Muchuan opened the door and bent down to pass it to one hand.

The girl hesitated and sighed and slowly moved out with his hand.
Muchuan put her on the sofa and went to find the medicine cabinet by herself.
Her ankle was swollen badly, and she walked so far that her feet were swollen.
Although he moved lightly, she still felt a terrible pain.
The man rubbed her feet and said, Say it hurts.
Section 16
Maybe it’s too painful, or maybe it’s too tight tonight. Her remaining strength suddenly collapsed and her eyes became red.
It’s a good thing that someone is willing to take her in at this time.
I don’t know why, but she suddenly wanted to hug him and say thank you, but the words came to her mouth and swallowed.
Muchuan bowed his head and asked, Does it hurt?
Tang Wan sniffing doesn’t hurt very much
This is really nothing compared to the trauma of the heart.
Smell speech man looked up and looked at her with a sigh and a sigh. I don’t try to be brave in front of me.
Tang Wan’s heart is not white. What should this man do to her? She has thought of thousands of reasons, but none of them can say herself.
Muchuan put her foot cover medicine box and got up and went to the kitchen.
Her bag kept ringing in the sofa handbag.
Took a look at the name and made her feel ironic!
Holding the words, she limped out.
Get through to Tang Yuanshan and calm down as usual. Wan Wan, why don’t you wait for me at home?
His tone is calm as if he didn’t see the banquet scene at all. It’s a pity that he can pretend that nothing happened and she can’t!
You saw the banquet, didn’t you? I was ridiculed by that group of women, and I was turned black and white by reporters! You have seen it!
Anger, sadness and despair all rushed to the forehead! I don’t know why he can be so cruel!
But who knows that the other end not only has no guilt, but gives birth to a trace of annoyance. Wan Wan, you should know that that kind of occasion is not suitable for you to go. How many times have I told you that you just don’t have a long memory! Is it suitable for me to go in that case with so many people? Do you want Tang’s face or not? !”
Tang Jia and face are the same excuses every time!
That’s the funniest thing she’s ever heard. Her real father looked at her being ridiculed and was so indifferent as a stranger!
It’s not once or twice, but what kind of eyes still can’t stop getting astringent!
It must be the strong wind at the door that hurts her eyes …
Not suitable for me to go? What, will I embarrass you because of my Kyoto joke? !”
How ridiculous it is that parents will abandon their daughters!
She has never been so tired of this little fat!
Tang Yuanshan obviously didn’t want to entangle this topic with her any more. She called her name in a cold tone, Wan Wan, this matter can stop here!
Tang Wan sneered, How to stop here or you will teach me! She was emotional. At fourteen, you wanted me to change a paper contract. At fifteen, you wanted to give me to your partner! How old is he? He is ten years older than you! I have to ask you what will make me a joke!
Is it wrong to protect yourself? He was the only family she had left, but even he ignored her. What could she do but make herself ugly? !
Tang Yuanshan woke up with a gloomy voice. What’s your attitude? Don’t forget your mother when you talk to me!
Holding hands tightly, Tang Wan’s eyes flashed with a cold breeze and stood for a long time.
What’s the resolution? Don’t you want your mother to leave the formula? Don’t you want me to sign it? Give me 10 million and I’ll give you the formula!
☆ 2. Can’t I get used to it? !
Tang Yuanshan seems to consider this transaction cost-effective in silence!
Zhang Ru next to him quickly winked at him. The distant mountain can’t promise her a lot of Chimata!
Tang Yuanshan handed a warning look to the microphone and then talked to the other end. Tang Wan said, We’ll talk about it when you come back.
Think again, I’ll go back when the hospital medicine arrives!
Tang Wan apathy finished this sentence and hung up.
How much did he listen to when he turned around and saw a frown behind Muchuan?
The man looked at her with an alert expression and asked, What’s the matter? I can help you.
Tang Wan shook his head nothing
Limping to the house, the man frowned, put his arm around her waist and helped her to go inside.
Room Tang Wan changed into a pajamas and sat by the bed after washing.
Anger at the camera has not arrived the next day, and the topic of online madness has skyrocketed!
About a noble daughter’s private life is chaotic! Angry at the reporter’s camera!
The netizen’s comments were as one-sided as she expected!
Tang Wan turned over a few and lost interest, throwing his mobile phone aside.
When MuChuanFang man looked at that a news call liuyan didn’t let you send a notice? No one is allowed to report later! What else will happen!
Liuyan has some grievances. He has spoken from one family to another, and I don’t know which one is brave and fat, and Muchuan has sent out the risk!
I don’t know. After all, there are so many people in the field who have been photographed by someone with a heart.
Mu Chuan looked at the report with good colors and affirmed that it is not certain that the reporter’s brushwork is sophisticated and explosive, and it is definitely not like what ordinary passers-by wrote.
The man lost his mind and said, Find out as soon as possible!
Liuyan should be yes.
The news was all over the newspapers the next day.
Mu’s master and old lady obviously saw Mu’s wife, and needless to say, she was very angry.
Dad, how can such a woman back Sichuan? I don’t know how to behave!
Mu master glanced at her impatiently. It’s still inconclusive. It’s too early for you to come to this conclusion! These media have always liked to exaggerate, and you are not ignorant.
Master is obviously partial to Tang Wan. He always feels that the child is not like this kind of person. He hasn’t misjudged anyone for so many years.
品茶论坛Mrs. Mu has a deep prejudice against Tang Wan, and such a thing can’t accept her.
Whether it’s true or not, we can’t have any tainted people to marry in!
Mu Master frowned and waved at her. When Sichuan comes back, ask him and go out.
His daughter-in-law is good at everything, but she is too formal and follows the ancient ceremony too much.
Never believe in knowing him when you are in the door. Don’t look at Tang Jia in her eyes, and don’t look at Tang Wan that wench!
When Mrs. Mu left the master’s room, she called Muchuan to the effect that he should take Tang Wan home and make it clear to the master and the old lady.

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