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Song city leaned over and almost stuck his body to "pay for the bottle of red wine"

As he spoke, he approached again
Yutingchuan moved a little backward along her, which seemed a little passive.
桑拿会所Song city let people place themselves in her and the wall upward to kiss his Adam’s apple, and at the same time, they are good at sticking to a man’s strong body slowly.
Yutingchuan looked at her and teased herself. She didn’t respond because her eyes had a faint smile.
Song whole eyes just caught this smile.
Seeing Yu Tingchuan unmoved is like watching a monkey show and watching herself. Her ears are heating up and she thinks that she has never seen anything at his age, which is even more embarrassing.
"All right," Yu Tingchuan began slowly. "Play enough and go to bed."
"Who told you I was playing?" Song Qingcheng retorted
After saying that, her hand touched the edge of the bath towel and planned to go straight to the point.
Yu Tingchuan held her thin wrist and didn’t let her mess around. "Take care of your body only a few days after the operation."
Song Qingcheng looked at him. "Then you want it?"
Song Qingcheng said again, "Do you want me to help you?"
Yu Tingchuan is a man or a man in his prime. When a man hears Song Qingcheng say this, he naturally knows what man she means. In some aspects, he always learns from others and will have some inhuman thoughts. But for those black and white eyes, let him put that idea into action.
After all, I have never regarded her as a plaything.
Yutingchuan looked up and pointed to the outside "go to sleep"
"You really don’t want it?" Song Qingcheng reconfirmed.
"Go to sleep."
"Don’t forget it."
Song city say that finish and turn round and then wash your hands.
Yutingchuan looked at her and left. The whole person got into bed. The fundus smile was thicker. He turned to look at his glasses and took back his sight. Then he went to the coat and dress.
This morning, Yutingchuan always failed to have a good sleep.
Wait until he lay down and touched Song Qingcheng and put his hand into his pajamas.
"Still noisy?" Yu Tingchuan tried to stop it, but she didn’t move fast.
"It’s the first time I feel uncomfortable. Tell me."
Say that finish the whole song dynasty put his head into the quilt.
All kinds of raw things have the drive to make people crazy.
I don’t know how long it has been in the past. Yu Tingchuan can’t stand such dawdling. She has long ignored the words and stretched out her hand and was strongly turned over by the back of her head. No, she resisted the anti-guest, and then she completely took control.
For the whole song dynasty, this is also unprecedented.
I feel like I’m suffocating.
Yu Tingchuan is not gentle. It’s hard to get out of control after being banned for so many years.
In the end, the whole person is like a tight string.
After a while, Yutingchuan slowly left the whole body of Song Dynasty and rolled over to the side. He couldn’t help but put his hand over his eyes and breathe more and more heavily.
Song city has been lying Simmons edge took the paper towel to cover your mouth.
She vomited into a tissue.
Still, some went down the throat.
Can’t help coughing a few times
Hanging the nightgown at random has a pity and messy beauty.
Yu Tingchuan huanguo to god turned around and fished the man into his arms. The villa was open and sweaty. Considering the poor resistance of the man in his arms these days, he still grabbed the quilt and didn’t want her to catch a cold.
In the past, people would become lazy and tired.
The bedroom is quiet.
Apart from breathing, we can feel each other’s heartbeat
Yu Tingchuan’s throat rolled and pecked carefully. Don’t be gentle and calm at the nape of the whole Song Dynasty, as if she were full of love and regarded her as a precious treasure.
Embrace the whole Song Dynasty and slowly toss and turn until you meet Yutingchuan face to face.
By the end of two people still disheveled.
This moment is free.
Song Qingcheng blushed and asked, "Did you feel comfortable just now?"
"Well," Yu Tingchuan answered frankly.
Song Qingcheng asked again, "Are you happy?"
Yu Tingchuan touched her mouth to make sure that she didn’t hurt her just now, so she took her arm and tightened it. She rubbed her head. "Why are you so active today?"

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