"Do you promise to love me?"

Section 12
He said, "How old are you? Have you thought about love and not love?"
Song Qingcheng asked, "Do you want to consider it when you go home to bed now?" Then she paused and added, "I’m a woman no matter how young I am, or have you already fucked a woman?"
Yu Tingchuan shook her waist. "Does the girl talk so directly?"
"Don’t you like it?" Song Qingcheng refutes him with words. "You always force me on the sofa in the living room that night if I am good enough. Would you like it?"
"…" YuTingChuan is light with a smile.
In the past a long time, Song Qingcheng asked again, "Do you love me after you haven’t answered me?"
品茶Song Qingcheng bent his lip angle and looked at the row of English words on the roof of Shengmao, saying casually that "it must be a lie to promise to be so frank"
"Don’t believe it? Are you so happy to love you now or in the future? "
"I didn’t force you to say that."
Yu Tingchuan smiled and said, "I am willing to myself."
"…" Song Qingcheng’s emotions were infected and she couldn’t help asking, "Are you happy with me?"
Yu Tingchuan has no words to answer this question.
But his arm around her.
Song Qingcheng firmly embraced the man’s body. At this moment, she was invisible. Jiang Xue said that interesting people sometimes show their true temperament in front of their familiar people, and now she seems to be willing to change back to that twenty-year-old girl before Yutingchuan.
The night wind brushed her face and suddenly she didn’t feel the slightest chill.
It didn’t take long for Yu Tingchuan’s cell phone to ring.
After letting go of the whole song dynasty, he took out his mobile phone and answered the words.
Next to the whole song dynasty, it should be his friend. His words are vaguely to the words of Sheng Mao and Qi Ball Games.
After a while, Yu Tingchuan took the whole floor of Song Dynasty.
Before leaving the Song Dynasty, the whole city looked at the light belt that was still on. "I suddenly felt that it was a wave and I couldn’t take it away at a glance."
I heard that she was reluctant to go. Yu Tingchuan said, "Come back if you want to see the sky."
Song Qingcheng turned to him. "Have you been there?"
Yu Tingchuan Gherardini.
"…" The whole Song Dynasty quickly reacted. Shengmao is a famous shopping mall in Hengyuan. He is the president of Hengyuan, and he can decorate it any way he likes. So he thinks about realizing that his silly cheek temperature is more Takaso, and then he says, "Let’s go with the cold face."
I was about to turn my shoulder but I was held in place.
Yu Tingchuan looked at her from a commanding height with gentle eyes. "Are you satisfied with this arrangement tonight?"
Song city was shy to hear his question, and caught a glimpse of a man’s hand caressing his shoulder, and at that time he blushed as if he were about to drop blood.
She looked up and kissed a man’s lips to taste the kind.
The face is still very hot
"I’ll wait for you at the ladder."
Say that finish even walk and run to the iron gate.
Yu Tingchuan couldn’t help laughing when she ran away, then turned her head and looked at the light belt not far away to pose an English sentence.

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