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This speeds up a little fisherman who seems to know that he has given up chasing and turned back.

IMP was so happy that his mouse was damaged by a broken fisherman’s fire that he couldn’t kill him. He went to suck some blood and went back to the team battle. There was a harvester meeting then!
However, his excitement didn’t last for a second. When he backed away desperately and the little fish turned back, he suddenly threw a blue light from the little fish.
Ghost fire!
This is a magic damage skill that can cause 15% of the maximum health. Rats should fall to the ground everywhere.
"This …"
IMP language, he has done his best in the first flash. Madelife language, he has accelerated as fast as he can.
But the mouse still died.
They rummaged through a lot of China materials in the records, saying that if the land exhibition was lit, it would be a decision of murder. They were not Dade who didn’t take this article seriously, but now the land exhibition taught them a good lesson.
Everyone has seen the ghost fire in Lu Zhan, but the ghost fire output cycle is generally in the first place. IMP, they also gave up the hunt, but they didn’t expect Lu Zhan to finally have a ghost fire.
The effect of the same skill is different whether it is the first hand or the second hand. The suspicion of the first hand will increase the damage of the little fish, but the second hand will have an active effect
But that’s what Lu Zhan did. Unexpectedly, he left the ghost fire at the end, and his blood volume calculation was so accurate that it was just enough to kill the mouse with lighting.
Speaking of it, it may be because Lu Zhan knows that he has enough damage to kill mice that he will leave the ghost fire. Finally, because he has a Q skill, he can discard the damage bonus of the ghost fire after magic damage.
This ghost fire is simply a mouse’s death warrant. Fugen can’t escape!
In this way, the first head of the team battle was produced.
Is the bait of the mouse South Korea team protected by all kinds of protection? Who wants to chase the fisherman so decisively or take the head so decisively through accurate calculation ability?
Madlife is angry. It is a tragic thing for the assistant that ad dies in front of himself, but he has no skills to hit the fisherman to help him, and he can’t avenge ad except that there is no explosion bomb above his head.
Moreover, this little fisherman is very cunning. He didn’t go where the emperor fought with the lion and the dog, but took a diagonal line and walked in the other direction along the corridor outside the highland wall, trying to make a detour.
He can turn the torch and subtract D to produce a second bomb, which is thrown at the emperor’s body and returned by the little mermaid.
I didn’t lose Riven because Riven was already dying of residual blood.
Xiao Shengqiang, Riven likes to be just positive, but mainly relies on the explosion of mice before the instant outbreak. Most of his skills have passed, and there are not many means to attack lions, dogs and cards.
Moreover, the lion and dog also suppressed their anger and saved a five-grid brutal rope as quickly as possible to hold Riven.
It was Jess who shot back and took away Riven’s head. This was the second person who died in the team battle, one in China and one in South Korea.
When Riven died, Lu Zhan said that he felt that his side formation was too long and he should first sort out the battle.
However, as soon as his voice fell, the emperor was stopped.
It’s a card, a yellow card, a big holy grail and a strong ability to reduce D. His yellow card also takes more than 4 seconds, and D draws a yellow card and loses it to the emperor.
This hit makes Tianlan Emperor equally dangerous.
Although the emperor was dressed in meat, he was fired by rats before, and now he is headed by two people together with a bomb. The blood volume is not enough.
Card, a universal card, hanging over it, the emperor has five points and one blood.
Sky blue fingers press the E key to prepare for dizziness. EQ escaped for the first time in the past, but before he escaped, there was another person beside him.
It’s Jess. He’s running back.
The South Korean team is still alive, and four people have launched an offensive around the emperor. Where is China’s ad and assistance?
The director cut a picture and saw that the policewoman is currently in a state of less than half blood.
The audience exclaimed how the policewoman had been in the back row and was half bloody.
The pilot was very humanized and gave a small shot. It turned out that the former Jess shot the policewoman the other day.
The policewoman without defense equipment lost most of her blood in the face of this gun as if she were naked.
The equipment gap is too big, and this shot cut off the opportunity for policewomen to support!
桑拿论坛What about the hammer stone
Hammer stone also wants to, but a single aid can’t save the emperor.
Tianlan tried his best to press EQ, but when he returned the road, he was attacked by the other party.
This is the second death of the China team. The emperor is the most fleshy in the China team, but the South Korean team didn’t last long before several outputs.
"Ah! Tactical mistakes, right? The China team shouldn’t attack. They have little mermaid equipment, which can’t keep up with others’ equipment! "
Calling here, Liker began to feel sorry for China.
He hopes for a miracle very much, but in the face of this equipment gap, it seems that miracles are too difficult to happen
Four members of the South Korean team got together to re-prepare for the demolition of the Tana Highland Tower. A mouse shot at it indiscriminately, leaving a blood skin. How many people pushed it? About one person could tear down the defensive tower.
But at this time, the little mermaid beside them came back again.
"What is this? Send a head? " Abortion is puzzled and surprised to see the little fisherman who has gone and returned.
Liker also shook his head. He also didn’t show his intention in Bai Lu, but Lu Zhan brought them too much. It’s impossible. They knew that the little fisherman had come back, but they could believe that Lu Zhan’s turn back was meaningful.
But in the face of four people, what is the significance of turning back?
Chapter 79 That Zhang Feizhong got a yellow card
There are seven people left in the team battle of ten people. According to the situation, the South Korean team has won the team battle, but the fisherman who has left has gone and returned. He rushed back to the other team from outside the highland wall to copy the address. Browse% 77% 77% 77% 2e% 62% 69% 71% 69% 2e% 6d% 65.
The contrast between the two sides is that the China team is full of blood, the policewoman is half-blood, the fisherman is half-blood, and the South Korean team is full of blood, the lion dog, the time and the card are all half-blood.

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