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Tang Manni is trying to call Lu Yuanhang’s mobile phone over and over again, but unfortunately, either the line is busy or someone is answering her phone.
In fact, she has called Lu Yuanhang several times in the past two days, because she was annoyed that Lu Yuanhang had blacked out her mobile phone number. She even blacked out several numbers, but she still tirelessly called him at home.
"Answer the words! Asshole! Answer the phone! " Tang Manni is about to cry with anger.
"Baby, what’s wrong with you! Who provoked you! " Ding Zhaofeng came over and asked her baby daughter carefully.
品茶论坛Tang Manni fell and cried and said, "Brother Yuanhang ignored me!"
"Don’t cry, don’t cry!" Ding Zhaofeng hurriedly pulled her to comfort the "man a little temper is normal! It may be good for you to say a few more soft words to him after this! "
Tang Manni pushed Ding Zhaofeng away and said angrily, "The elder brother of the former voyage didn’t reject me so much! He has never liked me since he met Xia Xue and was fascinated by that fox! " She will go crazy to think of Lu Yuanhang’s various attentions to Xia Xue, and then think that she was thrown out of the party in public that night while Lu Yuanhang danced with Xia Xue. She just wanted to kill someone!
Xia Xue?’ Ding Zhaofeng rolled her eyes and asked, "Is that Xia Xue who Li Zhenyu announced was his girlfriend?"
"It’s her! Hook three and take four, eat the bowl and look at the pot! " Tang Manni took Ding Zhaofeng’s hand and cried, "Mom, help me think about how to make Brother Yuanhang forget that fox!"
NianLia here is discussing that Tang Xiongqi is back over there, and he is flustered as soon as he enters the door.
"Mom, don’t let little ye catch her! Otherwise, it is not good to rape first and then kill and beg for mercy! " Tang Xiongqi saw nothing pleasing to the eye, kicked it away and ushered in Sahuan Shih Tzu. The puppy suddenly screamed "whoa".
Ding Zhaofeng hurriedly ran over to complain grumpily when he heard his dog scream. "What are you doing?"! You’re still a big man when you run home and take it out on Diu Diu after being wronged outside! ….. Hey, your face is this … "She suddenly found that Tang Xiongqi’s red and swollen face could not consider her dog complaining and suddenly turned into a tigress who protects calves!" Who dares to hit my son! "
Tang Xiongji touching his face swearing "is that Xia Xue! A woman who has been Li Zhenyu for a few days is crazy and little! Mom, even if she is old, she dares to fight another day and must chop her hands! "
"That Xia Xue again!" Ding Zhaofeng gasped and roared, "Why did she fuck our Tang family!"
"More than that, she also incited the main body of the demolition community to revolt and forced our company to modify the demolition contract! That bitch is always in trouble! " Xia Xuetang’s wonder was that he was so angry that he hit the table with a hard punch and shook the table with cups and lamps.
Diu Diu, a Shih Tzu dog, quickly hid behind the sofa and stared at the angry gentleman with frightened black eyes.
"Elder brother, you must clean up that bitch Xia Xue!" Tang Manni couldn’t help but get excited and give advice enthusiastically when she smelled it. "I can’t treat her in the field. I will secretly send a few little brothers to find a way to get her out and take turns to play with her for a few days! You don’t have to kill her. Let her out afterwards! If she wants to hang or cut her wrist, it will save her a lot of trouble! "
Ding Zhaofeng nodded in agreement with "to Mannia’s right! A lot of things have happened in our company in the last two years. It’s better not to kill anyone again! As Mannia said, it doesn’t matter if she wants to die! "
Tang Xiongqi turned to anger and felt that this idea was really good. It was both evil and not too big. Besides, he suddenly felt that it would be more appropriate if he did it himself!
"… so the princess married the king and they lived a happy life in the castle!" Li Zhenyu closed the fairy tale and gave Tingting a goodnight kiss "Good night Tingting!"
"Dad, don’t go!" Tingting’s small hand gripped Li Zhenyu’s big hand and coquetry asked, "Tingting still wants to listen to lullabies!"
"lullaby?" Li Zhenyu is a little embarrassed. "Dad can’t sing!"
Tingting timidly hung her long eyelashes and said, "Miss Xia can sing!"
"Oh," Li Zhenyu smiled in vain. "You miss Teacher Xia!"
"Dad, teacher Xia is ill. When will she get better? Tingting misses her very much! " Tingting said with a small frown
Li Zhenyu thought about it and said, "Teacher Xia should get better soon, but she can’t always live in our house and sing lullabies with you every night!"
"…" Tingting took a sniffle and didn’t speak. She stopped talking whenever she was sad.
"Oh," Li Zhenyu fondly touched Tingting’s little head and said in a tone of discussion, "Why don’t dad marry Miss Xia to your home to be your mother so that she can always live in our house and accompany Tingting to sing a lullaby to Tingting every night?"
Tingting’s big eyes lit up and thought it was a great idea. She clapped her hands happily. "Good! Let Teacher Xia be my mother so that she can accompany Tingting forever! "
I didn’t expect Tingting to pass it so easily. Before she passed it, she was very repulsive to those family teaching assistants who coveted him, fearing that her father would be taken away. When Li Zhenyu offered to let Xia Xue be her mother, she accepted it so happily without even a trace of hesitation.
Li Zhenyu pursed his lips and asked, "Tingting, will you help my father chase Miss Xia?"
"Yes, yes!" Tingting was even happier. Her big eyes were shining and she asked with interest, "How can Dad Tingting help you?"
Don’t thank me!
After work this day, Xia Xue went home by bus as usual. She got to the bus and walked to the door of Beilong Community not far away.
The weather is getting warmer and warmer. Xia Xue wears a green tweed coat, tight jeans and a pair of booties, which look youthful, beautiful and full of fashion vitality, attracting passers-by from time to time.
There is a sapphire blue Bugatti parked at the gate of the community, and the father and daughter are waiting for Xia Xue to come over with rapt attention.
Li Zhenyu specially changed his casual clothes to make himself look younger (after Lu Yuanhang advised him not to care about his young age, he began to care about his age). He even sprayed a little cologne with a diamond ring in his pocket, but Tingting held the roses and planned to have a higher success rate.
"Dad, will Teacher Xia promise you to propose?" Tingting asked a little. The girl looks more nervous than her father.
"Tingting is so cute who doesn’t want to be your mother? She will definitely agree! " Lizhenyu assured comfort way
Tingting heard the cute little tiger tooth and said happily, "When Teacher Xia agrees to be my mother, she can sing me a lullaby and sleep with me every night!"
Li Zhenyu hesitated for a moment or corrected, "After she marries her father, she will sing you a lullaby every night. She will sleep with her father!"
When I heard that Xia Xue was going to be occupied by Li Zhenyu to sleep, Tingting was a little disappointed. "Why can’t I sleep with Tingting!"
"Tingting is a big child and wants to sleep by herself!" Li Zhenyu dotes on the little guy, but the principle problem can’t be chaotic. "When you grow up and get married, someone will sleep with you!"
"No!" Tingting is stubborn for the first time to fight for her own welfare with her father. "I want Teacher Xia to sleep with me!" "
"no!" Decisive, non-negotiable
"Then everyone sleeps for one night!" The little man knew that his little arm could not twist his thigh, so he gave in.
"Well … consider it!" Zhen-yu li see tingting sucking a small nose is about to cry some softhearted tune is not so tight.
"Wow dad agreed that’s great! Boo! " Tingting broke into tears and immediately rewarded Li Zhenyu with a kiss.
Zhen-yu li here busy to discuss with his daughter to carve up Xia Xue things because distracted didn’t notice the sudden situation or driver Tian Liang woke up and cried "bad! Teacher Xia was kidnapped! "
The father and the daughter smelled it and saw two little ruffians touching Xia Xue. There seemed to be two people in a semi-old van parked next to it.
"Teacher Xia!" Tingting screamed and rushed to call her father "Someone bullied Teacher Xia …" Before she finished speaking, she found that her father had pushed open the door and rushed past like a dragon.
Xia Xue didn’t expect to meet hooligans at his doorstep! Two rascally little ruffians outflanked them, and their eyes were evil and they were up to no good.
"What are you doing!" Xia Xue consciously take a step back, and two ruffians actually followed closely and dragged her, trying to pull her into a van next to the park, dragging her busy and desperately hugging and screaming for help! Someone has been kidnapped! Let go! "
"Bitch woman screams and stabs you to death again!" A little ruffian shouted fiercely, but didn’t really take out his knife, probably because he thought that if he had more than enough root to deal with them, he wouldn’t have a weapon 2.
Xia Xue, after all, is a woman. Where can she pull the two boys? She remembered that she had studied self-defense with Wu Tianyou. She raised her knee and pushed it hard against the little ruffian who grabbed her arm.
"ouch!" The little boy suddenly screamed and rushed to cover his penis, and kept thinking about the crime.
The other little one probably didn’t expect Xia Xue to be so surprised and hesitated. After Xia Xue broke free his arms, he gave the little one a hard slap!
"pa!" You can imagine how badly that little face was beaten.
"ah!" A slap in the face is probably stupid, covering her face with swelling, and she has no reaction at the moment.
Seeing the opportunity, Xia Xue started to run and shouted, "Help! Help! There are hooligans! "
When on duty, it is the rush hour of traffic congestion. People are coming and going to ask her to escape temporarily. Dangerous gangsters will never dare to chase them too wildly.
However, she just ran out of two steps and crashed into a hug and was hugged by two strong iron arms.
"Let me go!" Xia Xue frightened hurriedly struggled to tear but was restrained by the man. His wrists could not move. She repeated her old trick and kicked the man with her slender legs.

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