The conversation was a little dignified, and everyone’s face was not very good.

Do you sometimes feel that knowing is bliss, but knowing too much makes the world dirty? Su Yu took a deep breath with a wry smile on his lips. Lin Mucheng let me meet Heibei. I have something to ask him.
Good Lin Mucheng nodded and took Su Yu coagulation goes to the interrogation room.
Lin Mucheng accompanied him into the interrogation room. I thought that once I came in, I was still sitting in the suspect’s seat. Now I changed my direction and sat in the interrogator’s seat. I looked at the bruises and black shells on my face.
Su Yuning, if you dare to appear in front of me, aren’t you afraid that I will kill you? Black shell like a light fangs trapped beast dumb tear voice toward Su Yu coagulation.
Trees into a face sink a pull anklet black shell a stumble upon the iron interrogation table mess was Lin Mucheng hold the head against the table black shell to the old convergence point! This is the police station!
Su Yu coagulation eyebrow eye smiled at black shell chapped lips laughed thank you, captain Lin. Black shell is now a tiger with claws pulled out, and it doesn’t make any difference how it growls with cats. It’s not difficult for you to eat and drink! Anyway, it’s still a serious case. If the suspect dies, it’s not good to talk to outsiders here.
Hum Su Yu coagulation you enough! Mad dog, let me go soon! Heibei shrugged his shoulders and broke Lin Mucheng’s muzzle.
Su Yu coagulation raised my hand and poured a glass of water to the black shell and motioned for him to drink. Black shell, have you always wanted to be hidden so deeply by Meng Guhe Mo family these days? How can you be found by the police?
Heibei is preparing to grab the cup hand and look at it with a smile like a flower. It turned out that you Su Yu condensed me here, even if you were cheating!
It seems that you are not stupid and react quickly. Su Yu was propped up with a rest and looked at the black shell with full anger. Black shell! Heibei! You tell me that you have kept so many secrets for so many years and made so many accomplices, but in the end, no one is willing to stand up for you and help you. You are really competent as a scavenger!
Hum! Su Yu Ning, you vicious and despicable woman! Don’t, I don’t know your trick. You must have blocked my news here, otherwise Montessori and Mohs will definitely try to get me out of the police station in three days! Heibei Kuang handcuffed the table and stared at Su Yu as if he wanted to eat people.
Chapter four hundred and fortyone If I were mean and vicious
Don’t overestimate me! I don’t have that. What if I’m mean and vicious? How to calculate Qiu Lingjun? You Meng family and Mo family cover you so tightly that no one knows your hiding place? Don’t forget that there are many people who want to find you and kill you! Qiu Lingjun is one! From the moment you fell into the hands of Li Qianxun, Qiu Lingjun was a time bomb in your eyes!
Su Yu’s voice was as if a shot in the arm had pierced the heart of Heibei. Heibei, you killed Li Qianxun’s biological mother, but you didn’t die. When Meng’s family saved you, you were restricted from being free and alive. You also know that turning around to kill me with a comeback is a bloody and tragic revenge, but it happened that I was injured but a trivial bodyguard. Do you know what Qiu Lingjun’s eyes represent? ! Bitter plan! Offbalance!
It’s all like a conspiracy in her eyes. Are you sure you promised to compromise with Li Qianxun or betrayed her? As long as you are alive, she thinks that Li Qianxun got some key evidence from you that killed her. She really thinks that you are the important witness who always jumps out to bite her. She wants Meng’s family to kill you, but she didn’t expect him to settle the case carefully. How can he easily get rid of Qiu Lingjun’s trouble so that they can break up this temporary alliance?
Meng family is to get you up and you restart it. That’s the key time. It can threaten Qiu Ling Jun’s family. Mo family is birds of a feather with Meng family. Ramo’s family must have done something wrong. Soon you became Meng Family and Mo family’s common assets to muzzle Qiu Ling Jun, a trump card. Li Qianxun disappeared for you, regardless of you. Did you really escape? But he’s afraid of killing you and getting dirty. There are many people who want to kill you.
You don’t want to think that Qiu Lingjun can go to this point today. She doesn’t trust anyone but herself! An enemy is a friend. She knows this well. There is no eternal friend for her. She tries every means to prevent problems before they happen. She wants to find you. Before you die, she wants to ask what you said to Li Qianxun. She is ready to fight back. Finally, she finally threw me an olive branch. She told me that you killed my father in the car accident three years ago. It was you who escaped!
It’s a little new to come to you and hate me, and this time I’ve added the old vendetta against my father. I’m sure I won’t let you go when I hear this Qiu Lingjun knows. She told me that you’ve wronged him and he wants his daughter to be his wife, and I want revenge. It’s a good deal for both sides. Qiu Lingjun played this abacus very well, and I’m willing to be wronged by her and Li.
Su Yu looked at his face, and raised his hand and knocked on the desktop to call back the black shell from meditation. This time I let you die. I mean, in the eyes of outsiders, that means Li Qianxun. Unmarried couples are really a good identity. I dare to talk to Li Qianxun in the city. I can’t count a few. Why don’t you help me count?
Su Yu setting you less satisfied! Li qianxun? I control people. Afraid of him? I’m telling you! Su Yuning, listen carefully. In May 1992, the procurator of the current procuratorate was accused by a female staff member of disorderly conduct. In view of the seriousness of the situation, it was directly handed over to the procuratorate for a thorough investigation. I sent a lawyer to send a threatening letter. The threatening letter was a distress letter from a female staff member because we kidnapped her son. Finally, the female staff member was able to listen to our instructions and ask the police department for a bowl of white rice porridge and then break the bowl of fragments to cut her pulse and commit suicide.
In 2001, the director’s little brother was almost arrested by the antidrug police for smoking marijuana. It was my sending personnel to exchange blood bags in the past to let him escape the drug test. The vice president of the procuratorate in grade 211 drunk driving injured a person. When I sent someone to give him gastric lavage, I perfectly avoided the police investigation. Su Yu Ning, what do you think these people add up to but a Li Qianxun! Joke! Can’t you do anything to me? I can’t die! If I want to, anyone will protect me! I have a secret account book with 111 records of their handle! If you don’t do as I say, they will all die!
Heibei suddenly bowed up and was crushed by the trees!
It’s done! Su Yu’s lip angle evoked a little smile. She tried her best to wait so long. This is the sentence of Heibei. The socalled secret account book in his mouth is probably that Li Qianxun cracked the file that night in the hotel. Su Yu took a look at it. In addition to the facts that Heibei just said, there are countless dirty transactions.
Heibei, no one will really help you this time! Su Yu coagulation got up and left the depressing interrogation room. With Lin Mucheng’s interrogation room door, Su Yu coagulation seemed to take off the force and slightly gasped against the wall.
Su Yuning, what happened to you? Mucheng Lin raised his hand to hold Su Yu coagulation and staggered and was blocked by Su Yu coagulation. I’m fine, but I’m a little dizzy.
You just said is true? What autumn ling jun what Meng home mo home Lin Mucheng curious with Su Yu setting behind him.
Fake Su Yuning pushed aside the listening room door with a wave of his hand. Do you believe in making up stories temporarily?
No, you just didn’t look like a lie! Two monks are puzzled by the trees, and carefully reminisce about Su Yuning’s just fierce words without any adulteration of water! If it’s a lie, it’s too slippery! It seems that he can wander around with Su Yuning’s context.
A true sutra Hu said is a knowledge, so you have to study hard. Su Yuning smiled. I want to irritate Heibei for a short time and make him say that he has secret books, so that he can improvise. If you think back on it yourself, you will find that what I said is full of loopholes, but when I confronted Heibei, I gave him some onesided wrong messages, which led to his intracranial pressure, reduced his judgment, and broke his psychological defense line when he was on guard. This is some business negotiation skills, and it should have the same effect when it was transported to trial.
But what do you ask those? It’s hard to find evidence of abetting a crime. It’s just a matter of minutes if he wants to turn it over! Xu Yuan knife stand stand hand said puzzled.
Chapter four hundred and fortytwo Pandora’s Box
Don’t have his last sentence is enough Su Yu coagulation hook lip Angle pulled out a shallow smile.
What do you mean? Lin Mucheng pulled open the chair and sat down.
After the completion of the ancient Egyptian pyramid, those who built the pyramid maze should be buried together. The black shell is the one who should be buried, but he was secretive and lived like a dead man before he gave way. Now he speaks, it’s different. This recording will become a black shell death warrant once those who rely on others are pressured by you.
Su Yu raised his eyebrows and looked at Xu Yuandao’s playback interrogation record, pointing to the last video and saying, Take this recording and put it in your mobile phone. Send me a copy. My email address is 334% …………………………
Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock,
Me? A birthday present? But the birthday hasn’t arrived yet! Su Yu was joking in her mouth, but she didn’t look relaxed. She frowned and turned her mind. She just arrived at the police station not long ago. How could anyone know that she was here and sent something? Someone was following her! But she took a taxi and no one followed her all the way!
Open the envelope and a black USB flash drive fell out of the envelope. Besides, there is nothing in the envelope. Su Yu Ning frowned. I always feel that this USB flash drive is a little familiar, but I can’t remember where I have seen it. I played with the USB flash drive in my hand for a long time. I looked at Xu Yuan’s knife and stared at her with a yearning face. Su Yu Ning sighed and handed it to Xu Yuan’s knife in my palm. Look at what’s inside! Remember to do a virus scan.
Well, there is no virus outside the chain after the inspection. I want to open it. Xu Yuan Dao took the USB flash drive and inserted it into the tip of the brain for rapid brain exercise. Soon she heard Dong Xu Yuan’s cutter head crash into the keyboard and have the strength to get up. Assi! The USB flash drive needs a password! Such a pervert is still a highlevel threedigit encrypted fourdigit password! Ten thousand random combinations. If I have to decipher them, I won’t sleep for three days and nights. This is going to waste my rhythm!
What suddenly occurred to Xu Yuandao after crying wolf? As soon as he sat up straight, he stared at Su Yuning. You must know what the password of the U disk is when Mrs. Li sent you something, right?
Ha ha, said Su Yu, who wryly avoided Xu Yuan’s knife eyes and wanted to try, Why don’t you try today’s date? I thought he sent it today! Four digits are just right!
Xu yuandao’s general epiphany is that he leaned forward and knocked today. The result shows that the password is wrong.
Is it wrong? Su Yuning pinched Ba thoughtfully and looked at the interface. Is the fourdigit number the date of birth of Bill Gates? He should be a great god that many people have been pursuing all their lives, or try Jobs. If you don’t talk, try it just when it was delivered by courier or on a major day in the last year, such as the US election or …
Stop! Xu yuandao looks unbearable. Raise your hand and shout stop! Su Yuning, please have a little normal brain circuit. Do you like this U disk encryption method to open the interface should be set by a man? Because if it is a female hacker, believe me, the password will be more abnormal, and the interface will not be original gray and white, and it will become more personal. Since it is a man who gave you the password and it is four digits, it is most likely your birthday!
Xu yuandao looks like a pair of Sherlock Holmes and points to the screen to say things clearly.
223 Su Yuning’s brief remarks directly exposed his birthday.
OK! Xu Yuan Dao rapidly knocked on the keyboard and sure enough the file opened.
Su Yu gently coughed and his face was blushing inadvertently. Fortunately, everyone was staring at the brain and didn’t see her strange.
When the USB flash drive is opened, the neatly arranged folders are marked. Xu Yuan’s knife randomly opens each folder, which is like opening Pandora’s box. The crimes, greed and desires are covered and displayed in front of everyone.
Car accidents, kidnappings, extortion, poisoning, intimidation, stalking … The pile pieces passed by at the right time and place, but the trustee’s account number just didn’t have the trustee’s name. Every client is his transfer and remittance account number, and Su Yuning can see at a glance that these accounts are all registered foreign account number tracking inquiry owners.
This file is the original, yes, but it has been deciphered. It can be seen from the end of the file that this USB flash drive has been encrypted many times before. Xu Yuandao quickly analyzed the original film and pulled it out for identification and comparison.
What will have so much … quick! Go and find out who sent it! We must find that man! I have something important to ask him! Lin Mucheng looked close to his brain and concealed his anger.
You can’t find it in vain. Su Yuning sighed. This is the Pandora’s Box of Black Shell’s Secret Books.
品茶论坛Section 14
Su Yuning, who is familiar with the USB flash drive, can’t think of anyone who owns it! Li qianxun! Sure enough, she can’t hide anything from Li Qianxun, but she didn’t intend to hide it from 6.
It’s all overseas traceable account information. It’s the same as not having arrived in our hands. Xu Yuan Dao fidgeted with the keyboard and looked at Lin Mucheng with a face of encouragement. Lin Team asked for advice.
Hum advice? If you ask me, arrest these people and ask them one by one. I don’t believe it. Are they all copper teeth and iron teeth? !” Lin Mucheng punched the table and made the teacup tremble three times.
Xu yuandao took a puff at the corner of his mouth and looked at Lin mucheng’s iron fist. os, hey, hey, look at the headache!
Su Yuning bent down and pulled out the USB flash drive and stuffed it into his pocket. He looked dumbfounded and reached out to organize the stiff halfXu Yuan Dao. What are you doing? This USB flash drive is to give me my personal belongings. You have no profit to confiscate it. I am to get my own things back. Do you have any opinions?

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