What does boss SEO think? It’s just two people. If he doesn’t make moves, so many of us will pounce on ants and gnaw at elephants.

SEO boss thought is that we can speculate? The four colleges are not something we can offend, and there are also many dignitaries in the college. It is good to say that a group of us will fight two times in case the other party finds someone to retaliate against you. Who has the boss?
Even SEO boss can’t hold the family to kill him. Does he really have a way to bring us all in?
Why don’t you shut up and question Mr. Xu and weigh yourself first?
At one time, there was a lot of discussion. Xu Dingfeng was a VIP and enjoyed being sought after by people around him most. What he jumped out of was to be on par with Dehui and Fan Luoxiu. He defeated them. His powerful image became more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and he would enjoy the feeling of being dependent and worshipped more.
Of course, it is impossible for him to bring so many people in with an introductory scroll. It is said that all kinds of roadblocks and prohibitions of the ruins of God Burn are different from the overall strength of the whole team. To put it another way, if a puppet is standing in the way of a five-person team, then puppet repair is equivalent to repairing five people.
It is not good to bring cannon fodder in this situation, but it will be negative. Even if it can be brought in, even if it will be wiped out at the beginning, it will take a little brains to judge whether Xu Dingfeng is reliable or not. No one can doubt it. Nowadays, people worship Xu Dingfeng so much, and some routine means are indispensable.
Few people in the crowd were arranged by Xu Dingfeng to build momentum for him.
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; There are also a few confusing eyes, which also reflect that Xu Dingfeng was open-minded and questioned before others questioned him, and pointed the finger at Xu Dingfeng and continued to walk along the arranged platform. The final result must be that Xu Dingfeng’s strength and generosity earned everyone’s trust.
This trick is the simplest and easiest to distinguish, but these younger brothers, who are eager for quick success and instant benefit, have been suppressed for too long and have lost their self-confidence. Instead, they are willing to pin their hopes on others and would rather believe even a little hope.
Xu Dingfeng is not very strong, but he is very good at luck, so he has raised such a large group of younger brothers who want to get ahead in a short time. Almost all the clans have them. They feel that they will be able to grab the entry scroll of the ruins of the gods by dint of numbers, dreaming of the apprentice, but they don’t know that they are benefiting, even going back and forth.
Even if they get the entry scroll of the remains of the God Burn, as they say, the ants gnaw at the elephants and kill the gatekeepers, it doesn’t mean that they can really live to see the treasure.
Fan Luo almost instantly understood Xu Dingfeng’s plot. He took a funny look at Xu Dingfeng and thought that even if it was really time to go in, those who helped Xu Dingfeng create a team atmosphere would disappear quietly. Xu Dingfeng must let others go and show that he stopped Xu Dingfeng, a latecomer, and took the lead every time. These people probably listened to him and went in to die by themselves.
When they are all dead, Xu Dingfeng clings to his real teammates and enters the ruins of Shenhuang to make a fortune.
This abacus is quite loud, and the number of people is indeed considerable. Unfortunately, Xu Dingfeng picked the wrong person. It is not that there are many entry scrolls in Qian Shan College. It must mean that Xu Dingfeng has soft persimmons to pinch. He didn’t understand clearly beforehand, and he wanted to set up an image with their two aristocratic brothers. Even if he wanted to fold Qi Dehui, he didn’t even need to make moves here.
On the other hand, De-hui Xu has already been annoyed by the questioning voice on the spot. He recognized that he was not one of his own at first, and even if his accomplices deliberately suppressed the topic, they could not stop the discussion for a while.
He was able to easily solve the problem that De-hui Xu grabbed the entry qualification, and the flying sword was also caught off guard, but he didn’t expect that De-hui Ji would stop the flying sword and stalemate with him to make the flying sword move.
So he tried to withdraw his sword but didn’t move. He glared at Ji Dehui bitterly only to find that the other side was looking at him contemptuously.
It’s my carelessness. It’s not a good idea to be so deadlocked. Xu Dingfeng’s posture is cold and his flying sword falls to the ground.
It’s easy to say, said Ji Dehui contemptuously, glancing at him from the corner of his eye and gaping at the crowd around him. Do you give up?
How could it have been just a tentative move? After all, I don’t want to make enemies with my family easily. Otherwise, if you can’t cope with our outnumbered fists and four hands, it seems that we bully people? Xu Dingfeng sneered. I want one enemy and two injuries, and you are also doing things alone, and one person will never implicate others. If you want to seek revenge, you will find me.
Fan Luo smiled.
How could he not hear that Xu Dingfeng was looking for a game for himself?
This man knows with a wink that he may not take advantage in fighting, so he suddenly makes the flying sword attack Nai Qi Dehui, and he is not stupid to rely on a pair of fists to fight recklessly. People will never forget the importance of defense. Now Xu Dingfeng has no advantage, but he has to brag and tell everyone that he is distracted because he has to guard against Fan Luo while fighting, so that Qi Dehui can take advantage. He has stepped forward and taken responsibility to avoid being implicated by everyone. If he wins a game, he will be complacent.
Fan Luo doesn’t mind watching this kind of person fall as a kind of entertainment, but he doesn’t like Xu Dingfeng’s shouting in front of him.
He will open the bone fan in his hand by half and gently wave Xu Dingfeng’s hand. Almost at the same time, he feels that the vest hurts and rushes to the throat, and the blood rushes out uncontrollably. It is very obvious that the viscera is seriously injured. He stumbles, steadies himself and turns to look at his eyes. Fan Luo’s mind is thinking quickly, not like an enemy, but like finding his face in front of everyone.
He had previously hinted that he was unable to cope with Ji Dehui because he was on guard against Fan Luo’s sneak attack. Just now, he did know that Fan Luo had ambushed him, but he not only failed to defend himself, but also failed to feel the breath until he was seriously injured. Even if the realm was high enough, his family’s unique skills and extraordinary attack methods could still embarrass him in public.
Chapter five hundred and sixty Do slaves to discuss again.
Not only did Xu Dingfeng fail to detect it, but even others failed to detect when Fan Luo launched the attack, and they didn’t see exactly what the tactics were.
Although Bai Fanluo, who has Qi Dehui, is also good at subtle transport of mystical power, his greatest advantage lies in the fact that mystical power attacks different masters to practice spirituality. Fan Luo has long been able to materialize spirituality. If the psychic power is too much worse than Fan Luo, it is impossible to feel the attack from him.
I don’t know how many times higher than Xu Dingfeng’s sword attack on Xianfan Luo.
Qi Dehui put away his posture. Once Bai Fanluo decides to make moves, there is no room for him to blend, otherwise this Xu Dingfeng will be too miserable.
Xu Dingfeng is still hesitant about how to lie to prevent people from relying on him. Suddenly, he feels pain in several parts of his body, and even the gv 10 is in pain, and every time it is sharp, the viscera is in turmoil, and the Xuanli circulation of the five houses is disordered, even if the other party intends to make a fool of him in public.
He gritted his teeth, but in the face of this invisible attack, it is difficult to fight back even the defense, even if the root can’t work. The thought of losing power and influence in front of everyone, Xu Dingfeng’s anger and blood gushed out.
There was a sigh around, and no one questioned Xu Dingfeng’s ability. After all, Xu Dingfeng had shown before them more than once that his aristocratic brothers were really strong. They naively made good efforts to make peace with Xu Dingfeng, which really took them out of the sky. Even though they had been blinded by Xu Dingfeng’s joint accomplices drawing cakes, they were bent on leaving the clan in the future and following Xu Dingfeng to set up a school. However, they did not expect that Xu Dingfeng would be so thoroughly defeated before the powerful aristocratic family Juexue.
They really want to leave quietly and be angered by Fan Luo and Qi Dehui; But if you leave here, you will even be retaliated by Xu Dingfeng, and Zongmen will not be their worthless brothers.
At the thought of this, they don’t regret following Xu Dingfeng. Many people have benefited a lot. When they go out for experience, they are afraid to steal chickens and costly rice.
Fan Luo looked at the crowd with a funny face. It turned out that Xu Xiong was seriously injured and barely supported the disrespect. He slowly walked to Xu Dingfeng. Every step he took had a spiritual force from his feet, and a spiritual force fluctuated and invaded everyone’s gv 10 to shake everyone’s consciousness, but it did not have a significant impact.
Every time he takes a step, Xu Dingfeng feels a pressure, and he can’t help but feel cold sweat behind him. Xu Dingfeng can’t taste it. His roots have no old injuries. All the injuries are caused by Fan Luo just now, and these injuries come unnoticed. Every time, he has a proper grasp. One more injury and one less point in the five meridians. He is afraid that he can barely control it by virtue of Xuanli’s operation.
Being able to do this has long been an unusual way to deal with people. Fan Luoxian just despises him and this person despises the enemy’s information.
Understand this, Xu Dingfeng feels that his position is very dangerous.
品茶I also thought that Xu Xiong seemed to deliberately leave his hand, even more than I thought, and I wanted to hide the injury in front of everyone. Qi Dehui took Fan Luo’s eyes and cooperated with teasing Xu Dingfeng. It is Xu Xiong who is so powerful that someone can seriously hurt you. Is it the power of seclusion?
The so-called seclusion refers to the practice of seclusion for thousands of years or even tens of thousands of years without showing up, even if you don’t know that there is such a person, you can imagine how rare this kind of power is.
How could Xu Dingfeng meet with great ability? He always picked up soft persimmons and picked out those who looked well dressed. This time, someone offered him an idea to contain the students of the four colleges and said that he could lead people to come over. He agreed to cooperate, but he didn’t expect to attract them, but it was such two evil stars.
Fan Luo and Ji Dehui knew the situation but deliberately said such a thing. Xu Dingfeng could not figure out whether the other party was giving him a face or making him more embarrassed, so he dared not speak.
He didn’t ask questions around him, and everyone began to recall how many times Xu Dingfeng had made moves. How many ability classes questioned Xu Dingfeng’s serious injuries in front of people? Even if Xu Dingfeng arranges his own staff, he can’t force himself to make a splash for Xu Dingfeng for fear of attracting public anger.
So many people care about Xu Xiong, so I don’t think Xu Xiong should go hard. Fan Luo smiled and looked at Xu Dingfeng’s occasional attack in this period. If Xu Xiong can enter me like this, I must be even more powerful. His eyes swept away from whispering. Now Xu Xiong’s tiger fell to Pingyang and let me pick up a bargain, which is to watch others’ safety. Xu Xiong should also carefully consider not to think about a stern refusal.

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