laughed. Wen Ya felt "discrimination", but she felt discriminated against and felt sweet at the same time.
This is really a wonderful emotional experience.
Wen Ya gently coughed and looked at Mo Sina’s eyes for help. Mo Sina shrugged and looked at Ozawa. "Do you want to eat cake?"
Ozawa frowned. "Dad, I’ve lost my teeth recently, and eating cake so late will lead to worm teeth."
Ink Sina also leng.
Wen Ya satisfaction before nodding gently stroked Ozawa’s hair "really good to brush your teeth? Go to bed early and you will grow taller. "
Ozawa heard that the president had paused for a moment, immediately said good night and went to bed.
No matter how mature Ozawa is, he is just a child. Ozawa’s height has always been a weakness. Ozawa is really lower than his peers.
Mo Sina always questioned whether Wen Ya abused Ozawa because she couldn’t cook, which kept him from growing taller.
Wen Ya has no ability to refute this
She really didn’t take good care of Ozawa. Now they meet Mo Sina again. Before meeting Mo Sina, Wen Ya once doubted whether the man who had a night with him was a short man and left it to Ozawa.
Of course, this topic will never be said in front of the south of Moses until Wen Ya is crazy. She’s not a fool. Is it necessary to make her husband feel uncomfortable?
Seeing Mo Sina’s stagnation and gentle cough, she patted Mo Sina’s shoulder with sympathy. "It’s a good thing that children will have their own opinions when they grow up, isn’t it?"
This is ink Sina used to prevaricate Wen Ya words, but now Wen Ya can go to ink Sina.
Ink Sina speechless can silently looked at Wen Ya.
Bullying ink Sina feels good. Wen Ya’s mood is getting better. She sits on ink Sina’s thigh and gently pinches ink Sina’s nose. "What? Do you want to laugh at me later? "
Mo Sina raised his eyebrows. "I just wondered if Ozawa missed your legs so short."
Wen Yaxiao moment stiff face short legs! She can bully Mo Sina herself, but as soon as he opens his mouth, she lets Wen Ya be right.
Wen Ya looked stiff for a moment and said with a snort of mutual harm. "Then maybe Ozawa is so indifferent like you. If there is no fool like me, it is hard to say whether he can find a girlfriend!"
Successful counterattack!
"Really?" Ink SiNa eyes ponder "Ozawa is not also inherited my handsome? Even if you can’t eat by your face, Ozawa is as smart as my father. Is it okay to rely on your head? "
What a shame! Wen Ya-hou has the cheek to say this, but Mo Sina! If she can be as cheeky as ink Sina … Forget it, or just think about it in my head.

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