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"Yes, let’s get this straight." Animals jumped from the high platform and ignored you. They walked around Jun Qian crazily. "You didn’t have any respect for the statue. It’s just that you thought it would be short-sighted to exchange money for gold. I asked you if I scolded you like this."

Your modesty hurts so much that you want to criticize your mother, but when you look at your madness, you will know that it is definitely not easy to provoke the other party. "How dare I not? Your elders don’t remember that I am a fart and let go."
Chapter one thousand and seventeen Ding Wang
Jun Qian was too busy to be soft at the end, but he didn’t stop looking at you and motioned for you to ask for help. It was you who were crazy about it.
He smiled at the pain with a good attitude, grinning at the gentleman’s modest heart, and so on. Every now and then, after receiving the lesson, the other party knew that he could not wave so much that he could speak, otherwise the beast would not bear his face.
"I don’t think you want to fall into a trap, do you?" Jun Qian gasped and wiped the fine sweat on his forehead. "It’s too urgent to cook together."
"Give me a closed" jun crazy grumpily stared his one eye, his mouth was ready to bite you again carefully.
He looked at the beast as if it was too modest and noisy, and he looked impatient. He could pounce at any time and bite again.
Corner glance found Qin Xiaozheng a face of curiously looked at the beast like there is not much fear. Jun crazy smiled and said, "It is very predestined that this elder wants to come to my house."
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Otherwise, I will be silent for thousands of years, but I can only look at her. "
"Good" beast seems to be very satisfied with your crazy knowledge. "Although the statue is a trace of residual spiritual knowledge, if you have just stepped in to stop it, it will not fall into the wind." Say, no matter what the crazy king thinks, he turned to Qin Xiao and said, "You look familiar. As soon as you came in, I knew I was waiting for you."
In the face of Jun Kuang, the absolute Terran strong beast statue in the six realms is too lazy to take a reason. He also "respects" himself and claims to crush Jun Kuang, but when he comes to Qin Xiao, he becomes "I", which shows that this beast statue attaches great importance to talent.
"The younger generation dares to ask the older generation to sign up or eliminate the concerns of the younger sister." You are crazy and slightly surrendered.
"Look, you’re a proud man, but you’re satisfied with your attitude." Seeing the animal’s figure shimmering and falling in a shadow, he jumped on Jun Qian’s body, and his original painful hand felt a little bit cool.
Is the beast like a shadow to jun Qian behind its body is stiff.
It can’t think that this young man, who looks very unreliable, is actually the host of the six realms of magic flowers, and his other body, Shijing Flower, is nearing maturity.
You crazy beast like that moment hesitated, he didn’t see anything missing, it’s not hard to think that after all, the essence flower has been mutated repeatedly for a long time, and finally it became a fearsome six-realm magic flower.
The beast looked at the three brothers and sisters again. "You three are not simple."
"The elder mistakenly praised Qin Xiao for not being the same as the two brothers." Qin Xiao handed over a gift. "I can get the elder to take a look at Qin Xiao. I feel that the storm in the gv 10 is coming, but I feel that the spirit is like water rushing like a river."
"Yes, you girl, I really didn’t read it wrong." The beast image will no longer pay attention to the situation of the two brothers, and Qin Xiao will pay attention to one person. "I was also called the name of the dreamland in those days, just like the dragon of the aquarium and the phoenix of the feathered clan. I can just be regarded as the leader of the orcs. You can call me Ding Wang."
"I’ve seen Ding Wang’s predecessors." Qin Xiao immediately bowed down and bowed to Ding Wang himself. "I had a Ding clan, which was also a rampant party. Although the orcs were not prominent, there were always a few masters who could get their hands on it, so the aquarium and the Yi clan could not underestimate the beast clan."
Qin Xiao grew up listening to the story of the dragon gods and the phoenix gods in the fantasy world for so many years, but ignored the fact that the beasts who had never declined in the fantasy world had no impression on the famous Ding Wang.
"I was not as famous as God Huang in those days, but I was not as bad. I was proficient in refining, and I had a Ding clan, and I was even the best. Even the feather clan God Huang once asked me to repair some sacrificial vessels." When it comes to this matter, Ding Wang is still quite proud. "In those days, the land in the fantasy world was limited, but the orcs didn’t stand out, but it was also valid because of the refining." Talking about animals, they turned their heads to Qin Xiao and looked a little sincere. "Girl, would you like to learn something with me?"
Qin Xiao asked her eyes and looked at you. Seeing the latter nod, she happily promised that "it’s an honor for my daughter that my predecessors are willing to teach."
"I’m just a little psychic power, and it will soon bottom out. If you don’t abandon me, call me Uncle Yiding, and let me board your spiritual knowledge, and give me all the things I learned in my life." King Ding said, "I don’t want to exchange benefits, but I need you to nourish your spiritual knowledge. In the future, if you have a life, I will make you a weapon."
"That can’t be better." Qin Xiao’s face was full of surprises.
"Thank you, senior". You are crazy to prepare a full story. It is estimated that you can write a long article with ten thousand words. You also list all kinds of dialectical arguments that Ding Wang has the advantage of following Qin Xiao. Even the reason that "Ding Wang’s spiritual knowledge has been lonely for thousands of years, and I don’t know that the only energy left can be maintained by then. The location of this water maze is too biased to miss this opportunity, so it’s hard to conclude a fate" is prepared, but now it’s not at all.
You Ding Wang seems to have already seen your crazy thoughts. He glanced at it lightly. "You are a very protective girl."
"My younger brother is also very precious, and my younger sister please don’t get me wrong." Jun smiled faintly. "I am too dull, but my younger sister often thinks that my mind is hard to guess, but my younger brother has nothing to do with her identity."
"If it weren’t for this, you could let him go so easily." To Jun Qian, there was a cold hum from Ding Wang.
It regards Jun Qian’s flattering eyes as a direct way to conclude a contract with Qin Xiao and gradually enter Qin Xiao’s knowledge of the sea.
"It will take several hours to take this opportunity to consolidate a realm." You are crazy and curious to gather together your modesty and pull his dishonest thief hand. "Just got bitten and returned."
"If there is no tripod Wang Ling know this golden statue, that is, the golden statue, maybe there will be another spiritual knowledge" Jun Qian stared his one eye.
Jun crazy eyes flashed a nai holding his arm. "I think you’d better stop. This is a very critical moment for a little girl. Don’t make any mistakes."
"All right," little sister, he can accept this reason.
After the previous touch, Xiaorui was awakened by King Ding.
Chapter one thousand Leave the maze
Xiaorui woke up from a dream and waking state and slowly showed her body shape "husband"
"Oh, you can wake up. I was bullied just now." Jun Qian looked at Xiao Rui with a pleasing face. "You seem to be stronger than before, but you have to protect me."
Am I going to ask for face? You two have the same realm, but Xiaorui is one step ahead of you, okay? You are crazy and look at Xiaorui apologetically for the latter with an understanding smile.
She has been following Jun Qian. How can she not understand Jun Qian’s nature?
Die, die, die, die, if Jun Qian can’t be bitten by an animal?
I want Xiaorui to say that this is definitely a good bite. Let him learn a lesson for a second. Let others teach him a lesson after the wave is over.
"Xiao Rui’s realm has risen so fast." Jun looked at Xiao Rui crazily and felt that her skin was more transparent than before, and the whole person’s temperament had been sublimated, which was not what he had seen before.
"Brother is really talking." Xiaorui smiled at Jun crazy and spread out his hands before him.
Junkuang is obviously a road, and Xiao Rui immediately understood it. This was to ask him for the lottery, so he was not stingy and filled a nanocrystalline and lost it.
It’s two words whether Xiaorui likes it or not.
"Thank you, brother." Xiaorui earned her pocket without looking at Na Jing.
Jun Qian saw that she didn’t care at all, and she didn’t even respond to her own wailing, but she couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable with your crazy "An Tong Qu". "I am your husband."
"I’m white. Otherwise, why don’t I ask the eldest brother to please you?"
"You must think I’m poor and can’t afford you." Jun Qian left the pie mouth. "If you hadn’t seen me poor, could you reach into my eldest brother’s pocket?" To tell the truth, I really can’t afford it.
"I’m your big brother at this time." You’re crazy and embarrassed, and you feel like you’re coming and going.
The three people dare not make too much noise anyway, so they set up a ban to isolate the sound, and the three people talked about the achievement method
After chatting for two or three hours, Xiaorui solved all the puzzles encountered in the practice, and then she smiled with satisfaction and said a few words of gossip.
After a while, Qin Xiao’s beast image was broken, and the beast image lost its original figure and returned to a real beast image. There was no awakening consciousness.
"Jun" Qin Xiao waved his hand quite excitedly. "Senior Ding Wang said that I am also very suitable for refining alchemy, and he will give me more guidance in the future."
Wen Yan Jun nodded with crazy satisfaction. "The water maze comes without loss."
"Wait" frowned before Qin Xiao greeted Jun Qian. "Didn’t you say that there is a good chance? Now that my little sister has benefited, what about me, labyrinth spirit? Come out."
He shouted out, but he didn’t see the labyrinth spirit appear, so he didn’t give it to his face.
桑拿按摩"Xiao Ling said earlier that it was a chance, but Jun Qian’s brother, this is the fate." Qin Xiao gave him a sneak peek. "It’s not that I said that this is the fate of Ding Wang’s predecessors. Don’t jump and miss the opportunity in the future."
"I" Jun Qian was so choked that he couldn’t say a word that he felt the injustice in his heart.
He just felt that Qin Xiao was depressed and wanted her to smile more.
At Jun Qian with a funny look, Jun Kuang said, "If you go on like this, you will develop into a grandmother who doesn’t love my uncle. This ya doesn’t know how to converge. It’s not good to play too much."
"Forget it, forget it, I decided to be an inspirational young man." Jun Qian waved as if he could break up his depressed head. "But then again, compared with you, I have a good chance, and at least I got a little baby."

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