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"Kuloko Shen" I went to Kuloko Shen and greeted her in a friendly way.

She looked up at me and said "Brother Leihao"
"How to wait for the shepherd?"
"Well," Shen Ying nodded and said, "Brother LeiHaoGe, why didn’t you go with President Yan here alone?"
"I always go alone, okay? It’s only once in a while that she meets."
Kuloko Shen and I started chatting and learned from Kuloko Shen that Mu Ran actually proposed to her. I was surprised to hear the news and said a blessing to Kuloko Shen, but Kuloko Shen’s expression was a little low.
I kept asking her, and she sighed before telling me the reason for her depression. She said that her parents didn’t seem to like Mu Rankou so much, but they just didn’t tell her the reason.
Today, Kuloko Shen is going to take Mu Ran home again, and her expression is excited. She told me that if her parents don’t agree with her and Mu Ran once, she will elope with Mu Ran.
As soon as she finished, I burst out laughing. I knew she was laughing again. I smiled and she smiled.
Pastoral ran came and followed the director of the new finance department. They walked and talked. Finally, pastoral ran a face of smile and sent the director away.
See grazing but quite heavy grazing but a bid farewell to the director Kuloko Shen directly ran to hold grazing but hand happy to say it.
I feel that Shen Ying is really in love with Mu Ran now. From her initiative, I can see that she is dependent.
After talking for a while, the two men came to me and said hello to me. After talking for a while, I didn’t bother them any more. When they went back, they got up alone.
I walked 1 meter before the bus stop, and the words in my pocket rang. At first glance, it was Yan Jiaxin, and the words made my original guess become empty.
"Where are you?" Yan Jiaxin asked me when she answered the phone.
"It’s almost the bus stop. What’s the matter?"
"Do you have money?"
"Ha, ha, ha. Do you have any money with you or not?" Her tone was a little anxious.
"What happened with it?"
"Nothing. Don’t go where you are. I’ll pick you up in my car."
I hung up and started smoking in situ. What is this girl going to do? It’s strange.
After waiting for nearly a minute, Yan Jiaxin drove to my side. I opened the door and sat down. As soon as I got there, she drove out immediately.
"Why are you in such a hurry? What happened?" I tied my belt and asked the hot girl.
She didn’t reply. I just drove. Finally, the two of us came to the door of a large ice cream shop. As soon as we got on the bus, she asked me for a quick one and then ran to the door without stopping.
Looking at her now, I smiled. It turns out that this girl is in a hurry to buy ice cream here.
夜网论坛There is a long queue in front of the ice cream shop, and there are many people waiting in line, including adults, children and old people. I wonder what flavor of ice cream can attract so many people to pay attention to it and queue up to buy it.
I watched Yan Jiaxin standing in this long line by my car, and I was about to be squeezed out. I quickly went to the back of this girl to block the position behind her to prevent her from being squeezed out.
"Thank you." She smiled and said thank you to me.
I asked curiously, "Do you like ice cream very much?"
"Well, I always liked it. I remember when I was a child, every time I did well in the exam, my grandfather always bought different flavors to reward me."
"No wonder your face was so fat when you were a child."
She seemed a little unhappy. I said that she was fat and stepped on me without too much force, but I gently pushed her forward and said, "Go!"
So Yan Jiaxin immediately came to her senses and ran to the front. After a long queue, we finally came to the ice cream counter.
The boss is a man and a man about my age. He smiled at me with a sunny face. "What flavor do you want?"
Yan Jiaxin looked at the store menu with hesitation for a long time and said, "I want chocolate taste."
The boss apologized and said, "Beauty, I’m sorry, can you change the taste of ice cream? This chocolate cream has the last weight left. I want to leave it to my girlfriend."
After the boss said this, his face was full of happiness, and the name of this ice cream shop is also happiness, which shows that this ice cream boss should love his girlfriend very much.
Yan Jiaxin is not difficult. The boss finally chose a strawberry flavor and I chose a blueberry flavor.

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