It is said that Shang Tang Lian, who owed usury, immediately got a clear look, and Fu Huamei was also very clear. She was not the same as Shang Tang Lian. Shang Tang Lian was clear because Shang Jiayuan said the answer was the same as Shang Tanglian’s guess, while Fu Huamei was clear. Sure enough, it was still the old saying that things were courted or stolen.

Fu Huamei doesn’t want to denigrate Shang Jiayuan and Zhang Yemei so much, but the couple are so wonderful that she can’t even denigrate them.
Shang Tang Lotus naturally didn’t know what Fu Huamei was thinking. When the merchant Cen heard that he owed usury, he was stunned. He couldn’t help but think that his couple owed gambling debts. Since ancient times, owing usury is similar to owing gambling debts. There is no good market and the interest is very high. If you don’t come out, just wait to sell your children.
The merchant opened his mouth and said, How much do you owe?
I wish I had taken 500,000 yuan when the factory’s capital chain was broken. Who knows this is a trap? Later, the factory changed hands directly and I didn’t get the money back. My brother is 500,000 yuan, so you can help me pay it back, said Shangjiayuan.
The merchant Cen came to listen to Shangjiayuan and said that his parents had left him some money, but when he looked at Shangjiayuan, he was not happy, but he was pale and a little nervous. He just wanted to promise to come to Fu Huamei. When he saw something wrong, he immediately interjected, Shangjiayuan, are you wrong? Is there 500,000 yuan? Who doesn’t know that it’s nice to borrow usury to help you? Who believes it? Fu Huamei was afraid that the merchant Cen would be silly and promise to come. Although it is not his daughter’s money now, the couple’
Besides, this business home is obviously a calculation. Fu Huamei doesn’t want to pay even if it’s really 500,000 yuan. It’s his own business for the couple to have money, and it’s not their own business. How did the couple clearly want to write themselves off as the business home said? It’s beautiful to take advantage, but now they have to tie the knot and write them off. Do you really think they are stupid?
桑拿论坛The merchant Cen just woke up. Now the merchant Cen is not the former one who knew how to eat, drink and be silly. He didn’t hear the abacus of the merchant home before. It was because he was blinded by his family. Now his body really doesn’t know what happened. The merchant Cen relented for a while, but he didn’t think that he was almost drilled by the merchant home.
However, the merchant Cen believes that it is true to borrow usury. I am afraid that this amount is not small. Even if the merchant Cen himself still comes, he doesn’t want to let the merchant Cen really let it go. No matter what the merchant Cen can’t do, it was just a gambling debt that lost 500,000. At the beginning, it was a usury, but now it is unknown how long it will take for the merchant to borrow 500,000. Who doesn’t know that the current usury interest is calculated according to compound interest and the interest rate is still very high, so the money will definitely be small.
The merchant cen didn’t think about it before, but now he thinks about it, and he knows that the merchant’s home is also calculating himself, so that the merchant cen will have a good face.
The merchant Cen’s face is very ugly, so it’s really impossible for the merchant Cen to leave his business home and then let his brother know whether to be hacked to death by usury or sold to do that kind of thing.
At this moment, the merchant Cen’s heart is cold and hates the merchant’s home again. He even took advantage of his physical discomfort to soften his heart, and then almost promised him to ask the merchant Cen to ask How much money is owed now? The sound is cold and bears the warmer sound just now.
Although Fu Huamei exposed it, Shangjiayuan was worried that the merchant Cen was really cruel. No matter what he did, he could have a look at the merchant Cen’s face, but he would still ask him what happened to Shangjiayuan and settle down.
Shangjiayuan exulting in my heart is also a sigh of relief. If the merchant Cen doesn’t care about him, there is really no way. Of course, he is afraid to provoke the merchant Cen again. Naturally, he is afraid to show too much for fear that the merchant Cen will be angry, regardless of himself. He immediately said, No, not much, but more than three million.
How much did you borrow? How did you double more than three million? The merchant Cen didn’t even think about it again. If Fu Huamei hadn’t woken up just now, the merchant Cen would have almost paid more than three million, which is estimated to be nearly four million. Otherwise, how dare the merchant home tell the truth?
Even the couple’s casino workers don’t add up to that much money. Since the couple can work, Shang Tang Lian no longer gives them money. They don’t need casinos to earn a lot of money. Usually, they rarely spend any money except going out to socialize at home. Anyway, there are daughters inside and outside. But that’s how you want to take out more than three million yuan to the merchant Cen.
Chapter 25 Mourning soldier policy
This is one reason, and another reason is that the merchant Cen doesn’t want to take it out. Although she can’t let the two of them go, she can’t be happy without saying that Fu Huamei is the merchant Cen.
I don’t say that the two brothers have enmity when they come, but there is no enmity. I heard that when my brother calculates this way, he will not be happy, and he will not really be as stupid as the other party’s intention. Besides, after the change of the business, the couple’s personality has not only changed, but also their thoughts have changed, especially now that their daughters have nothing to support themselves, especially now that they have earned their own money, and their confidence is enough, that is, they are not talking the same. It can be said that the couple naturally want to spend their own money instead of their daughters to earn money.
The former couple wanted this, but now it’s not too late for the couple to think so. Just the couple’s salary and dividends don’t have that much money at all. Even the 500,000 merchant Cen can count with his wife’s money before he can find Shang Tang Lotus to take money. Anyway, Cen now consciously has no face to find his daughter to take money.
At present, the merchant Cen is also contradictory. Some people don’t know how to say that the merchant Cen will not accept it. Even if the business home is going to die today, the merchant Cen will not accept it. Don’t you think it doesn’t matter if the business home is like that?
While Shangjiayuan looked at the merchant Cen for a long time and didn’t talk, his heart immediately thumped, and he said directly, Jiacen, can’t you see that your brother is going to die and pay this sum of money? Even if you don’t look at our face, at least look at your nephew Xiaoqi’s face. Because it really hurts, Shangjiayuan speaks intermittently.
For a moment, the merchant Cen was so softhearted that she promised to think that her daughter should have the money, but she was sensible but didn’t lose it. Fu Huamei looked at it, but it depends on what her husband planned to do. Fu Huamei decided that if the merchant Cen really promised, he wouldn’t agree. Hum, it’s really looking at who is stupid. So obviously calculating that her husband doesn’t care doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care about her. She doesn’t believe it. Just what does the merchant Cen earn by himself?
That is to say, the debt is one tenth, no, it’s less than one tenth, so I’m still thinking about paying my debts. Don’t think too much. Fu Huamei’s only worry is that her daughter will pay in case.
You know, the only money in this family is your daughter. If her daughter wants to pay the money, there is nothing to say for herself.
Thought of here, Fu Huamei couldn’t help but look at Shang Tang Lotus. As a result, she saw that her daughter was watching coldly or watching a good show. Fu Huamei breathed a sigh of relief and had a bottom in her heart.
There is really no way for a good businessman, Cen, to directly agree to come. Why hasn’t the ambulance come yet? I’ll go out and see how it’s been playing for several minutes.
Where does the business home dare to blur the business cen? I’m also afraid that as soon as the business cen leaves, it’s completely hopeless, and it’s too painful for Zhang Yemei to come, but I haven’t forgotten to listen to my own conversation with the business cen. As a result, I can’t wait to swear.
She also opened her mouth to scold, and it hurts to death. As a result, there is no result that can not only scold but also scold a lot. Businessman Cen, you are cruel and heartless. You can’t let people break their hands and feet when you see your brother borrow usury. You would rather not help the family with money than help. You have forgotten who brought you up with one hand and who didn’t care about you when your father split up the family property. No matter what you want to do, they all agree and agree, whether it’s partying or doing something. Did your brother say anything about the July 7th incident? He silently helped in the business at home, so after your father died, there was no more property at home than you, so your brother wouldn’t care about you. What else do you want?
Maybe it’s because Zhang Yemei is angry and scolds him, but he doesn’t feel so painful.
Businessman CenWenWen also angry, without considering that these two people are still patients, coldly said, I really remember who brought me up at the beginning. My parents didn’t have anything to do with you. At the beginning, we were a family. Besides, if you didn’t care about our inheritance, would you say that the two brothers would never talk to each other? At the beginning, I didn’t want to argue any more. I didn’t make sense to you. I’d like to talk about now. I won’t say anything, just say now why do you think I should lend you money? Don’t say that we don’t have it, that is, we have it and don’t want to borrow it. What’s worse, are you trying to borrow it? I’m afraid I have it.
Fu Huamei smell speech secretly sneer at hum, you can see it. You are really a fool. Looking at the merchant cen’s entanglement, you are angry, and people are calculating to come home. Still caring about a little affection really makes her don’t know what to say. To tell the truth, even if they are not related by blood or blood with Shangjiayuan, Fu Huamei can’t help but be chilling to see such a family.
When Shangjiayuan saw Zhang Yemei again, she knew that it was going to happen because she wanted Zhang Yemei not to talk, but who knew that her wife didn’t know how to talk, and she shot her words like a machine gun.
Shangjiayuan also heard the merchant Cen answer with a genial smile that she immediately shed tears and wailed, Jiacen, are you really ignoring your brother? Your sisterinlaw can’t talk. You don’t mind her, that is, she is anxious to see that the loan shark is coming to ask for money. If she doesn’t come out, I will be finished with your sisterinlaw. No matter what we had at the beginning, you are really from ruin? Mom, what happened to the couple? How did it suddenly hurt him so much? It really hurts him to death. If you say something,
Chapter 26 Merchants Cen Wen Ji
This trick of Shangjiayuan is really a pipe. The merchant cen really hesitates when Shangjiayuan sees that this trick is effective. Then continue immediately. Togo doesn’t say that I really want to borrow money from you to tide over the difficulties. After I earn money, I will slowly pay it back to your brother. Your brother knows that you think I have calculated you, but usury has pushed us to the head. If we don’t move, our brother and your sisterinlaw will be finished. We are also forced to come up with such tricks. We are also thinking that since your family is welloff, it is not a calculation.
Shangjiayuan endured the pain and continued to finish this passage. After finishing this passage, I finally couldn’t help but add, I said, I am dying of pain when you hurry.
Fu Huamei sneered at Shangjiayuan’s policy of mourning for soldiers, looked coldly at Shangjiayuan and calculated her husband. She didn’t intend to wake up the merchant at all. If the merchant couldn’t understand it, Fu Huamei didn’t intend to leave a face for the merchant.
Fu Huamei thought, Hum is coming again and again. Every time, I will do this trick, especially when I look at the back of Shangjiayuan, saying it’s a last resort, but I’m not calculating it. Fu Huamei even sneered in her heart. Do you want to say it? That’s how she looks down on Shangjiayuan most. She pretends to be serious all day, and her heart is worse than anyone else. It’s an old saying that she wants to be a bitch and a chastity archway.
That’s what he said. Fu Huamei thinks it’s light.
The policy of mourning for soldiers in Shangjiayuan is indeed effective, which makes Shangjiayuan relent again and again, but no matter how softhearted, he can’t erase his brother and calculate himself. He also knows that Shangjiayuan is a policy of mourning for soldiers, and he can see it, but he just can’t bear to see that it is related to blood, but he won’t let Shangjiayuan promise it.
It’s hard for a business owner to go to a business home. When you look at this business owner, there is only one last step left. Immediately, you have to add a fire and stand up directly to kneel for the business owner, regardless of your own pain.
The merchant Cen was completely shocked and slammed the merchant home back, and there was also a sofa cushion behind it. Otherwise, the merchant home estimated that it had not been killed and should have been killed.
To be honest, the merchant Cen really didn’t mean to do it. After all, he didn’t expect to be frightened and consciously move to stop the merchant’s home. How hard will it be to hold the merchant’s home and the merchant’s home from the surface? Who knows how hard it will be to kneel down? Don’t forget that the merchant Cen is also a practitioner now, and his strength is also greatly increased. You can imagine how hard it is to look back at the merchant’s home and it hurts to death or to fight back. Where is the strength that makes the merchant Cen want to die? Forget it, Nima, this is really traumatic.
And Zhang Yemei couldn’t help screaming, I said, what are you doing? I said, what are we eating together today? My feelings are that you are poisoning us, and now you have to kill us directly, right? Ouch, it hurts me to be in charge. Are you okay?
Shang Tang Lian felt that Zhang Yemei might be less injured than Zhang Yemei. Then look at Zhang Yemei and see whether he is wearing or having rough skin. Obviously, he didn’t suffer anything at ordinary times. This business home is a painful wife.
Shang Tang Lotus couldn’t help but pick her eyebrows and look at it for a while. It’s getting late at this time. If you go to yourself again and don’t do anything today, your time is precious. Where is the kung fu wave?
Especially watching the couple’s play, Shang Tang Lian has never seen it at first, so now she has seen it, and she feels stale, but it’s just two people who have the cheek to take advantage of their relatives. I didn’t know there were such people before, but I have learned a lot today.
Shang Tang Lotus is thinking about the building, and the merchant Cen doesn’t want to entangle with the couple any more. First, stop Zhang Yemei by drinking. You can’t talk nonsense about that thing. It’s to prepare us all to eat. Will we poison ourselves? Since you came back to eat, no one has moved and no one knows that you will come. What’s more, I just helped you. If you talk again, we’ll go to the hospital for a while. If not, I’ll sue you for slander. Don’t dare. The merchant Cen Yin measured that Zhang Yemei was a little
I’ve been joking about the Imperial Yue Casino for so long, not to mention less secret things. He has also learned a lot, and some of them are still his handling of this piece of Ye Mei. If he is really so ignorant, the merchant Cen will not be polite.
If it’s a business home, Cen will consider another alternative. This Zhang Yemei business Cen is not so polite. There is no blood relationship. It’s already very polite that Cen didn’t directly pull her out. As a result, this person still has to struggle to see the situation clearly, and Cen won’t leave a face for the other party, otherwise the other party will be afraid of the other party himself.
Businessman Cen’s sharp eyes made Zhang Yemei a little afraid and suddenly stopped. Businessman Cen saw Zhang Yemei being honest, and then he looked at Shang Tang Lian and asked, Shang Lian, is there any way you can’t make this money, but dad can’t do it, no matter how much your daughter always thinks?
Fu Huamei thought it was a good thing that she was not stupid enough to give the couple money, otherwise she would absolutely despise him. When he saw the merchant Cen, he also knew how to ask his daughter for advice. Fu Huamei couldn’t help looking forward to looking at her daughter, and she was also relieved.
Fu Huamei’s realization is similar to that of the merchant Cen. Although Fu Huamei’s deep heart hopes that the whole thing will be finished in their home, no matter what they want, they know that it is impossible. Anyway, it is all the merchant Cen’s eldest brother. No matter what happened at the beginning, the merchant Cen will definitely not agree, but if the money is really calculated according to the other party, Fu Huamei will not agree. She is also unwilling. Isn’t this obvious being silly?
Chapter 27 Sell the house.
Shang Tang Lian Shi had an idea when she heard it. No one asked her, and she didn’t bother to say that since the merchant Cen asked Shang Tang Lian, she didn’t refuse. She said directly, I have a way. Well, who do you borrow from usury? Do you know which gang it belongs to? How many years have you borrowed it?
Not everyone has the courage to lend people usury, and not everyone can do this business. In addition, it does not rule out that one possibility is stupidity, but Shang Tanglian doesn’t think so, otherwise the business community will not find it without thinking of changing places. It is only an organized lender’s home that will be so afraid.

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